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Final Fantasy Cat, Legend of Cat, Cat's Quest, etc.

Trying to get approved to meet this cat turned into a quest of greater proportion than we had ever dreamed of! From what I understand, most people tend to just walk into a shelter and walk out with a cat, which feels pretty ideal. What're your pet-getting stories? Nice and easy? Horror-story? We're still deciding whether or not to adopt this bitey little gal. is an awesome resource, but it feels weird ... it's like a singles dating website that lonely cats and dogs use to meet each other. There's all these sleazy old cats pretending to be a young cute dogs so they can troll for ... what was I talking about? Anyway, owners looking for pets just feels like another incidental use of it. 

We'll be at TCAF this year! You can see us under "O" and "P" respectively on the exhibitor list. There's a really stellar lineup this year, and we hope you can make it! Come say hi, we'll have things. 

The eBay auction ends tomorrow! PaleontoLOLgy tees are back in stock! And there's a new ink test in the store: 

Rockasaurus Wrecks!

For those of you that HAVE ordered, we're shipping a little slow because of the MLK holiday here in the states! Just a heads up. 

Also, any interest in a Johnny Wander book? Nothing to get excited about just yet, but I like to ask so I can start doing research. The first volume would be a compilation of autobio comics and some fun extras. Let us know! 


Our cats

Comment by Saraddictive (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 21:50

Our cat adopting was relatively painless. Our first cat, Marian, we found crawling up my in-laws yard after someone had tossed her out of a moving vehicle. She fit in the palm of my hand, she was so tiny. After Marian was over a year old, we walked into our local Petsmart and they have an area for cats to be adopted. I fell in love with this little gray and white cat who was intent on smelling my hand through the glass. We filled out an application and because Marian goes to the pet hospital in the Petsmart (Banfield. It's great), we got an excellent and easy vet recommendation. The little gray and white cat is named Dagmar and she's a very lovey girl. The whole process took maybe two weeks.

Kitties 'R' Us

Comment by Jessica (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 21:51

I know this story far too well, although being on the other end. I worked for a cat rescue group for a few years, so I know how it goes. As annoying as the hoops are, it's mainly to ensure that the cat and people are a good match for each other and to make sure that the cats aren't immediately back into the shelter because as much as it sucks, there are too many people out there that don't know how much work having a pet is. I know part of wanting to make sure that the pets were a good match in our group too was because all the cats were fostered at people's houses, so even though cats are by no means children, you get that sort of vibe over time. Especially since you spend so much time ensuring their happy and healthy.

Groups tend to be more hardcore with kittens too as too many people come in being all 'omg, I wants a cute fluffball now! gimme gimme gimme!' and won't always listen to advice, just want the cuteness now. But most of the people we met were good and nice.

So, onto my kitties! Our old one we shipped over to us a few months after we moved cross country from our old rescue group since he was old and ornery and we knew he wouldn't get adopted from the group because no one ever wants to adopt the 6 year old cat, especially when he's curled into a scared ball of fluff in the back of the cage at adoptions. Once we got him on his own, we realized he missed not having other cats around, so we shopped around on petfinder and craigslist and found a rescue group that was giving two 6 month old kittens away to a good home because they didn't have time to properly spend on socializing them. Since we were used to socializing kittens, we emailed them and then went down to visit them. After seeing them, we said we'd like to take them home and took them home that day. We gave them a donation equivalent to what most rescue leagues charge for pets and the kittens have been good friends with our older cat ever since they finally became brave enough to leave the bathroom.

My cat Misty

Comment by Jeffrey (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 21:58

While I wasn't involved with getting her, I know the story. About 12 years ago my mom and older sister went to the pound to get a dog, but they didn't have any so they got a cat instead, a light/dark/brown and white year old cat. The first time I met her she was out of it since she was still coming off the anesthetic from being fixed and all that stuff. Later on we found out she was feisty as hell, always wanting to go outside, and if she laid on your lap, you better not move or touch her or she'd growl and leave, which was the complete opposite of our other cat Crystal who was big old sweet girl and the queen of the house, and Misty was the young rebel, pissed off at everything. Anyway about 4 years later Crystal died, and Misty's personality changed, she went from feisty/angry/I don't need you to relaxed/sweet/I want all your attention, since she's now the queen I guess. but don't get me wrong, she'll still draw blood when playing, heh. And if anybody cares: She's not named after Misty from Pokemon, she's named after the game Myst, my older brother and sister came up with that.

