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Tue, 04/21/2009 - 02:08 by Ananth in response to AAAAAAAAAA

Having been sick for roughly 2 weeks now, I was visiting with my mother for some much needed convalescence. Around 4 AM one night, we were roused by the smoke detector going off intermittently. It continued to do so, at random intervals, for the next 15 hours. Yuko and John stopped by to eat dinner with us the following night, and John was kind enough to take a look at the smoke detector (he is a pretty handy guy and could probably build a house using only three of the fingers on his right hand). 

My Mom and I noticed that there were a couple of ants crawling around on the smoke detector, but we didn't give it too much thought. WE SHOULD HAVE. When John unscrewed that sucker from the base, he accidentally dropped it, and what followed can only be described as a vague, inky black torrent that defined itself only when it exploded into a billion ants crawling around on the carpet. Naturally we all, uh, had a moment, except for my Mom, who calmly and dutifully went and got the vacuum cleaner. ... Then she made us dinner. What I am trying to say is that we are pretty useless. 

(Except for John! Thank you John for doing that! THAT ALARM WAS DRIVING US CRAZY. Also, uh, sorry about the ant shower.)

(Oh, also now the smoke detectors in the house work. Hooray!)

(EDIT: Phoenix Down shirts are still on sale! For those of you that have ordered, shipping is just slightly delayed as I finish recovering! Really sorry about that! Doc's orders!)



Comment by Rose (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 12:09


Johns Face

Comment by Jacob H (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 12:40

I had to laugh when i saw his face in the last panel.

He looks ANGRY!! Like hes gonna kill any ant that falls on him...

please tell me its not only me who thinks he looks like that :P


Comment by John Kelly (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 17:48

The secret joke is that almost every comic I'm I wind up angry at the end of it.

Oh, okay

Comment by Softspoken (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 00:40

I had kind of noticed this before, but I thought I was just omitting all comics that didn't have you doing the angry face.

Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew

Comment by Razor (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 15:32

My mom and I shared a condo for a while a few years ago, and when we moved in, we noticed a particularly disturbing odor. We thought the previous owner's cat had anointed the carpet, but when the smell intensified to the point that we had to eat out every night for two weeks (it was that nauseating) we called someone to look at the attic. Sure enough, an opossum the size of Jabba the Hutt had croaked in our attic. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! After the critter had been removed, the PLAGUE OF FLIES began. And not just the "go away you bother me" kind, no, these were HUGE buzzy suckers. Well, we mused, pretty soon they'd just go away, right? AHAHAhaha yeah. We got very adept with rolled-up newspapers until one night one landed in my mom's hair. Frustrated and exhausted, my mom freaked. We called the exterminator the next day.

That said, I would have done the same thing you guys did. I probably would have injured myself trying to get the ants off.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 16:06

That sounds terrible. The ants. Sick for 2 weeks. 4am broken fire alarms.

Here's to hoping your luck turns around soon.

crAAAAAwling on my skin

Comment by Louis (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 16:45

Although I can sympathise with ant showering, I find myself giggling madly at the thought of what would happen if MY smoke detector got ants in it. Australian ants are badass, even the normal ones. If fire, honey or bullants got into it... The opening of the detector would be akin to opening the gates of hell.

You know how when ants are walking in a straight line, so you brush a stick through them to make them go all crazy and forget the line? You don't do that to Aussie ants. I learnt the hard way when I was about five. Soooo much calamine lotion needed.


Comment by Kailen (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 17:22

I hate ants quite severely.

But I love how disapproving Ananth's mom looks as she frowns at those ants.

When I was a little kid...

Comment by John Kelly (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 17:56

I used to get an extension cord and take my dad's shop vacuum out to the sidewalk and suck up all the ant colonies I could find. My parents always wondered why they had to put more sand between the slates every few years.


Comment by lennan (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 18:04

Ugh, that's kind of gross...and I thought it was bad when billions of those things were converging on my cats' food.

