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Final Fantasy Cat, Legend of Cat, Cat's Quest, etc.

Trying to get approved to meet this cat turned into a quest of greater proportion than we had ever dreamed of! From what I understand, most people tend to just walk into a shelter and walk out with a cat, which feels pretty ideal. What're your pet-getting stories? Nice and easy? Horror-story? We're still deciding whether or not to adopt this bitey little gal. is an awesome resource, but it feels weird ... it's like a singles dating website that lonely cats and dogs use to meet each other. There's all these sleazy old cats pretending to be a young cute dogs so they can troll for ... what was I talking about? Anyway, owners looking for pets just feels like another incidental use of it. 

We'll be at TCAF this year! You can see us under "O" and "P" respectively on the exhibitor list. There's a really stellar lineup this year, and we hope you can make it! Come say hi, we'll have things. 

The eBay auction ends tomorrow! PaleontoLOLgy tees are back in stock! And there's a new ink test in the store: 

Rockasaurus Wrecks!

For those of you that HAVE ordered, we're shipping a little slow because of the MLK holiday here in the states! Just a heads up. 

Also, any interest in a Johnny Wander book? Nothing to get excited about just yet, but I like to ask so I can start doing research. The first volume would be a compilation of autobio comics and some fun extras. Let us know! 


cat finding story

Comment by Spizzy (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:35

Originally I went into pets mart for no reason whatsoever with my friend, who may as well own a farm she has and has gone through so many animals (I think she's pet ADD or something). I saw to leave my cat of 13 years at my parents house because of the lone fact she WILL NOT USE A LITTERBOX, which was a huge problem. I had been missing my cat a lot and after seeing an absolutely GORGEOUS long hair named Lady Godiva, I decided to seriously consider getting another cat to start fresh with and went inside their in house adoption center to meet the cat.

The cat was a bitch. She was going to be high maintenance and had a bad personality. I was sad and was getting ready to leave and just waiting for the supervisor to come back so she could lock the door behind me. Then we noticed a shopping cart in the room with pet carrier boxes in them. Turns out, there were new arrival cats in them. They had some beautiful cats in them, but we found one, that was the sweetest, calmest, softest thing I had ever felt. He just sat there is lied in my arms. Then my friend told me she had a credit card and didn't mind being paid back. Friend, you are bad.

SO. We get home and everything is great, we tried to introduce him to the dog so maybe they would at least not try to destroy each other but in the end the cat decided to hide under my bed all night.

THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED. Turns out, the reason he was so calm and sweet--he had just had his balls off and was still on the meds. The next day this cat was the most INSANE LITTLE SHIT I had ever seen IN MY LIFE. He was running around and jumping everywhere and biting and scratching everything. The second night as he was running around tearing up my bed skirt, he let out a demonic sounding noise and I had to wonder what in the hell I had just brought home. So after a month of jumping on my face with his claws out, tearing up my comforter and bed skirt, and playing in his open litterbox and getting litter EVERYWHERE, his dumbass finally calmed down. Now he's fat, sweet, silly, and a mama's boy. However now he has to live with my parents too because I CANNOT WIN D:<

Good luck finding a cat XD


Comment by Tina (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:55

my boyfriend and I just walked into Petsmart, met the kitten (with supervision) that he had been drooling over for at least a month. Fell in love with her, filled out paperwork -- proving that landlord was cool with it. They said it would take a couple days to get approved normally, we sat with ants in our pants at home, waiting for the call. Waited and waited and waited until he broke down and called them after three days -- never seen the boy want something so badly as this kitten, it was super cute and made me drool over him. A week and a half later, we brought her home to meet my five year old cat. Big happy family since. She plays fetch.

Two of our three cats came

Comment by Dani B (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:57

Two of our three cats came home in my fiancee's pocket. The third arrived in a cardboard box.
Our youngest likes to nom but she can also be really sweet if you don't make any sudden or erratic movements. You learn to avoid the claws and teeth :)

Blood letting and home wrecking...

Comment by mylemonblue (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 12:04

The kitteh that draws blood is a kitteh for someone else. -_- Sounds like to much trouble for a tetanus shot. Besides such a kitteh might be a home wrecker. o_O;; Furniture, drapes carpet uggghh... ((@_@))

Rabbit Kicks!

