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john's element is fire

john's element is fire

Wed, 04/29/2009 - 23:39 by Ananth in response to john sets more things on fire

OH MAN we cameo'd in Questionable Content! Check it out! Hahaha, Yuko looks mega cute and my sideburns are sufficiently large. Thanks Jeph! 

As for today's comic, this actually happened the same day as the ants ... it was a banner day for Yuko and John. That toaster oven lived through the self-macing, thankfully, but sadly it couldn't withstand the garlic fire. To John's credit, the old toaster oven had two settings: off, and on fire. 

It reminds me of a story from when I was younger - I was in elementary school, and my brother and I were over at Archer's house. We were sitting at the breakfast table, and my brother got up and went into the kitchen to check on the food. He came back and sat down at the table ... as he began to cut his waffle, he calmly informed us, "The pop-tarts are on fire." It was true. 


Kill your toaster.

Comment by Mako (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 14:58

It would be really funny to see a strip where a few disasters you've already encountered happens at once.

John asks how he should roast a pepper, Yuko suggests the oven.

Then the Fire alarm goes off every few minutes. Why not diagnose the faulty alarm while the roasting takes place. As you hit a snag with your ant issue a few minutes later, someone should go "man, what else could possibly happen?". That being said, the whole place gets caught up in a smoke storm of ants and roasted pepper. The fire alarm of course chimes off again.

That would of been a funny and ironic twist =p

do you guys not have a real

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 15:45

do you guys not have a real oven? O.o

Don't you ever...

Comment by Jessie (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 17:47

Don't you guys ever learn that things end up screwy when John puts something in the oven/toaster oven? XD

Ah, but there was an actual fire? Jeez, that sucks :P


Comment by John Kelly (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 19:02

What you don't see in the comic are the hundreds of times I use the toaster oven without incident.

Nice pop tart story. I have

Comment by anonymous (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 20:22

Nice pop tart story. I have one similar. I just filled up my beater of a car (an '86 honda accord) at the gas station. I start the car and it doesn't turn over (it did that some times). I then notice after a couple more tries that smoke is coming from under the hood. I popped it open and looked at the engine. I then walked to the desk inside and in a normal speaking manner asked the girl behind the counter if they have a fire extinguisher because there was a fire in my engine. The good news about this was the people working at the gas station found out two of the three fire extinguisher were not in working order.

Man, You'd think John was a Leo or something ...

Comment by McClaud (not verified) Thu, 04/30/2009 - 23:37

John -

You are not alone. My wife doesn't let me touch the new G Foreman grill at home because I destroyed her toaser oven ONCE by accidentally setting it too high and putting frozen onion rings in there.

The oven survived the fire, but we couldn't use it anymore because everything cooked in it tasted/smelled like onion rings. After about two days, not even I (the Greatest Fan of Onion Rings in the World) could stand it any more.

*pat pat*

Fund raiser

Comment by Mentaluproar (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 00:38

Perhaps we should pitch in and send John a fire extinguisher. If only we had an address...


Comment by mentaluproar (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 01:38

If we all started send fire extinguishers, would John be freaked out from receiving packages from strangers or amused?

...just a hypothetical question...

Wait... wait... didn't you

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 02:55

Wait... wait... didn't you learn your lesson with roasting stuff in the toaster oven after the pepper incident??

methinks you need a new oven :P or live the rest of your life on 3min noodles and microwave ready meals.


Comment by Kailen (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 10:15

My brother's set a microwave on fire. While warming up tea.

Then he left me to clean it up, as he had school to get to. Which is clearly more important than fire.

Ohh man, was it a mug or cup

Comment by Ananth Fri, 05/01/2009 - 12:17

Ohh man, was it a mug or cup with some sort of metallic leaf?

After reading the comments

Comment by AryCapricat (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 13:28

That's Legend of Zelda? I thought Yuko was playing No More Heros.
DER, I have a stupid mind.

I've tried cooking frozen mozerela sticks in the microwave. They didn't catch on fire, but the cheese melted and oozed out of the breading. So I had hollow fried caseings and cheese stuck to the plate for dinner.

When Bad Toasters go ... on Fire.

Comment by Teekay (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 16:27

This almost makes me miss our old Toaster Oven, which also had only two settings, but they were: Off and Slightly-Less-Off.

Seriously, we couldn't bring food above room temperature with the thing without a considerable time investment, then came that kid. The kid I had to babysit. The kid who thought it'd be funny to see what a roll of toilet paper looks like in an oven. The kid who got me acquainted with our fire extinguisher.

I miss that toaster oven...

So if John's element is fire...

Comment by Chris D. (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 18:27

...does that make Ananth Earth?

Who gets water, wind, and most importantly heart??

This is important stuff! Without all of that, you can't make Captain Planet!

no way man

Comment by Louis (not verified) Sun, 05/03/2009 - 16:00

Conrad is Earth. Since he's so in touch with his "natural" side. (By which I mean naked.)

