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It was the only solution

It was the only solution

Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:30 by Ananth in response to these things happen sometimes

The kitchen sink was full! So ... wait ... no. Conrad what are you doing?!

Actually, I heard Yuko from down the hall and took it as a matter of course. Sometimes there's just spaghetti in the sink. These things happen. 

Not a whole lot to say today! Got a lot of stuff ordered today, so there should be some new things in the JW store in the very near future! Oh, these will be going up pretty soon actually,


I think they're adorable ... I hope you like 'em too! 


Conrad's Just Thinking About the Sink

Comment by Jamie Noguchi (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:33

Awe, c'mon, the sink needs tasty yums, too! Spaghetti is tasty and the sink wanted some. Makes sense to me.

The buttons are AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Comment by yraelis (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:39

They're so cuteee. XD now all of us can sigh with a bit of our soul leaving us.

These Conrad food remedies are kind of wild.

How did you know?!

Comment by DisposablePal (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:39

this is easily twice as funny as it should be due to the fact that i've done this before. my kitchen and main floor bathroom are like 10 feet apart and i didnt want to empty the sink to drain my spaghetti noodles. ...i'm lazy ...or a genius.

You know,

Comment by Steve (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:43

I was actually beginning to think I was losing it. I'm glad somebody else noticed and knows who to pin it on.

'Spaghetti' was not my first thought

Comment by Razor (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:51

...of what that was. *shudder* I think I would have run screaming first and THEN figured out it was spaghetti.

Re: buttons--Cecilia & Death=So cute. =D

The buttons look amazing, I

Comment by Kyon (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:52

The buttons look amazing, I hope they are in the shop soon. I leave soon for work and will be internet and webcomic less for 5 months so I need to get my fix as much as possible before I leave. So as webcomic genius's do you guys recommend any? I read a lot already but seeing as you guys are in the loop I thought you might no some hidden treasures.

Oops! He did it again.

Comment by Geoff (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:52

Oh, Conrad. What would we do without you. Who else can give us such culinary adventures, such as:

Homemade mace
Burning toasters
Sink spaghetti

You truly keep the household on it's toes. We applaud you, my friend.

Box of spaghetti: $2.
Pan to boil it in $7.
Strainer to drain it with: $3.
Culinary adventures ending with spaghetti mysteriously in the bathroom sink: Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Conrad Kreyling

Those buttons are soooo cute. I shall make a definite effort to purchase them.

Actually, John was

Comment by Puck (not verified) Tue, 10/27/2009 - 14:51

Actually, John was responsible for the homemade mace and the toaster fire.

BTW: Dishes

Comment by Razor (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 13:54

I was looking at my sink full of dishes this morning and I thought of how you all did dishes before going for sushi. I reached for a bowl and thought, "Well, we have enough dishes so I don't have to eat cereal out of a coffee mug today like poor Yuko..."

Although I wish I had John to come around and do dishes for me. On second thought, no--since he might do the scaryface.

Yes! I can so totally relate

Comment by Kei (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 14:17

Yes! I can so totally relate to this! I live in an all-girls section of stupid student residence, so I regularly find all manner of things in the bathroom sinks. And elsewhere, ick. (Although it's usually ramen. For some reason there is ramen everywhere.) THE BATHROOMS WERE NOT THAT GROSS WHEN I LIVED IN CO-ED RESIDENCE. ;_;

This happens a lot to me

Comment by wandering-dreamer (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 15:18

This happens a lot to me actually but I live in a dorm which makes this normal I guess?


Comment by Joe A. (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 15:22

Shades of my first year of college.. Thing was, it wasn't food as often as it was hair. Unless the sink is going through some sort of sink puberty, and there is hair in places there previously wasn't hair, the sink should NOT have a beard ._.

As for the buttons, they look amazing, although I lament the exclusion of a Broseph button. His popped-collar brogue was truly a glimpse into a different culture, and he died before his time.

I'm a dork.

Comment by ThomasIV (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 15:38

The first thing I thought of was: "GIR! Why is there BACON IN THE SOAP!?!?!?" Ahh, the ever-quotable Invader ZIM.


Comment by Chris D. (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 20:05

Definitely crossed my mind too. Kudos on the reference. :-)

Those buttons are so cute!

Comment by Katherine (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 15:47

Those buttons are so cute! Will you have them on sale at A-USA?

Clearly the real question

Comment by Jade (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 16:13

Clearly the real question is: why NOT?

There needs to be a Death

Comment by JSRadio (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 17:17

There needs to be a Death and Cecilia figurine thing. Or not. I'd buy it.

WHAT the what?

Comment by Christopher (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 18:15

Is that dead sperm on one of those buttons?

I don't know if someone's

Comment by Tawreh (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 18:17

I don't know if someone's mentioned this before, but I'd love to have some JW stickers, perhaps in a similar style to these. I really like the ambiguous ones (the skull speech bubble for example), not so much the people, although they are great!, they're not what I'd pin up/stick onto things :)

Absolutely excellent work as always, and as this is a first comment, I figure I'd let you guys know that your comics never fail to make me laugh, and I can relate to so many of them (especially the cats and Yuko waking up with sunburn). Keep it up!