Comment by Miett (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 12:23

We have a cat who used to fight dirty when we were playing, and a feline behaviorist friend told us to try this (and it worked!): when it gets to be too much, gently scruff her. That is, grasp the loose skin on the back of her neck and hold her head still. This very clearly says to a cat, "Hey! I'm the parent here! Enough!" The difference with our cat was IMMEDIATE. Because every cat has been scruffed by mom when they were little, it's not a punishment and it's not scary--she played just as joyfully, but she knew her limits. She also used to have this issue where she'd try to lick us constantly, and would (painfully) grab our hands if we tried to take them away--the grabbing was her being dominant and trying to hold us kittens down for grooming like a mother cat would. The scruffing completely eliminated that. We have a happy, healthy old lady cat these days!

Best of luck with your bitey girl, should you get her!

Dog yes Book yes

Comment by Maureen (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 12:38

My getting of my dog was a very complicated story, but to sum up, she ran away from home and ended up running out in front of my car. I pulled over and with some help chased her down and caught her. The previous owner didn't want her back, so I ended up keeping her and she is AWESOME. Best dog EVER. (In my totally unbiased opinion)

Would definitely buy a JW book with Yuko's art. <3

She was the next cat to die...

Comment by Sparky (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 12:58

My mom and I used to regularly visit the Humane Society just to keep the cats company. It's pretty fun because you get to play with random cats, and they get a chance to be outside their cage for a bit (the older cats who have been there for a while especially appreciate it).

One time we were out of town and visited a Humane Society where they have to kill one cat per day. The lady at the desk said she cried every single morning at her job. We asked which one was the next to go, and she pointed us to the cutest, friendliest, adolescent Tortoiseshell point Siamese kitty. I think I cried (I was like 12 at the time).

So my mom adopted her, and the lady "forgot" to fill out some of her paperwork so she wouldn't have to put down a cat the next day. That's how we got Cookie. :)

The Pound

Comment by Shashia (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 13:21

I tried to adopt a cat when I was younger. I spent a long time at the pound and painfully finally decided on one. She was a beautiful black and white cat and very affectionate and I wanted to name her Lucy. After filling out the paperwork the pound said they'd call back if it was approved. They never called. Finally my mom called them and they said they had no record of it and that the cat had already been adopted.
I ended up getting two cats for free from an old lady anyway and I still have them. They are the best and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. c:

Backyard Cats

Comment by Coriander (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 13:22

Both of my cats we acquired within two months of each other this year, via humane traps in our backyard. We never get strays in the area so we thought they must have been dumped together.. but one was spayed and the other wasn't soooo probably not. No hassle from an adoption agency (and a bit of a thrill from catching them), but MAN O MAN the vet bills! We've spent easily over a grand on each cat between vet plans, medication and spaying (even though one was already spayed.. we didn't find out until they cut her open.. and we still had to pay for it). Would have been a lot cheaper to pay the <$100 shelter fee for an already fixed and vaccinated cat, but we weren't looking for cats.. they found us!

One of them does that grab-your-hand-and-bite-and-kick thing that yours seems to do. However, you're supposed to discourage this kind of behavior -- cats bite each other in play, but human skin is much less tough! When she bites and kicks, distract her with another toy :)


Comment by Yuki-chan (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 13:51


cats =D

Comment by Frozen (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 15:13

I dont really have any adoption story, since my current cat was gotten I believe from a shelter about 10 years ago. and I was just a child at the time so all I was thinking "We're getting kittens! we're getting kittens!!! =D =D =D ". yeah we got 2 kittens, sorta like 1 for me and 1 for my sister. it was rather interesting, the little info they had about them said one was an outdoors cat, the other was indoors. yet they ended up being reversed. we tried to keep them both inside (since that cat we previously had was hit by a car) but the 'indoor' cat was just determined to go outside. and the 'outdoor' cat is content with staying inside. unfortunately the outside cat died a few years ago. had some disease, I'm not entirely sure what. but we still have the inside cat. and she's currently curled up on my bed sleeping. ^_^

anyway.... I kinda know your pain of a biter cat. when they were still kittens, my sister sorta trained the kitty a few feet away from me to latch on and bite and scratch playfully at an arm that have long sleeves. as they got older with real claws and teeth it wasn't as fun anymore. but she hasn't done it very much, since she probably prefers us to pet her more than wrestle with our arm. but if she were to start doing it I'd instantly stop giving her attention to try and tell her that she'll get nothing out of doing it.