What is it with moms and being super calm in the face of doom? XD


Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 23:16

Easy. They changed our diapers. They've faced worse than certain doom.

I've got worse; When I was

Comment by GauntletWizard (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 19:56

I've got worse; When I was about 10, I left an apple in a plastic baggie at the bottom of my backpack and forgot about it for a few weeks. When I finally cleaned out my bag to find out where that fermented smell was coming from, I discovered an ant colony. I had been carrying it back and forth from school for at least a week.

Oh god

Comment by Skitsafrit (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 21:00

Sweet jesus.

I'm 100% Ant-a-phobic.

I probabably would've jumped out of a window.
Thinking about that happening gives me chills...

You better thank John a (badword)load.

I would've done the traditional thing

Comment by Abe (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 21:09

And scream "Get them off! Get them off!" while "dancing" madly in the same spot.

And then take a couple of hot showers. *Boiling* hot showers.

OH DEAR GOD! And now I'm

Comment by AryCapricat (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 21:30


And now I'm very glad that our detector is hooked to the wall and not on the ceiling.


Comment by SJPi (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 22:05

Probably one of my worst nightmares! I would have done my bug-dance (flailing about while screaming). I dread checking any vents in my house...although I know I need to change a few filters, but there are likely big spiders and UGH! Just thinking about it gives me the willies!

Hopefully they weren't the

Comment by Wrex (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 22:18

Hopefully they weren't the stinging kind. I once slid into a fire ant mound, and I can say from personal experience that those are nasty bastards.


Comment by Eldrek (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 22:54


"This is not a drill."

Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 23:14

The first time it went off, did you guys start bolting towards the door before you realized it was a false alarm, or did you, like me and the members of my family, throw pillows at the alarms and go back to sleep?

My parents actually lectured me and my sisters for 20 minutes the next morning because we could have been trapped in a burning building, and we just shrugged it off.

What's a subject?

Comment by This one odd guy. (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 23:15

Oh boy, how much can i relate to this one comic.
I remember that 5 or 6 years ago i used to live with my folks in a house that didn't have enought rooms but had an extra room outside, me being a douche, sort of, left to that room outside because i didn't want to share my room with my lil'bro (he's fat and used to have a gastric dissorder so, ugh...) the thing is i mannaged to put an old tv alongside with cable (i'm awesome) but later of 7 months living there the tv stopped working, as you might guess it was full of ants, it so happen that ants as well as almost every bug are attracted to heat and funky strong lights (including led lights). my guess is that the electronic heat help the colony in the process of hatching the larva eggs.
On a side note after that incident we moved beacuse my parents freaked out, i miss that room, it was awesome.

Spiders and wasps

Comment by Brewington (not verified) Tue, 04/21/2009 - 23:45

In virginia, I had the exact same experience, with these nasty fat furry gray spiders that kept crawling into the alarms and getting fried. I learned not to stand under the alarms after they fell on my face.
Then in Colorado, I was remodeling a house, I had to pull the old wires out of a pipe that ran into the second story, so I'm almost thirty feet high on a shaky ladder when I realize that as I pull the wires, I'm dropping huge wasps all over me. They were hibernating until I woke them up...

Yeesh -shudders-

Comment by A.L. (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 00:27

Our dryer works when it feels like it and I really don't like drying my good clothes,so I airdry the stuff in my room.Sometimes if it's not ventilated enough or if it's cold out,the moisture condenses on everything,and sometimes mold will just spring up,but just on certain things.

Considering that I just had to wipe mold off of my bookbags,this makes my skin crawl even worst.


Comment by Keleri (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 01:20




Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 03:58


In south africa you have to becareful because Ninja ants lay seige to your house. The first thing they go for is the alarm system.

I had come downstairs once to find Dad battling a mighty battle for the alarm. He was loosing bady until mum came out with ant powder and a vacuum.

You have to put ant powder in the vacuum before sucking up ants otherwise they will sabotage the vacuum too.

