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SDCC, QC guest comic, and shoelaces!

SDCC, QC guest comic, and shoelaces!

Tue, 07/21/2009 - 15:36 by Ananth in response to one bunny rabbit...

Welcome back, QC readers! I hope you enjoy our guest comic: Yuko made liberal use of shoujo bubbles, I believe to great effect. For you Johnny Wander readers, we have a guest comic up over at Questionable Content: I think you'll like it!

Regarding tying my shoes, I'm exposing myself for your amusement ... I hope you appreciate that! I, uh, never bothered learning to tie them any other way. It works, what can I say? Yuko likes to make fun of me for it, relentlessly ... she's tried to teach me alternatives, but it never sticks. I wish velcro would come back into style. 

Yuko and I will be at SDCC! We're planning a meetup on Sunday! It'll be from 1-2 PM out in front of the convention center, between the the Fedex and the Starbucks.

You can also view the info on the sidebar - we'll be adding info for Connecticon soon as well! If anyone shows up, we'll probably give Conrad and John a call so you can chat with them - they couldn't be at SDCC in body, but they can certainly be there as disembodied voices. ;)

We're arriving late Thursday night, so look for us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you do see us, flag us down - we'll have Johnny Wander postcards that we'll be giving away to anyone who finds us. 

I believe that's everything! See you at SDCC!


This comic seems to imply

Comment by darrylayo (not verified) Tue, 07/21/2009 - 23:56

This comic seems to imply that there is some other, alternate way.

QC guest comic

Comment by Durindana (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 00:17

I would just like to say that your Questionable Content guest comic was farking amazing! It merely lacked the element that all good fanfiction contains: gundam.

Because we all know that no proper yaoi or yuri fanfiction is complete until there is a gundam involved in some way.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go finish reading the amazing fanfiction where Kyon and Koizumi have an amazing yaoi scene, build a gundam, and thwart Haruhi's dreaded boredom once again.

Haha, glad you enjoyed it! 

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:21

Haha, glad you enjoyed it! 


Comment by Tackts (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 00:38

Wait... Oh, sh-There are other ways to tie you shoes? .____. I still use bunny ears too.

Ohhh man.

Comment by Fez (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 00:47

I came over from QC from the last time guest week (or w.e it was) happened.
I've been a fan ever since.

I just read the comic you guys did for QC.
I wish for it to have my children. It was EPIC, I loved it!
It was LoLarific!

Everyone seems to have liked

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:22

Everyone seems to have liked it, that's great! We never know how people are going to react to guest comics. @_@

Did I mention I want it's

Comment by Fez (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 15:51

Did I mention I want it's children?
Because I do...

I tie like that for the same

Comment by Steven H. (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 01:32

I tie like that for the same reason. I learned how in the 4th grade. My girlfriend makes fun of me all of the time too.

How did you know?

Comment by King_Bahamut (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 01:40

How did you know people would be back from qc?(^^) I typically have one loop and the other just a rope to go around the rabbit ear I guess, never learned to tie it with two loops or ears and the idea that there is more then one way to tie a shoe seems foreign to me. Though I do not pay attention to people tying shoes...

Magic Shoelaces?!

Comment by Jack The Pierrot (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 02:12

I didn't know there was another way...actually....I had to reeeaaally think about it to realize I tied mine the same way. I usually kinda zone out during the process so it seems like they're magically tied when I'm done. Also with certain shoes I just stuff the laces into the shoe against the sides and slip them on. It's lazy, but effective in certain instances.

I actually stuff my laces

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:24

I actually stuff my laces too, especially if I'm running outside or on the treadmill!

That's actually one of the

Comment by Jack The Pierrot (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 22:37

That's actually one of the few instances when I make sure to tie my shoes. I'm incredibly paranoid of the laces popping out and getting sucked into the treadmill. Dunno if that'd cause some sort of injury, screw up the motor or something else entirely, but I'd rather not find out.