Yes, support a third-party

Comment by Frog42 (not verified) Sat, 10/24/2009 - 02:32

Yes, support a third-party website (and violate their terms of use) instead of the artist...

And let's not even start on copyright infringement.

How'd Yuko know it was Conrad?

Comment by Rebecca (not verified) Thu, 10/22/2009 - 22:32

oh goodness button making. how's that coming? they look so adorable too! like coffee and strawberry colors kind of <3<3

Same question

Comment by Nare (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 00:51

That was my first question too: Why CONRAD? There's another 4 guys living there.

Why NOT Conrad?

Comment by Virtual Bob (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 09:36

Go back and re-read every strip tagged Conrad. Your question will be answered...
I still maintain that Conrad is jw's Pintsize.


Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 10/27/2009 - 14:01

So, Conrad has a laser gun in his torso?

Don't make Conrad angry. You

Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Thu, 01/07/2010 - 02:55

Don't make Conrad angry. You just might find out.

Oh Conrad! You so craaaaazy!

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 00:17

I love how Conrad is the first and only suspect.


Comment by Joe D (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 00:51

I suppose spaghetti in the sink is better than my initial reaction, "ZOMG giant worms."

The Bathtub...

Comment by C.D. Reimer (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 02:21

Found a long strand of black hair coming out of the overflow drain in the bathtub. Definitely not mine since I have very short brown hair. I think it came from the woman upstairs. I don't know why she's taking a bath in my bathtub. ;)

So thats it!

Comment by Kriztov (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 03:07

That's how the Flying Spaghetti Monster gets around in such a discreet fashion!

o: where do you guys get the

Comment by Nyxity (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 03:23


where do you guys get the button-making parts? how does this function! O:

this looks a lot more

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 03:27

this looks a lot more terrifying than i was expecting. spaghetti in a sink. when i first saw it i thought it came out of the faucet - this is why i was terrified.

Clue: Johnny Wander Edition

Comment by McClaud (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 09:15


In the bathroom.

With the spaghetti strainer.

* Checks the little envelope in the center of the board *

Love the buttons, btw. So far, that's been one of my favorite comic stories out of the bazillion comics I read on the Intertubes.

gluten be thy name, Ramen.

Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Thu, 01/07/2010 - 02:56

gluten be thy name, Ramen. *bows*

This is soooooo funny to me

Comment by SheikaL (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 12:53

This is soooooo funny to me because there was a time when my room-mate and I lived in a studio apt with no kitchen sink. (Who plans a kitchen without a sink?!?!) We ended up using the bathroom sink for everything and there would always be noodles, bits of vegetables and other foodies left.

Ahhh, Conrad. Poster child

Comment by Shew (not verified) Fri, 10/23/2009 - 16:20

Ahhh, Conrad. Poster child for the lazy, yet creative.

Haha, real-life Conrad is

Comment by Ananth Fri, 10/23/2009 - 21:01

Haha, real-life Conrad is the least lazy guy I know. 


ALSO IF YOU NEED A UNIQUE AND DYNAMIC SOLUTION to the kitchen sink being full

I'll buy them! :D

Comment by Patrick (not verified) Sat, 10/24/2009 - 03:52

I'll buy them! :D


Comment by Linkette (not verified) Sat, 10/24/2009 - 15:49

I need some of those buttons.
People will be like, "what are those from?"
and I'll be like, "THE BEST WEBCOMIC EVER!"


Comment by Dave (not verified) Sat, 10/24/2009 - 17:03

I remember this unfolding on Twitter.

When life hands you

Comment by Crow (not verified) Sat, 10/24/2009 - 23:56

When life hands you spaghetti, make... wait.


Comment by Gee (not verified) Sun, 10/25/2009 - 19:38

So, question for yuko, Is it weird being the only girl amongst constant guys, or are you pretty much used to it?

with my name being conrad...

Comment by Conrad.C (not verified) Sun, 10/25/2009 - 22:48

it makes me feel like im a part of the comic :D.....and i would be guilty of having spaghetti in the sink

I Agree

Comment by K.Bennett (not verified) Mon, 10/26/2009 - 12:41

That pin set is absolutely adorable! I'm really excited for when they come out, since I'm getting paid this week by my school for all the pain and suffering they put me through... the obvious answer is s buying a new bag and pins to decorate it with.

And maybe a Maw if it's not to late to snag one

For some reason I keep thinking that Conrad just gets cuter as the comic goes on, in no way threatening to his manliness of course. I wonder if this was another product of not sleeping at all?

Ironically, the oddest thing that I've woken up to being in the bathroom sink was oatmeal, not cooked, someone just poured dry oatmeal in there and never owned up to it. I think they were trying to make some kind of facemask or something odd of that nature

The torture...

Comment by Nieve (not verified) Mon, 10/26/2009 - 14:15

Never have I regretted not being able to buy your merchandise more.