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Contest is over!!!

Contest is over!!!

Mon, 05/11/2009 - 23:33 by Conrad

Hey everyone! Wow, thank you so much for the turnout on the contest, but it is officially closed!! The winner will be announced next Thursday! Sorry, but I now have 600 of these to go through; it's gonna take me some time. ;)


Have fun looking at all

Comment by didi (not verified) Tue, 05/12/2009 - 05:07

Have fun looking at all those entries, Conrad X3

If the winner isn't funnier

Comment by Stephen (not verified) Tue, 05/12/2009 - 12:19

If the winner isn't funnier than mine I might put on a little girl costume and cry.

Best of luck!

Comment by Razor (not verified) Tue, 05/12/2009 - 12:33

If you have half the fun reading them that we did in making them, then that's all that matters! *g*

It was strangely addictive. @_@

Like yummy poison...

Comment by Cheri (not verified) Tue, 05/12/2009 - 14:00

You brought it on yourself!!


While on the subject of meme generators...

Comment by phatJacob07 (not verified) Wed, 05/13/2009 - 23:54

You should probably just add the final panel of the contest comic to every Johnny Wander from now on. Nothing says 'happy ending' quite like an apartment fire.

You know...

Comment by Doormanicus (not verified) Thu, 05/14/2009 - 10:58

Take that last line out of context.

Now apply it to the gutter.

Either be amused or recoil for a few seconds.

Carry on with your lives.


Comment by HollyWoodCarCrash (not verified) Thu, 05/14/2009 - 14:48

I can't wait to see who will win! ^_^


Comment by w1ng740 (not verified) Fri, 05/15/2009 - 00:58 would be nice to win some yuko art, but i really want to know what the letters from the guys are letters? poetry? .....

Love letters. For sure.

Comment by Allison (not verified) Fri, 05/15/2009 - 18:39

Love letters. For sure. *nod*

heh heh heh

Comment by Dr. Mike (not verified) Sat, 05/16/2009 - 11:09

Ya' done yet? :)

Oh gee...

Comment by Ashlee (not verified) Tue, 05/19/2009 - 02:21

Maaan, I would love to win a pen pal, if anything. I had a German exchange student pen pal, but I switched homes and never figured out what happened there. \:(