We got another cat a couple years ago, a big but skinny black and white 6 year old cat my little sister named Leon, he's dead now, but anyway my mom's friend was going to have their cat put down because it was sick and they didn't want to pay the vet bills, but my mom and little sister didn't want that, so they went and got him, but at the time the previous owner thought the cat was female, and so did we at the time, until he was taken to the vet and were told different, anyway he got the help he needed, and my mom and sister basically nursed the boy back to health, I mean he still had problems like asthma and he drank a ton of water, he was also skittish and staying down stairs in the basement, but he was getting over that, and staying upstairs more, relaxing, laying with the family, and trying to play with Misty, which she didn't like one bit, but he was a good boy everybody loved until he was let outside one day 3-4 months after we got him and some dogs not from the neighborhood killed him. It was a very sad day since he was finally starting to feel at home here.

Owning a panther

Comment by Robert V Aldrich (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:04

My first cat, Shadow, was adopted when I was ten. He was an all-black kitten that my sister's friend's parents were going to kill because they were superstitious. He lived to be nineteen (which I understand to be like 198 in cat years) and was the most ferocious cat I have ever seen or heard of. Sweet as you could imagine to the family and other family pets, but would not take $#!t from anyone or anything outside of us. He dealt with other cats, racoons, and even the occasional large-breed dog with the same ruthlessness. It was amazing.

Fostering ftw!

Comment by bevam (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:05

I found the perfect cat-selection process: I fostered from my local humane society (on a related note, oh my god, fostering a preggo mommy is soooo much fun- adorable newborn kitties without feeling irresponsible for not spaying your cat!!). I fostered a pretty long string of kitties, and when I hit on one that I fell totally in love with, I kept him :).

For anyone that has the space, I completely recommend fostering- it gives a lot of cats a chance at finding a home who would otherwise have been euthanized at the shelter (Calcifer had a contagious respiratory infection and would have been euthanized to prevent spread to the other shelter cats if I hadn't been able to take him- the staff were so desperate to save him that they called me at work and begged me to come and get him!!)

All of my pets. . .

Comment by Boss (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:06

All of my pets that my family has ever had were rescued from the pound on fairly short notice. Sorta just walk in, find one that you like, and leave with it.


Comment by Virtual Bob (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:20

Kinda brings a whole new meaning to bonding doesn't it? My wife's cat marked me the same way when we first met. Now we're couch buds (he even sips my beer)! Enjoy your spawn of Satan!

Pet stories!

Comment by bean (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:22

Back when I was five or so, the cat at the greenhouse where my mom worked (well, it was more of a rose factory... but that is beside the point) got pregnant, and everyone who worked there wanted to adopt the kittens, they were just so adorable. The father cat was a mangy, surly tomcat I nicknamed "Grump" who was missing an ear and an eye.

We got the only two males of the litter, one of which was this little runty orange thing. He like to climb up on you and knead with his claws and drool and purr. Obviously, he was my favorite.

That little runty cat lived the longest out of any of them, and grew up to be a massive ball of tangled fur we named Toby. While I grew up, out in the middle of nowhere mind you, he was a great companion: very friendly, patient with grabby kids, loved a good belly rub and taking the warm spot in my bed after being out in the rain all night. He would also come when called or whistled; maybe he was part dog.

He died almost 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 18. We buried him in my mom's garden and put up a little grave marker.

That's my pet-get story! Now I live in a building that doesn't allow pets. I don't think I could get one to replace him anyways. Good luck with the bitey/scratchy, yet cute cat!

All of my family's cats have

Comment by Bob (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:36

All of my family's cats have been rescues but there's one whose story is particularly strange. We have a small pine forest in our back yard and one day we noticed this skinny cat that we didn't recognize wandering out of the woods for a second or two at a time. Eventually my sister and her friend decided to go find him. They found him curled up in a sort of pine needle nest, very weak. He had a bell tied to his neck and the vet said he must not have been able to hunt because of it and was eating pine needles. We nursed him back to health and, as soon as he was stronger, he started picking fights with the other cats, yowling really loud in the middle of the night and marking his territory all over the house. He loves people though...

We've happen across all our

Comment by Wren (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:36

We've happen across all our cats by chance. The oddest of the lot is our calico, who just walked into our home late one winter night when the wind had blown the door open. We woke up and she was sleeping infront of the furnace, already right at home.

All our other cats (and dogs), we've adopted from friends who could no longer keep them or were strays roaming the neighborhood/highway.

Petfinder and such

Comment by Jingseng (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:38

yeah... pet finder was weird for me... i just ended up looking up local humane society, and it was a much more streamlined process (particularly for cats in foster care). Another option (would have been) is to stalk your local pet megastore... they often host local rescue groups, and the pets they have in store (cats and dogs that is) are usually for adoption, rather than for sale... that is to say, they are being kept in store by a rescue group. Petsmart and Petco both do this.

I don't imagine you guys need much in the way of tips and resources for taking care of a cat (especially a chomper)? I mean, Gonta and Mika... but drop me a email if you'd like some tips, book rec, etc... My own cat is being rather chompish lately too =p

Does chompers have a name? Kibamaru? TWILIGHT? ;)

Book = awesome

Comment by Vorteks (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:40

I have never commented before, but I came on to tell you that I would certainly purchase a book if you were to produce one. Your comic has a way of making every day things seem cute and amusing in a way that reminds me of Azumanga Daioh (and that's a good thing!). I want more!