I've been trying to teach my

Comment by Alise (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 02:16

I've been trying to teach my friend other ways for ages but she always reverts to bunny ears.

Also, shoes are starting to use velcro again. For older people!

Is there a non-bunny-ears

Comment by Todd (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 02:27

Is there a non-bunny-ears way to tie shoes?

Oh Bunny ears

Comment by Proser (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 03:24

I used the Bunny-ears-method for the longest time...I just couldn't get the hang of the other way. Then one day, while working in a sausage factory, I was tying an apron behind my back and automatically tied it the non-Bunny-ears way. Haven't used the Bunny-ears method since.


Comment by Brenda (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 04:02

My little sister (Whom is in her teens) just double knots it just tight enough to keep them on her feet but enough for her to slip out of them. Then she just slips them on when she goes out...that or wear sandals.

BTW, good job on the guest comic it is one of the funnier comics I've seen in awhile.

I still use bunny ears to

Comment by The Amazing Spider-Mo (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 04:35

I still use bunny ears to tie my laces, I also don't know how to ride a bike, and I'm 21. Sad.

I wasn't aware there were

Comment by warmdarksky (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 04:36

I wasn't aware there were other ways to tie shoes?..?? "Bunny ears" looks right. (Is it because I am american?) Demonstrate for all of us!!! :D

Questionably Shoes

Comment by Yu Huo (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 04:51

I just wanted to compliment you on your guest strip at QC. I don't *BWA HA HA HA HA!* out loud at the computer often, but couldn't help it. The little ドッキ ドッキ sound effects were too much.

As for shoes... if they've got laces and they're tied, what's the bother? I tie mine the conventional way, and it has nothing to recommend itself over any other way. Tie your shoes however you dratted well like, gosh darn it!

Haha, I'm glad someone

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:43

Haha, I'm glad someone noticed that detail! 


Comment by Sheepmatty (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 05:35

I'm also guilty of this, and I'm eighteen.


Comment by Shiroku (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 06:01

I didn't realise there was another way either, until one of my friends commented recently on how I tie my shoes ._.;; I still use the bunny ears method though, like I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Or something. ^_^;;

You're not alone,

Comment by Jonc (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:13

You're not alone, chief...that's the way I do it, and never learned any other way. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't know there was another method until I was like ten or so... :p

its ok

Comment by CoolKidMitch (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 08:16

I still tie my shoes with bunny ears too. I tried to learn the fancy adult way but it just never stuck well.

If it is in any way some

Comment by Teekay (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:06

If it is in any way some kinda consolation I never learned to my shoes using bunny ears...


Comment by Teekay (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:09

To tie them that way that is.


Comment by jenface (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:21

(okay, okay... it's alternate /lacing/ methods... BUT STILL!)


Comment by Sarah (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:29

I didn't even know it was embarrassing and anyway it makes doing double knots really fast! I deny any embarrassment.

Shame on Yuko!

Comment by Anon (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:30

Shame on her for teasing you! There is absolutely no reason that the bunny ear method is in any way inferior. I mean, what, does she think it's teasable because it's EASIER to LEARN? It's the only way I've ever tied my shoes, and I see no reason to change. And clearly, from all the responses, quite a lot of people tie their shoes that way. I would have never even contemplated it as something to be ashamed of before this comic, and I wholeheartedly disagree with that. And all you commenters who tie shoes that way, stop apologizing for it!

Haha, whoa, slow down! I

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 10:32

Haha, whoa, slow down! I appreciate the defense (as do the other commenters, I'm sure), but it's unnecessary. Yuko just teases ... I tease her about things too. It's the nature of our relationship, which we occasionally expose for your greater amusement. ;)

Don't feel too bad!

Comment by MissKacey (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:32

It just so happens I only know how to tie my shoes "properly," because my Kindergarten teacher hated me! She wouldn't let me tie my shoes the bunny ear way, she'd keep me inside from recess to practice the "correct," method. I think I went that whole year wearing flip flops or leaving my shoes untied!