Yuko would be I think wind, because she's into all that fantasy. Ananth'd be water because he is (or seems) relaxed and changeable. Ice Bat is heart.

happy birthday

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 19:02

aww sorry I'm late, but happy birthday anyway yuko!

I am strangely attached to this comic... In a good way!


Comment by Nameless (not verified) Fri, 05/01/2009 - 21:30

My mom has a recipe for salsa that is supposedly pretty good (it should be noted, I don't eat salsa), if it does have more of a kick than some people are used to...

It has jalapeno, poblano, and anaheim (i think) peppers, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and tomatillas. This is all roasted in pans in the oven, but without water or olive oil... I wonder if your toaster oven was a pyro in a past life? And I don't think you wanna try it in your oven, since it has no temperature control...

Ehhehe...sorry I can't do better on remembering the recipe...

Exploit comic

Comment by Ramiel (not verified) Sat, 05/02/2009 - 01:24

Since John has a tendency to burn things, let's add our own captions to his word bubble. :D

"How do I dry my sweater?"

"The toaster is broken, how should I cook this?"

Endless possibilities xD

I know how it feels, man

Comment by Yugosaki (not verified) Sat, 05/02/2009 - 09:09

This reminds me of my toaster oven incidents. I once put in some garlic toast, walked away, but left a loaf of bread on TOP of the toaster oven, and then completely forgot about it. when i came back, the loaf of bread was toasted halfway through, and the toast was on fire.

John, you are not alone.

A couple years ago, I

Comment by John Kelly (not verified) Sun, 05/03/2009 - 12:01

A couple years ago, I accidentally left one of those Rubbermaid plastic gallon containers on top of the toaster oven while cooking. By the time I noticed, the bottom of the container had taken the shape of the top of the toaster oven.

In real life I am actually very careful. But none of these anecdotes seem to corroborate my story.

I notice that it's Yuko that

Comment by ~L.K. (not verified) Sat, 05/02/2009 - 14:25

I notice that it's Yuko that suggests what to do for these fire incidents.

I hate toasters (and toaster ovens). I used to keep a pitcher full of water next to ours, always. It used to smoke faintly. I also would sit there, watching my toast or pop-tarts. Just in case.

My step-mother burned out three of our toaster ovens. Every so often, she'd be running out the door with one. It was fun. I think we burned up a few microwaves as well. (But those you just leave alone--they burn the fires out themselves.)

I have you beat my

Comment by Avelaide (not verified) Sun, 05/17/2009 - 00:58

I have you beat my step-brother has destroyed, count-em, 10 microwaves. (approximately, we sort of lost track after 4 or 5) Also, the last 3 were within a month and a half of each other. Needless to say, he doesn't use the microwave much anymore.

I worry about you guys. If

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Sun, 05/03/2009 - 10:49

I worry about you guys. If something happens to you, where would I get my 'most awesome comic of all time' fix? :(


Comment by Another Comment (not verified) Sun, 05/03/2009 - 15:02

So there will be no round 3?

There is a good chance that

Comment by Ananth Sun, 05/03/2009 - 19:22

There is a good chance that the corpse of the toaster oven will fall off the balcony and crack open someone's skull. These things happen in 3s, after all. 

What is it about pop tarts,

Comment by JaeKin (not verified) Mon, 05/04/2009 - 09:40

What is it about pop tarts, fire, and calm responses? No joke here, when my brother was about 6 or 7 he decided (without informing his 3 older brothers) that he was going to make pop tarts. So, he got them out of the box, left the wrapper on, and stuck it in the microwave. A minute later, he walks in and calmly informs us that his pop tart is on fire.

It took us about 30 seconds to register before we jumped up and ran in there to put out the still ablaze pastry.

Ive seem similar

Comment by Jacob H (not verified) Mon, 05/04/2009 - 15:50

One morning i woke up and went to get some breakfast, and found my brother about to make toast. I left him to it, thinking he would know what to do...
That was a mistake.
The toaster was destroyed and everything after that tasted of burnt peanuts...

The reason?

He put the peanut butter on the bread first, then put it in the toaster...
Good fun though :p

Strawberry Poptart Blow torch

Comment by Vee (not verified) Wed, 04/07/2010 - 16:09

I once also had the toaster catch fire along with the kitchen curtains when I was in high school due to the faulty " uppy" part of the the poptart's never popped out....I explained this to my 6 year old son and he asked if we could try it...I being the kind of person who enjoys fire said sure...needless to say, one box of pop-tart's and 4 goodwill toaster's later..I apparently have become the coolest mom around.

this reminds me of when my

Comment by APERSON (not verified) Sun, 02/13/2011 - 00:38

this reminds me of when my brother caught his pop-tart on fire in the toaster.
and then POURED WATER on it *facepalm*

didn't he learn his lesson

Comment by xAllyCatx (not verified) Mon, 08/15/2011 - 14:13

didn't he learn his lesson last time?

Tell John not to worry, I

Comment by Tobi (not verified) Mon, 03/26/2012 - 03:45

Tell John not to worry, I set toaster ovens on fire as well. I'm actually not allowed to make toast at home.