Not a pet story, buuut...

Comment by Novarri (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:48

So when I saw the PaleontoLOLgy shirt, I thought, 'awesome, dinosaurs!' but I never really stopped to think that you'd draw dinosaurs outside of the shirt...I'm kind of in love with that ink test.

Yes, I'd be interested in a book. If it also had some art outside of the comic, that'd be great; I know someone else said that already but I wanted to throw in my support, too, especially now that we're seeing all these ink tests (and it turns out they're all pretty absolutely fantastic).


Comment by hupsoonheng (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:49

I'm one of the "walk into shelter, walk out with cat" people. Twice. The first one was under eight weeks old so we had to put down a $100 deposit, but it came right back to us when we took her in for all her fun vet stuff.

Cats are difficult

Comment by Steffox (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 22:51

My fiance and I got a cat on Valentine's day of last year, we saw her skinny little butt and her mickey mouse moustache and fell in love with her. Plus the volunteers at the shelter said she liked to be petted, loved being brushed, and would sit on our laps all the time.
So we took her home and for 3 months fattened her up, got her fur all healthy, and found out that she HATED being petted, hated being brushed, had serious dental problems (costing minimum of $800 to fix, and I hadn't been to a dentist in 2 years at the time) that required daily tooth brushing, which made her HATE US, and she wanted to have like 2 whole litter boxes, one of them being in the entry right next to the door. Of our tiny apartment. And all she did, to play or express that she liked us, was bite.
So after much fighting over the cat, we had to take her back, with a list of what she DID like (being outside, wand toys, canned food, being on top of tall things, sitting in a lap as long as no one touched her, etc)
She looked really good and healthy when we took her back so I hope she found a good home with a yard.
Next time we get a cat we're getting a kitten so we can train it with good habits.
Learned our lesson. If you get a pet, it's going to last a long long time, so make sure you know it before you take it home.
We got fish instead. We LOVE them.

Our first cat here wasn't a

Comment by Leynnie (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 23:20

Our first cat here wasn't a horror story, pretty much we walked in and walked out with him. The real horror turns out that scruffy is the most disgusting little fluff ball this side of the universe. Cuteness is his survival trait (he would have been long gone if not for that little kitty face).

Our second cat was kind of a horror in the sense that we picked him up from the grubbiest pet shop imaginable. We walked in coincidentally because we were searching for a playmate for the then kitten Scruffy. They had two kittens, this little ass hole of a gray cat that kept biting things and a poor little tonkinese kitten that had it's eyes glued shut due to an eye infection. I asked if they were treating it. They said their resident cat lady was RUBBING NEOSPORIN IN HIS EYES. We couldn't leave him there, we managed to save a whole 5 bucks on him cause we argued that he was sick and we'd have to get him better. Luckily we know a cat shelter lady, she gave us some eye medicine under the table cause we're cool like that. Not 5 minutes after we put the medicine on his eyes he was able to open up and look up at us with the cutest little blue eyes ever. We were probably the first people he had seen in a while. The cat shelter lady said we were pretty lucky, she thought for sure he was gonna be blind. o_o

Our last cat we ended up with accidentally. And it was the dog, Jack, that found her huddled in the back yard of my boyfriend's parent's house. She was nothing but skin and bones, he voice was gone cause she was probably calling out for her mom all night. Long story short, we got some kitten feeding stuff from the store and were trying to get her to eat it. THE LITTLE *#@! CHOMPED DOWN ON MY THUMB. THE PAIN WAS AMAZING (in a bad way). I was getting ready to twist her head off when she suddenly let go and hobbled away. So we took her to our place... she turned out to be cuter then we suspected after the vicious attack. Hell i could have gotten rabies now that i think back on it.

I found my cat under a bush.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 23:28

I found my cat under a bush. He was a scared, little, fluffball of a kitten and after I pet him for a bit he followed me home. It took all of two minutes to convince my mom to let me keep him... all I had to do was put him in her arms while he gave the Puss-in-Boots puppy-dog eyes.
I also found my dog on the railroad tracks, we put up signs and notified the local police about her, but no one claimed her. Since I found her on the railroad tracks, I named her Hobo.
I guess you could say that I've taken a slightly different route to finding my pets. =]

Kitten: GET!