That teacher also wouldn't let me color outside the lines, run with scissors, and made me share my crayons...

Ever since I was young...

Comment by kate (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:37

I've tried to learn other ways.
I cannot do it.
So, bunny ears all the way.


Comment by Vysard (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:51

That's okay, Ananth. I never even knew there were other ways to tie your shoes. I'm going on 24 and I still do it, so it can't be that embarassing. Either that, or we're both in the wrong. >_>;


Comment by SH4R (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 09:53

I came over to Johnny Wander a little while back ago when you guys did a guest strip for QC. I read the most recent one, then I went through the archive that day. I have to say, your work is absolutely amazing, and you guys never fail to make me laugh. Props to you guys, and <3 <3 <3 the latest guest strip on QC.

The end. :)

How do you even

Comment by Droqen (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 10:11

How do you even tie your shoelaces the other way D:

It's so crazy

The bunny is so friendly

 The bunny is so

Comment by Ananth Wed, 07/22/2009 - 10:33

 The bunny is so friendly

Hahaha, well put. XD

wait, there are other

Comment by Wrex (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:27

wait, there are other methods?

Why wasn't I informed?!


Comment by Nicöle (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:27

I do bunny ears too. I remember being 5 and my dad trying to teach me the otherway.

6_6;; I also triple knot my shoelaces. I have a fear of them coming undone.

But as a new reader I am already enjoying your comic. So much so that I'm running out of time to get ready for work!!


Haha, no worries, I still

Comment by SparkiePlug (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:35

Haha, no worries, I still use bunny ears too :)

All you lucky Bunny-Ears People...

Comment by Sidka (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:52

My mom smacked my hands every time she saw me tying them that way, because the bunny-ears method was wrong, so I learned "around the tree and through", double-knotted so I could just slide my feet in and out. Everyone else in my family will untie and retie each time. I'm the only lazy one. =3

I may just adopt the bunny ears method

Comment by Pineapple Goat (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:53

I don't think I was ever taught the bunny ears method. Though I may just adopt it because the conventional way has me having to re tie every few minutes. Perhaps I'm just inept.

I never did get how to tie

Comment by elorg (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:56

I never did get how to tie my shoes the traditional way that kids are taught. I gave up that bunny story long ago and figured out a better way on my own - which appears to be the same way you do... though I never thought of it as "making bunny ears".

Around the tree and through the what? How is a kid supposed to know or remember the dance/hop pattern of a rabbit anyway?

Bunny ears...

Comment by Ninja (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 12:19

It's okay. I still do that, too... my parents were very frustrated when they couldn't teach me how to tie my shoes properly as a kid. Heh... I think they thought I might be learning disabled.

Nice job

Comment by Black (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 12:32

Seriously, nice job on the guest comic!

Usually the best you can look forward to is a chance lesbain scene, but in one instance you gave us so much more!

Rad job guys, rad job.

I-I thought everyone... did

Comment by Louie (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 13:01

I-I thought everyone... did that... ; A ;

I didn't know there was another way!!

Geeze man. Don't let her

Comment by Spicy (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 13:21

Geeze man. Don't let her words get to you. I'm 21 and I still do that.

In fact, I'm so epically lazy, I sometimes get velcro shoes.

I am five.

Comment by stevehill (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 13:27

That QC comic made me lol SO HARD

MartenxSven <3

Comment by Robbie (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 13:49

I loved your guest comic for QC! Especially the ending xD

And I just spent all day reading all of your comics, and I gots to say you're now one of my top five favorite comics. :]


Comment by twiz (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 13:58


also, bunny ears ftw


Comment by Robbie (not verified) Wed, 07/22/2009 - 14:27

It reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club as well... and ironically... I'm watch that right now on funimation. xD