When I was in 3rd grade my

Comment by DJ (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 04:47

When I was in 3rd grade my family went camping for the weekend. When we came back and I went to crawl into bed I discovered it was covered in ants. I was terrified. We ended up grabbing the sheet folding it all up and carrying the Sack O' Ants outside where we threw it in thrash. I slept in the living room that night shaking.

Lots of people say they're

Comment by Harridan (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 08:35

Lots of people say they're attracted to the heat, but that's not true. It's the electromagnetism. I learned quickly as a kid growing up in a fire ant infested backyard that you didn't use anything electronic out there or you'd get stung. No matter how small the device and how little heat it produced it would attract the little buggers.

That is just plain

Comment by PerfectlyDunce (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 11:56

That is just plain frightening.

They're like Orks

Comment by McClaud (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 19:10



It's so terrible

Comment by Aubrey (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 21:30

but so hilarious. Every time I look at this I keep laughing.

I've been laughing intermittently for the past two minutes.

Oh man don't show me this

Comment by Jahna (not verified) Wed, 04/22/2009 - 22:33

Oh man don't show me this


Comment by JankoRaven (not verified) Thu, 04/23/2009 - 00:12

...Just READING this is giving me the jibblies. Had I been there, I would have had more than a "moment". YOUR MOM IS A HERO.

horriflying! How do the

Comment by darrylayo (not verified) Thu, 04/23/2009 - 08:49

horriflying! How do the worst things keep happening in your household?

Overdose of laughter

Comment by Astrodude (not verified) Thu, 04/23/2009 - 19:54

wow I laughed for a good 5 minutes after I saw this.
I can't imagine that ever happening to me, but the fact that it could possibly happen is just hysterical.... I do hope you guys got rid of em though

What's with the sexy man pose?

Comment by Chelsea (not verified) Sun, 04/26/2009 - 16:01

Ananth? In the shirt picture? Like, I can just picture water streaming from above and all that. Like a cheap cologne commercial. XD

You guys had it lucky. Red ants are the worst, and when I was growing up in arizona, they were a plague in the summertime. They bit like a bitch and they flew too! D:

Oh the memories.


Comment by eudora (not verified) Sat, 05/02/2009 - 16:40

Ananth, I come from a tropical country and have had similar experiences on many occasions. hence my LOL-ing at this comic is one of "I've-been-there-too". That being said, I laughed out loud at the anguished "AAAAAAAAA" for a good five minutes straight. This really brightened up my day.
And my mum has done the same thing on numerous occasions. "Aiyah, they're just ANTS" and proceeds to whack the crap out of them, then scoop them up and throw them away.

I think that ranks 2nd next

Comment by Heather Leach (not verified) Mon, 05/04/2009 - 22:29

I think that ranks 2nd next to the NES roach motel I got at Value Village.


Comment by Gezkill (not verified) Tue, 05/26/2009 - 21:41

Geezes louise, did you guys get the creepy crawling feeling like the bugs where still there when it happened?

I hate that feeling.

Good comic

Comment by King_Bahamut (not verified) Wed, 06/17/2009 - 01:10

I found this comic by reading questionable content and I must say it is a very good read, checking out this particular one made me laugh at the expressions on all your faces, then I read all the comments about spiders and such, I am now itching like crazy and will probably have trouble sleeping tonight. Nevertheless I am thankful for all the laughs I have gotten from this comic, keep up all the good work(^^)


Comment by Shay (not verified) Wed, 06/17/2009 - 13:39

Thanks to you I am now going to be terrified of checking my smoke detectors! haha


Comment by dethtoll (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 18:57

I too discovered this comic thanks to QC, and I too have a story to tell.

When I was about 4 or 5 my favourite cereal in the world was Apple Jacks. My grandma kept a box in the kitchen when we would visit from Michigan and one day we opened the box and poured out some cereal...

...that also had 213502850245 God Damned Ants.

I've never eaten Apple Jacks since. I am now 26. Fuck ants.