Comment by Robert (not verified) Tue, 01/19/2010 - 23:35

Just after this last Thanksgiving, my girlfriend and myself decided it was time to bring a kitty into the home. Initially we were going to go to the Humane Society to get our initial paperwork filled out so that when we found the right cat, we wouldn't have to fill out tons of paperwork. We figured that it wouldn't hurt to look at the cats who were there at the time, so we met a number of them, and Sarah (GF) fell in love with this one little guy named Sebastian, who had just been through his various "Just got old enough to cut something off, and might as well put a chip in you just in case" surgeries. As such, he was a tad timid (in that he was hiding in his litter bin the entire time we were there) He eventually let us pet him, and was purring at levels not heard outside an airstrip. We knew we couldn't get him that day, due to her going out of town for the weekend, and my having work all day (not a winning combo for getting a new cat) so we left for the day, hoping that he'd still be there in a week.

2 days later, we're back at the shelter (the night before she's going out of town) and Sebastian is still there, much more chipper than before, and he remembers us. Needless to say, we couldn't resist, and adopted him right then and there. He was still under 6 months old, so he counted as a kitten (meaning a $175 adoption fee, instead of an $85 dollar one) but we were only charged the lower of the 2 fees (guess the people there just liked us or something) and after getting a hold of the apartment owner, we took the young one home.

It had been a long time since I'd had a cat at home, and I'm quite glad that time came to an end (and I'm pretty sure Sebastian is happy too)
Also, he's a biter too...but they're love bites, so they're okay.
(wow, that was a lot...good times!)


Comment by sjds (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:32

Johnny Wander is my absolute favorite webcomic...I'd buy the book in a heartbeat.

SPCA is the way to go

Comment by Farasha (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:35

We tried going through a similar service to Petfinder (a no-kill shelter near us) and the process was so long and crazy that we just started getting sick of it. First we paid an adoption fee for the dog. Then the dog's foster mom had to come over and see our house. Then the guy who ran the shelter wanted to come see our house. I mean, we love our animals and all, but we aren't adopting a child, we're adopting a dog. The process got so convoluted (they wanted EVERY MEMBER of the family who lived in the house to be there for the meet & greet with the dog, even though we have hella busy schedules) that we just asked for our money back and went to the SPCA.

...Where we found two dogs that needed a home or else they would be put down. We adopted both of them on the spot and took them home two days later after they had been fixed (the SPCA won't let any animals go that haven't been fixed). I've always thought that it's better to go to shelters where you know the animal needs to be taken home than no-kill shelters that make you audition, but that's just me.

Aww but bite is love :c

Comment by Eto (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:41

Admittedly, I've had a lot of cats fall into my lap; Loki was offered free from a farm. Kelda was a non-shelter rescue and Tyr was left on the doorstep of a vet's office. I support shelters as much as I can though, I think it's the best route to go through with an animal.

Weird as this sounds... It's the shelters who have ridiculous lengths of the adoption process that seem to have the worst-adjusted cats. I mean, how many people would go through that process to just -meet- a cat? Most people would forget it, and the kitty is left with little human interaction and smaller chance of being adopted.

There's a shelter here that I depise because they have signs all over that say not to even touch the cats, it's not a petting zoo and you'll give them germs. They're in a cramped, lightless room in the back of a store and no one's ever there so I always pet every one of them I can when I go in. >_> They're always so desperate for attention because no one's allowed to -pet- them unless they go through the application.

Sorry, that's one of my venting points... But I wish you the best in finding a sweet kitty. This little one might be good for you guys, she would just need time and help growing out of the love-biting.

My two kittens both came

Comment by W. (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:46

My two kittens both came from a shelter where they were born. A friend fostered them along with their sibling - who she later adopted herself - and it was a relatively easy process to adopt them, especially considering I've never had cats before.

As for a Johnny Wander book: YES PLEASE. It would certainly be a welcome addition to the growing webcomic-to-print library that's forming (QC! Penny Arcade! XKCD!).

I found my cat in the middle

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:47

I found my cat in the middle of the road! He had not yet been run over. Um, turned out he belonged to this old woman who had a hajillion kittens and didn't take care of them properly or anything (we asked her neighbor) so they were always getting run over in the middle of the road. Gross.

So we absconded with him. The end.

My friend regularly gets cats from the local mall parking lot! Many of them are feral as heck.

never even went to a shelter

Comment by sbowles (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 00:47

we just find cats from friends or other ways. We have a weakness for strays. One time we were outside on the porch with our other two cats and this stray would watch us, each day coming a little closer and closer to house. eventually we got him to come into the house, but he mainly hangs outside. He's kinda our half-a-cat, though we took him to the vet and got him neutered. He's very skittish, kinda like Gonta so that's why i get a kick out the cat comics. My dad also brought one home from work, where the cat rode in the bottom of a coworker's car. We just find cats and take them in, we have yet to go to a shelter to get a cat. :D

I found the perfect

Comment by french mastiff (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 01:17

I found the perfect cat-selection process: I fostered from my local humane society (on a related note, oh my god, fostering a preggo mommy is soooo much fun- adorable newborn kitties without feeling irresponsible for not spaying your cat!!).

