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It's not an orca ...

It's not an orca ...

Tue, 04/28/2009 - 00:12 by Ananth in response to the thought that counts

(Quick note: Phoenix Down shirts shipped today! Sorry for the delay!)

Yuko's birthday was on Saturday! She had a small group of people at the last minute. Everyone ate beef curry, and then she made them drink and watch Twilight (possibly the only way to get through that movie). By the way, that's Jamie in the first panel - he reviews a number of things over at Angry Zen Master, and he's also the illustrator for Erfworld, one of Time Magazine's 2007 graphic novels of the year. Anyway!

Yuko expressed her desire for an ice cream cake earlier in the week. I had been planning to bake her a cake, but I have no idea how to make an ice cream cake ... near as I can tell, you just flip a carton of ice cream upside down, strip off the container, and start frosting it. The cake I got said "Happy Birthday Yuko!", but somehow that just didn't seem like enough. Now, if you know Yuko, you know she might like dragons or something ... so I attempted to draw one onto the cake with icing we had in the apartment. It, uh ... didn't go so well ... By the time we got around to serving the cake, the dragon looked like a puddle of blood. D:

There's always next year ... 


Silly Ananth! Just make some

Comment by Puck (not verified) Mon, 12/28/2009 - 23:45

Silly Ananth! Just make some royal icing next time!
Or buttercream, but that's harder.

but royal icing is SIMPLE AND EASY PEASY!

It's just sugar and stuff.

Cream cheese frostings are easy too. ;3


Comment by Nester (not verified) Tue, 03/22/2011 - 13:55

That's kind of what happened with my sister's birthday cake last weekend, too.
Only it was the wording that was all melted.

I know, I am two years late. XDD;


Comment by Lyndse (not verified) Wed, 08/03/2011 - 20:08

I love Erfworld! Why does it seem like all you awesome comicky-types always hang out together?!

Also ask Jamie where the heck the next book of Erfworld is. I've been waiting FOREVER!