We also have a serious problem with spiders. Two sides of our house as well as both cars we own are quite literally covered in spiders and spiderwebs. They're not dangerous, but I am mildly arachnophobic and these little bastards sometimes get in the house. For two weeks just a few months ago, every night while I sit at the PC I would see a spider on the wall less than a foot from my head. Every time that happened, and I didn't manage to kill it (and it would disappear into the dark) I would freak out from the slightest touch- including my SHIRT LABEL.

I've started keeping a box of tissues to squish them with. Fuck spiders.

Really, guys?

Comment by Cat (not verified) Sat, 09/05/2009 - 13:57

I've never had an experience with a shower of ants (ugh) or anything else gross like that (bugs in general), but some time ago I did find that some tiny ants had discovered a can of cheesy salsa I had gotten the day before. The lid was on and everything, but the little buggers got in anyways.

Thankfully, they didn't get IN the can, just on the inside rim of the glass and on the lid. I was so hungry that I just wiped them off and got me some chips an' salsa.

Screw you, ants.

Though, my brothers, years ago, did have an unfortunate encounter with a millipede or centipede, can't remember which. The thing screamed when they crushed it. The guts are still on my dad's basement wall to this day. Pretty nasty.


Comment by Tanshin (not verified) Fri, 01/01/2010 - 03:54





Comment by Cheshire (not verified) Tue, 01/12/2010 - 18:19

Now I'm having flashbacks to when I was little and lived out in Arizona. I'd sit down on our couch in our living room, watch TV for an hour or so, then go to get up and get a snack only to find a black, writhing, crawling ocean of ants completely surrounding the couch and extending at least two feet out from the base. This happened to me twice.

And the townhouse my family used to rent got attacked by flying ants the last year we lived there (luckily we were moving out of there in a few weeks, but still there were hundreds!) And the house my parents and I live in now gets invaded by ants too.

Now I freak out whenever I see even just one ant.

Or this comic. This comic has my skin crawling something fierce right now.

I remember reading this one

Comment by B (not verified) Wed, 06/16/2010 - 00:54

I remember reading this one awhile back and hoped this would never happen to me...well you probably guessed it, it did. Not as bad but i sure freaked out. I unscrewed the light bulb in my closet to find ants in it. How the heck...? I just screwed the light bulb back in and now i feel like I'm covered in ants (even though only a dozen came out).

Ant Detector

Comment by Antonomous (not verified) Tue, 07/06/2010 - 13:11

Ants are insane! They once infested my SUV years ago and I spent hours cleaning out my things, removing ants. Occassionally I would come across a piece of food or similar with NO ants attracted to it. At one point I picked up piece of balled-up notebook paper. I went to open it to see what it was and ants swarmed out of it causing much girly shrieking and running abouts. Ten years later I am sure I would do the same thing again. This comic made me feel better about it. Thanks.

Why is this so funny?

Comment by Gizbit (not verified) Sat, 09/04/2010 - 20:43

Seriously, this is like the only comic I've ever read that makes me laugh out loud EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT.

It gets awkward sometimes...

My friend is a fan of your

Comment by Nathan (not verified) Wed, 10/20/2010 - 00:55

My friend is a fan of your comic and I have a few that I read regularly so I am just reading through the whole thing for the first time now. :) I just wanted to say... this is the most terrifying one of your comics for me, ants have been my greatest fear since an early age. Why? Incidents like this one. Nothing is scarier to a small child than a carpet of ravenous insects swarming over the ground towards them, devouring all in their wake. Okay, maybe that hasn't happened yet per se, but trust me, it's coming.

I dont know why but...

Comment by Alexz (not verified) Thu, 04/28/2011 - 19:08

Yeah I don't really know why but whenever I'm eating something delicious, stuff like this comes up e_e
I'm eating cake right now T u T


Comment by Kert (not verified) Thu, 05/05/2011 - 10:25

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for poitsng!


Comment by Devo (not verified) Sun, 01/22/2012 - 22:31

i think i would've fallen off that chair and ran outside dusting myself, jumping around while flipping out. john, you're a trooper and i commend thee.