; o;

Comment by Arumunus (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 01:27

I'd buy a book!

I've had 20 cats and 3 dogs through the years, and all were adopted, rescued, or born in the house. :3

I think the most interesting story would be when we went to one of the only remaining Drive In Theaters in our homeland of Southern California.
We had actually passed by a cat who had been hit by a car on our way into the parking lot. Later, we went into the concessions room and amidst the loud people in line I heard a soft pathetic 'mew'.
I asked my friends if they could hear it, they could. When I got up to the lady behind the register and made my query on the cat noises, she had commented that a pregnant female had gotten in somehow and laid her litter down somewhere behind the video games, but never came back.
"Don't worry though," The woman commented somewhat sympathetically "The crying will stop eventually."
I could only assume that the cat out on the road was the mother.
I gaped at her, finished paying for my hot dog, then after a moment's hesitation asked if I could look for the source of the mewing. She complied and led me back to the arcade machines.

Long story short- It was a small fuzzy all-black kitten who was so hungry it ate all three of our hot dogs.
Now it's a fat and healthy old black cat who loves to pick on the beagle puppy at my friend's house. :3
His name is Frenzy.

(My mother also used to work at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. A cat had once snuck into one of the reactors and had her kittens before submitting to the same presumed fate as the mamma at the Drive In. The kittens actually had to undergo quarantine before being adopted out. They got their own room with special cat toys and whatnot made for them by the employees. They were named Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. :D )

How I got my cat/s

Comment by Kriztov (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 02:09

All my cats were found really. First we found a ginger tom hanging around a pub, still a kitten and too small to fend for itself, we took it in. Then, a couple of years later, we found a whole litter under our veranda. There were 4 of them, 2 boys and 2 girls, though we originally thought one of the boys was female. We ended up keeping the two girls and giving the boys away to nice homes. The ginger tom was sadly run over not long after we managed to get the litter into the house. Truth be told, he was being harassed by a feral cat in the area, and he probably felt too relaxed after we got rid of the feral.

Cat Experience

Comment by AMVP (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 02:10

I don't think my family has ever paid for a cat. They just kinda... show up. The last one we found literally jumped into our laps (it was very hungry), and we just couldn't bear to part with it. Granted, now it's a twitchy little freak with no depth perception and always picks fights with the other cats, but she can be sweet when she feels like it. In fact, many new cats start out a bit like the one you described. It's been my experience that after a while they tend to get used to you and mellow out (part of that could be a result of getting them spayed, though).

Cat adventures

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 02:28

Love this story about how we got our first cat: When my brother was about two or three years old, he and my mom were out walking after a blizzard. Passing a tractor by the road, he noticed a little black kitten hiding underneath. He quickly scooped up the shivering, half-starved animal and walked away proudly saying he would "take kitty home". From that time onward, Macavity was our beloved pet and he lived to the ripe old age of nineteen years.

I just adopted another cat, and the process was actually rather tedious. After filling out a form with with an adoption agency and never hearing from them (rejected? lost paperwork? who knows.), I adopted from a local lady who's hobby was rescuing cats and dogs. One of her cats had just had a litter so she was happy to give me a kitten. So, really, it became easy in the end.


Comment by Elizabeth B (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 02:33


Also: try calling your local vet offices and asking if they either have any cats in back or know anyone who's looking to place one. Ours is like a halfway house for abandoned kitties, I swear. We got Calliope there.


Comment by Jan (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 03:11

From the last panel it looks like a vampire cat!
Ech, good luck with it. I wish I could get a cat here. :(


Comment by Joel Fry (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 03:50

I don't have a cat, but I'd buy a Johnny Wander book for sure. I've got nothing against cats. I actually like them a lot. However, they thoroughly enjoy making me sneeze and causing my eyes to itch unbearably.

It IS like a singles dating service...for pets

Comment by MissKacey (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 04:16

Most of my cats (I have 7 mind you) have come from the Washington Humane Society, or the Oregon Humane Society...and you just walk through, pick a cat, take it's paper off the cage, sign a paper saying you'll promise to love the animal, and leave with the cat! In fact, in Oregon they run a special, two cats for the price of one, or two cats and one for half off.

It's really great to adopt through a rescue organization, because unlike a shelter they're no kill, and not funded by the state, but by people like you and me who want maybe a more needy animal that needs a good home. I've looked into adopting a Pug from a rescue organization, and yes it's a lot more work, but they won't give a dog to just anyone.

It just depends on how fast you want your pet!

Haha, this cat reminds me of

Comment by Liquid (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 04:29

Haha, this cat reminds me of our Mercy. She is the most ironically named kitty of all time...she mauls out of love, I swear. She'll play by wrestling with our hands and then cuddles up and makes these totally tsundere "I-it's not like I'm doing this because I like you, you're just warm" noises. We found her through an ad on craigslist for free kittens, it was super easy.

