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it's a sad end for that little kiwi

it's a sad end for that little kiwi

Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:15 by Ananth in response to when did we even buy kiwis

That kiwi was hiding at the bottom of our fruit bowl for ... well, it was a while. It's a little embarrassing and I think we're going to gloss over the details ... ! But we wanted to share this particular incident as a cautionary tale. 

Also, guys, it was gross. Really the worst. When Yuko picked it up it kind of squished and all this juice came out. 


All shipping from hereon out will get done when we return from visiting our respective parents! Sorry about that, we couldn't really bring any stock with us. 

Also, now that we can talk about it, the reason George is moving to Portland, Oregon is because he got himself a fancypants job at Oni Press as Operations Director! If you have a moment, please feel free to congratulate him. That'd be swell. :D

Gonna keep it short this time! Happy Holidays, and steer clear of those fruits of deceit that might be lurking in your kitchen. 



Comment by Lulukiryu (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:30

Once my shoe got moldy.
Seriously. I took off my shoes while leaving drama club, and noticed one of them was full of green mold. I had been wearing it for four hours. Needless to say, the janitor must've been suprised.


Comment by DisposablePal (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:35

kiwis are gross anyway, i dont like my fruit to be hairy. gives me the shivers, it reminds me of a very tiny, very hairy man ...i dont want to eat that. Great comic as usual.


Comment by Tara (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:38

Oh dear.

I remember finding a really old kiwi in my parents fridge and it had shriveled up to about the size of a walnut. EWW! Curiosity getting the best of me, I squeezed it: bad idea.

Oh ew!

Comment by Raptorix (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:53

I'm surprised you couldn't smell it in your fruit bowl!

Also: I spy a Yuko in that Oni Press photo~


Comment by SarahSongbrd (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 20:58

I have done something very similar to this. Was seemingly just as fun.


Comment by OrcishIncubus (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 21:09


Note: idea shamelessly

Comment by OrcishIncubus (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 21:11

Note: idea shamelessly stolen from Jeph Jacques

I can't wait to eat that

Comment by Mike (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 21:34

I can't wait to eat that kiwi..which was probably mine : (

Congrats George! Good luck

Comment by Hilary (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 21:46

Congrats George! Good luck with your new gig!
Hahaha... Grohaculations... I love it. I am going to use this word on other people as well, just because it has a nice ring to it. "Grohaculations on your graduation!" "Grohaculations, it's a girl!"

Ha. Why do I get the feeling

Comment by Halconnen (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 22:23

Ha. Why do I get the feeling George getting that job is related to his Grin Of Death(tm)?


Comment by SgtDC (not verified) Tue, 12/22/2009 - 23:36

I appreciate how Yuko's left hand is cringing away from the kiwi, as if with a mind of its own.

Where's ___?

Comment by peterntrinh (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 00:16

What makes me laugh about that photo on the Oni Press news post there is that Yuko's in the photo with Odlaw's stripes on her scarf.

Grohaculations from me, too!

My God! I half expected it

Comment by Sneaks (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 00:20

My God! I half expected it to start oinking!

Congrats to George!

Comment by Eto (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 00:42

Okay that kiwi thing is disgusting. :x Haha oh the adventures of discovered food.

But tell George congrats from us! If he's ever in Seattle for a a comic con, we'll come and bother him! :D


Comment by Dust (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 01:12

I'm living in New Zealand right now and I've had my fill of kiwis.. and kiwi fruit. I love their other name, goose berries. hehe

That was probably one off kiwi fruit if it looked like a potato. ew

A lesson for all you

Comment by Kurt (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 06:02

A lesson for all you Americans: It's called a KIWIFRUIT. And Gooseberries has got to be the stupidest alternative name ever :p

Mystery Veggie

Comment by A.L. (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 04:36

That is totally gross and I hope I never come across a kiwi like that.Fortunately for me I tend to eat kiwis on sight if I happen to have one within my presence and it looks ok.

On the subject of George,that is totally awesome and congrats to him.Hopefully he won't turn megalomaniac and try to take over the west coast with his new found powers of publishing and managing.

What are 'Taters precious?

Comment by Asmodaeus (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 05:34

Whatever 'Taters are...they shouldn't be Kiwi fruit. I remember once at my parents place, my mother asked me to sort out the vegetables in the kitchen. Now, in our house, the Potatos were kept in a LARGE earthenware pot with a lid on it. (Still are I think) Thing is, they'd been there some time. As it turns out, when a Potato rots in warm, dry conditions...its skin stays whole, but the inside liquidises whilst retaining its colour. XD So I was sorting out the Potatos, picked up a certain one a bit briskly...and it exploded in a potatoey custard all up my arm and across the floor. XD

So, the moral of this story is; Beware the old Potato, for it is a fearsome and volatile creature!