It's been easier ever since we got her a little brother named Doctor Watson. We found him through this lady who runs a sort of cat rescue out of her home, runs a really neat operation. He's really mellow and refined, pretty much a fluffy cat made of fabulous, and even though he belongs to my parents like Mercy, has pretty much claimed me as his human and shadows me everywhere I go. They joke about sending him with me whenever I move out, b-but the two of them have really become quite close and I couldn't imagine separating them.

Aw, I wanna join in!

Comment by Prite (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 04:45

My parents insist that I was there to help pick out our first cat, though I assure them I was not; in fact, it was quite a surprise to come home and find that our family had grown by one while I was out, since I don't remember being aware that we were in the market for a kitten at all. I guess she reached through the bars of her cage to grab at my little cousin's shirt, and as she was the only active cat in the shelter they decided she was the one. My younger sister terrorized that cat, as babies are wont to do, but currently they are friendly toward one another and said cat is now a big fat mean lovable pushover sometimes. (Cats are confusing.)

The second one I WAS there for. He was smaller than his otherwise-identical cagemate, but of the two he was the more alert - there was a spider coming down from the ceiling that he was practically tripping over himself to watch. This cat - I don't even know. I definitely prefer dogs over cats, but he doesn't even act like he belongs to his own species. He drools when he's happy and he comes to you when you snap your fingers and he stands on two legs to beg for attention. Also he's annoyingly persistent and really dumb. I love 'im. :3

Anyway, I'm sorry I rambled!

My kitten was given to the

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 06:05

My kitten was given to the family from friends whose 'stray-cat-that-adopted-them' had babies.

She likes to think of my hand and feet as chew toys/scratching posts.

I love her so. <3

Kitty Get

Comment by John M. (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 06:48

My wife was house hunting with her mother and she came back that night with stories of the friendliest most adorable three color cat with a meow that melted your heart. I was 3 minutes into the conversation when I just grabbed my jacket, pulled on my boots and we drove across the bay and found a poor abandoned kitty living behind a foreclosed house. We were techinically tresspassing, but the kitty was still there after 8 hours and in the dark of night we scooped her up and took her home. She ate two LARGE cans of food, validation enough for my wife and I to take a cat without investigating, and it was weeks before we finally couldn't feel her spine while petting her. We took her to the vet and found she wasn't chipped, and we are now the happy humans' of a wonderful kitty... who primarily uses us as a bed. The best things in life are absolutely free.

My first dog was supposed to

Comment by Angel (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 08:04

My first dog was supposed to be a greyhound. I had it all planned out, color, gender, I even had a name picked out (which I cannot remember now). And I was browsing petfinder contantly to find him.

I worked at a large corporation pet store at the time and one of my coworkers commented that she worked in rescue. I, of course launched into my greyhound woes and she listened dutifully, then commented. "You know, I have a dog that might be perfect for you. She's not a greyhound, but I think you two would be a match"

So the next store meeting she brought the dog with her. There weren't a lot of chairs to go around so I was sitting on the floor when Jen came in with the dog, a red and white australian cattle dog mix named Lucy.

Lucy barely gave me a sniff before she crawled into my lap and laid down. All fifty pounds of her. I was hooked.

It was several weeks later, massive paper work, and one house-visit from the crazy lady that headed up the organization before I got to take her home.

I have other rescue and adoption stories, but Lucy's is by far the most interesting.
on a completely unrelated note, I'd surely be interested in a book! I even have money and everything.

Coco the wonder dog

Comment by Drezz (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 08:30

My wife and I planned on getting a dog to keep my mother-in-law company. We used a similar agency as Yuko and Ananth, but locally. Before we could even see the dog, they had to take an assessment of our property to see if we had a place that was fit enough for a pet. We also had to take a battery of tests to see if we were psychologically fit.

It was similar to adopting a child. They say its for the well-being of the animal. I say its overkill.

Anyway - we underwent the testing for my wife's mom, because she lives in a large house with no backyard, so she would have been rejected. To make a long story short, we ended up 'stealing' the dog from my mother in law, because she bonded with me immediately and I couldn't give her up. That was 5 years ago.

Coco is half black Lab, half Newfoundland, and all love. It seems the bigger the dog, the more gentle and loving she is. Apparently she was found wandering around a swamp after her owners used her for breeding pups and abandoned her. Why they did that, I'll never know. She was fully trained, obeys commands, and is not hyper.

Even though I feel bad that she was cast aside, I am also glad it happened because without those careless owners, we wouldn't have such a wonderful, loyal and loving pet. She gets all the attention she deserves.