Still loving the comic by the way, much awesomness abounds.

It's a sad testament to how

Comment by Kaotik4266 (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 08:00

It's a sad testament to how much time I spend on the wrong parts of the internet that I read "shipping" and it takes me a while to realize you're talking about mailing things.

And Kiwi fruits are awesome! How could you leave one around for so long without eating it?

Before it went bad. Not after.


Comment by ladymercury (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 09:45

Don't mean to be a nitpicker, but with reference to the alt-text, it's spelled avocado, not avacado.

*hides head under dictionary and disappears*

Oh noooo I will fix that

Comment by Ananth Wed, 12/23/2009 - 15:41

Oh noooo I will fix that right now! Thanks!

True Story

Comment by Joe D. (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 11:57

In the apartment I was living in over the summer, I started noticing that something smelled like Nasty Onion. However, as there were no onions to be found, I let it slide. Flash forward about a week... In an epic bout of "god dammit, we're CLEANING," we discovered the source of the odor: Nasty Onions. Nasty Onions with maggots coming out of the bottom. We also discovered that the cereal boxes on the top shelf had become infested with moth and their crawly larvae.

The Lesson: When living with friends, NEVER EVER EVER assume "oh, someone will eat that eventually." For your own sanity and sanitation, throw that crap away.

She picked it up thinking it

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 13:43

She picked it up thinking it was a potato...but it was in the fruit bowl? Do you keep potatoes in with the fruit? They are tubers, silly people! They must be kept separate from the fruits, lest there be a fruity-tuber war that breaks out when they can no longer tolerate the differences between them.

Can't we all just get along?

Comment by Joe (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 22:05

But that's segregation! And segregation is wrong!
No, what we need to do is make them play football together. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll make a catchy Remember The Titans-style halftime show.

Um.... Shouldn't it be

Comment by Moe (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 15:58

Um.... Shouldn't it be furry? Or did you get the golden kiwifruits that aren't furry? When I read the title I thought it would be a little kiwi bird or a New Zealander. ^^; Don't really call kiwifruits just kiwis over here.

But all-in-all ew....

I went to a training coure

Comment by Lupus Draconis (not verified) Wed, 12/23/2009 - 22:56

I went to a training coure in Virginia, and I was getting food for the two days or so I was going to be out. Said food included a can of pears.
I didn't notice until after I got home that there was a hole in the can, and very questionable dark liquid on the inside of the bag. My room-mate and I didn't want to open it properly, so we threw it hard as we could into the road to try to get it to open.
It worked, and the pears were BLACK. They looked like tar. It was disgusting. ._.

I see your Kiwifruit and I'll up you one

Comment by Naktarr (not verified) Thu, 12/24/2009 - 00:17

Months old cucumber hidden in the bottom of the fridge vegetable cripser.
It melts in your hand, then stinks you kitchen out. I dubbed it the ewcumber.

Bleh typo: *your

Comment by Naktarr (not verified) Thu, 12/24/2009 - 00:18

Bleh typo: *your


Comment by Kia (not verified) Fri, 12/25/2009 - 00:39

Portland Oregon, you say? I thought you meant Maine since you guys are all... East Coasty. Portland is awesome! Very rainy though. If you visit George, go with him to Saturday Market and visit Spoonman (they make stuff out of cutlery!).


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 12/25/2009 - 23:22

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH it is my Portland! Oh the adventures we will have! And when I say adventures, I mean never running into him but thinking about it and then feeling like a creeper and defenetly not hanging around Oni press all by myself late at night.


Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Thu, 01/07/2010 - 03:06

My parents and I have found old oranges and apples that are almost completely dessicated and brown in the fruit drawer. Usually after that there is an impromptu gutting of said drawer.


Comment by Pounamu Teira (not verified) Sat, 03/13/2010 - 05:25

ARGH!!! its called a kiwifruit! a kiwi is a flightless bird, or a New Zealander. the fuzzy green thing that grows on vines is called a kiwiFRUIT!!!!!!!!

Also comes in gold.

similar predicament

Comment by David (not verified) Sun, 05/22/2011 - 12:44

hahaha, one time i forgot to throw away the oranges before going to work. (i work at a fishing boat so it's a long time) when i came home, i thought they were mini-cauliflowers. they didn't taste like caulflower :(