My last cat (recently had to

Comment by Kino (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 09:21

My last cat (recently had to put her down a few weeks before Christmas due to diabetes - she'd completely stopped eating and drinking) I found when I was 10 years old, and I had her all the way up to when I was 20, and she was 11. She was a kitten still too young to eat solid food, and her mother had either abandoned her or died somewhere. She ended up viewing me as a sort of mother (at least I certainly think so) because I gave her milk until she could eat solid food, and then when my mother finally allowed us to take her inside she would always sleep curled up in my face (she continued that habit right up until the night before we had to take her to the animal hospital to put her down).

Our oldest dog was a pretty interesting story - and it was from Pet-Finder as well! We'd been looking for a puppy, because we didn't really care what kind of dog we got, so long as it was a puppy that we could raise properly. We found an entry in a shelter about an hour from us that had two litters of puppies (two puppies each) that had been abandoned at the zoo across the street from the shelter. I don't remember filling out paperwork or getting vet recommendations, but I was young so my parents might have. We went to meet with the dogs, and they showed us what they told us was the very last puppy from the litters available. She was a little brown gangly thing with rough skin on her nose that was either likely mange, or also possibly she'd had her whiskers burned off before being dropped off. She was a great-dane mix of some sort, but she was a puppy so we agreed to take her anyway.

The day that we were supposed to pick her up, my father was going to go on his way home from work. They called the house and told us that they'd shown us the wrong dog, and she was spoken for. There was still a puppy left though, a little black and white one from the other litter. They told my dad that too when he got there, and he had the same response that we'd had on the phone -- what the hell do we care? It's a puppy! We'll take her. So that's how we ended up with our amazing greyhound/border collie/dalmation mix.

I guess I'll tell the story of our younger dog too. My aunt's co-worker had been out with her family and saw in the window of a pet store a cute little saint bernard puppy. They didn't think about the consequences, and so they bought the 800 dollar dog (papers and all) and brought her home. They didn't realize that saint bernards have bladders, or that puppies are like children all over again. So two weeks in they couldn't handle her, and they gave her to my aunt, who lives right next door to us.

My aunt already had two very young children, along with two puppies (mutts) that were the size of a saint bernard anyway. History repeated, and two weeks in she couldn't handle the dog either. At the same time, next door, my mother decided she didnt' want Kiara to be ganged up on, or another dog added to my aunt's pair of dumpster divers and dead-thing-finders, so my mother took the puppy, "Until she could find a home for her." She told my dad on the phone, and he said "if that dog is there when I get home, we're keeping her" because at that age, no dog needs to be shipped around that crazilly. And that's how we ended up with $800 dollar Sally the Saint Bernard, for free. She's the sweetest thing in the world.

The Story of Three Cats- Farm Cats.

Comment by Person Am I (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 09:22

I've never bothered with online pet finding for that reason: Too much work. Honestly, where I live, all you have to do is drive out to a few farms in the early fall and one out of three is going to have abandoned kittens. People who don't want them tend to drop them off in boxes. :/ (Given I live in a rural area. Drive in any direction and you'll find a farm rather quickly.)

We picked up two cats with a bag of potatoes once. Haha- they're ten years old now.

The newest little girl (About a year old now) was also dropped off at a different farm with /16/ other cats, ten of which were kittens. She was one of three that still needed a home- I took her for myself and one of her sisters to my grandparents that just lost a cat and were looking for a new one, and the last was too feral, so the farmer decided to keep him to take care of rodents. Hehe.

Hehe- That cat looks so cute. My little one bites when she's playing and excited, although it's really not a problem anymore. Everyone just knows better (now) than to play with her with bare hands or feet.


Comment by Anna (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 09:58

I am for everything in this post.
I'm so excited that you'll be at TCAF. Last years was amazing and I expect nothing less this year. I got my knitted fake moustache there!

My cat was stolen from the Environmental Club at my school (I was a participant) after the club had adopted her when they discovered she had kittens behind the bicycle shed. Now she's huge.

Also, bring on the book! Comics and art and dreams!


Comment by eagle (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:26

Most of our cats we have found in our own yard. Two were from neighbors who neglected them, they started living under our back porch so we just brought them inside. The vet told us they were sisters, but they look soooo different. Unfortunately about 5 years ago the one had to be put to sleep, she had feline leukemia. The 2nd is still truckin', she weighs about 6 pounds and has no teeth (eheh...that could be our fault...we bug bombed the house one year and thought all the animals were out...well she wasn't..she was in the rafters in the basement ^^;;...)

A third we had found out in our garden, it was a sassy little kitten when we found her, so we decided to call her Wild Thing :P She too succumbed to feline leukemia.

Those were technically my mom's cats, my roommate and I got a cat in college. A friend of mine had told me her neighbor back home found a stray that was pregnant, so she had like 7 cats instead of 1. We adopted the gray male and named him Hermes. Looking back, we should've named him Cerberus, because he acts like a dog and is the most psychotic beast I've ever encountered. In fact, just now he was sitting in the front window and he growled at the UPS man. Of course getting him neutered, wormed, and up to date with vaccines was $$$$ in the beginning, but all I pay for now is litter (cheap at Target), and food (cheap at Sam's Club).


Comment by Lisa G (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:41

I'm really looking forward to TCAF! It's going to be my first comics convention, and I'm hoping to run into you guys there. I'm a Toronto art student starting to go into illustration, and I have to admit that Yuko is one of my many inspirations.

Also, your TCAF comic from last year is hilariously dead-on. I live in that area, and you really can count the hookers each night.

Hey there I saw this

Comment by TheMaverickk (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:52

Hey there I saw this wonderful comic story about your epic cat quest. I'm not sure if you've gotten the cat or not but I thought I'd give some two cents on it and a little advice.

There's nothing wrong with a nibbly cat, especially if you guys are ok with it. Mind you if the chompy kitty is very aggressive and making you think twice about getting it I can give some feedback on the behavioral stuff. For starters this practice is usually a female cat trait, female cats are actually generally far more aggressive then male cats and known for this behaviour.

So basically this chompy aggression may not change and the cat may not grow out of it. If it's a kitten and it's just playing with you by biting your wrist and latching on you can still change the behavior. You just need to make sure when it's in this playful aggressive mode, that you have a toy for it to be aggressive with, not your limbs, lol. You don't want to encourage the idea with the kitty that your arm/wrists are a toy for it to gnaw on.

In the end though a kitty is a kitty and even with a gnawing habit they just need some love. Just pointing out that you consider these things in your decision.

+1 For Yess

Comment by itryhelp (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:20

Little late but i love the bitey kind, they tend to be more playful


Comment by lafinass (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:29

We tried adopting a cat from one of those rescue centers. Three page application and they required references, like right that second. My wife actually has our vet on speed dial and is on a first name basis, but that isn't enough for them- they needed people who knew us in a social setting to 'vouch' for our character. So the lovely russian blue remains homeless while we went to an SPCA shelter and picked up a cat from them without the fuss or muss.

It's silly. You're trying to find these pets good homes, but you make adopters jump through a dozen hoops to do it...

cat finding story

Comment by Spizzy (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:35

Originally I went into pets mart for no reason whatsoever with my friend, who may as well own a farm she has and has gone through so many animals (I think she's pet ADD or something). I saw to leave my cat of 13 years at my parents house because of the lone fact she WILL NOT USE A LITTERBOX, which was a huge problem. I had been missing my cat a lot and after seeing an absolutely GORGEOUS long hair named Lady Godiva, I decided to seriously consider getting another cat to start fresh with and went inside their in house adoption center to meet the cat.

The cat was a bitch. She was going to be high maintenance and had a bad personality. I was sad and was getting ready to leave and just waiting for the supervisor to come back so she could lock the door behind me. Then we noticed a shopping cart in the room with pet carrier boxes in them. Turns out, there were new arrival cats in them. They had some beautiful cats in them, but we found one, that was the sweetest, calmest, softest thing I had ever felt. He just sat there is lied in my arms. Then my friend told me she had a credit card and didn't mind being paid back. Friend, you are bad.

SO. We get home and everything is great, we tried to introduce him to the dog so maybe they would at least not try to destroy each other but in the end the cat decided to hide under my bed all night.

THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED. Turns out, the reason he was so calm and sweet--he had just had his balls off and was still on the meds. The next day this cat was the most INSANE LITTLE SHIT I had ever seen IN MY LIFE. He was running around and jumping everywhere and biting and scratching everything. The second night as he was running around tearing up my bed skirt, he let out a demonic sounding noise and I had to wonder what in the hell I had just brought home. So after a month of jumping on my face with his claws out, tearing up my comforter and bed skirt, and playing in his open litterbox and getting litter EVERYWHERE, his dumbass finally calmed down. Now he's fat, sweet, silly, and a mama's boy. However now he has to live with my parents too because I CANNOT WIN D:<

Good luck finding a cat XD


Comment by Tina (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:55

my boyfriend and I just walked into Petsmart, met the kitten (with supervision) that he had been drooling over for at least a month. Fell in love with her, filled out paperwork -- proving that landlord was cool with it. They said it would take a couple days to get approved normally, we sat with ants in our pants at home, waiting for the call. Waited and waited and waited until he broke down and called them after three days -- never seen the boy want something so badly as this kitten, it was super cute and made me drool over him. A week and a half later, we brought her home to meet my five year old cat. Big happy family since. She plays fetch.

Two of our three cats came

Comment by Dani B (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:57

Two of our three cats came home in my fiancee's pocket. The third arrived in a cardboard box.
Our youngest likes to nom but she can also be really sweet if you don't make any sudden or erratic movements. You learn to avoid the claws and teeth :)