Is that cat...?

Comment by Mishi (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 15:35

Is the cat you're thinking about keeping Siamese mix? Because my Siamese mix will puuuuurrr puuuuurrrr puuuuuurrr... and then go for blood by biting. He never means anything by it and he's never angry, but boy do you have to watch it with him. ^--^

We got our dog at the SPCA

Comment by Kyle (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 15:37

We got our dog at the SPCA about 8 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday, we weren't planning on adopting that day, we were just checking it out. But there she was at the end of the hallway standing up against the cage, ready to greet us. The people who worked there told us a little about her past. She was an abused dog, the previous "asshole owners" would have her tied to a fence with a few feet of rope and have it slinged around her bare neck. They would then leave her there for a week with a large bowl of food and water, while they go on vacation. Luckily someone called it in and she was picked up. Her heck was a raw and scabby, and she was a little thin. The owners never did come looking for her.

So of course, we adopted her, named her Ginger, and we couldn't of been happier. She's a Lab mix, she looks like a pure bred but she's only the height of your knee.

And as for the releasing of your book, Yes, Yes, and Yes again.

How I found my cat, Sana.

Comment by Miller (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 15:50

I rescued my cat myself.

She was a stray at the car lot where I worked security.
Now people say that stray cats can be no good, but she kept me company and I grew attached to her because we would 'talk' when I did my rounds.

A lot of reasons made me decide to finally take her into the SPCA, but mostly it was the fact that it was -40ºC (or Farenheit makes no difference at that temperature) out and there was a family of foxes about (I had seen them and thier kills).

So I tempted her with bits of porkchop and finally got near enough to grab her and get her into my car (that sounds wrong for some reason).

She spent the rest of the night in the car with me, then I took her home and got her cleaned up as my shift ended at 6am and the SPCA didn't open until 10, I gave her the name Sana then because of how we often talked back and forth on the car lot, not beacuse it sounded like Santa.

For the next two weeks I kept an eye out for any 'missing cat' posters, but I didn't expect any, after the way she ravenously wolfed down any food I gave her.

Now I was mostly happy that she was safe from the cold and foxes, but my wife volunteered at the SPCA to kill time until Canadian Immagration allowed her to find a job or go to school, and she ended up taking care of Sana. And she fell in love with the little one, and as we only had one cat in our home at the time and my wife didn't really get along with her, so she was feeling kind of lonely.

Anyways three weeks after I caught her, had to wait for the vet to be 'fix her' and give her her shots, we finally brought her home to stay.

We've had her now for 4 years, as health and happy as ever.

Adopted critters

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 16:07

I found an older puppy from craigslist in November. She showed up in this rural town the day after Halloween, and these people fed her and gave her a place outside to hide out while they posted FOUND adds everywhere. They couldn't keep her and posted her up on Craigslist after non hearing back from anyone, and assumed she was a stray.

I picked her up Nov 6, took her to the vet. She was approx 6 - 7 months old, young, but had her adult teeth in. She is cute as a button, smart as a whip, and as troublesome as a toddler. Over the past 2.5 months I have spent $1300 on vet bills and 'fixes.'

Intestinal worms, normal vet check/puppy vaccinations, spayed, return spay for external stitches and medication for infection, flea pills, ear wash to change the PH balance of her ears from allergies, climbs trees, jumps/climbs the fence, ate an xbox 360 controller and one of my dress shoes, figured out how to get out of the first indoor kennel we got her, bought an all metal locking kennel, discovered she has mange! (demodex, first localized, now generalized), digs holes, tries to bury her food and water and toys even in the house, altered the fence to keep her in, dog adapted and got out and lost for 8 hours, not-so-friendly-very-pissed neighbor 'finds' Wylee and cusses us out for being 'negligent owners of such a vicious dog' (my 34 lb. dog wanted to play with her tiny vicious dog... Wylee doesn't understand that other dogs dont all want to play, they snarl/snap/growl... she bows and pounces and runs in circles... how does my dogs reaction translate to vicious? i dunno, owners of tiny dogs are crazy).... and now we have an invisible fence and a terrified dog who now thinks the backyard wants to murder her.

I love her to pieces, but I will likely never get a stray again. She is smart, and I hope she'll be fine in 2 years, but... whoa. I've never had a dog with sooo many problems before.

Awwww, my cats sitting a

Comment by Juvvy (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 17:45

Awwww, my cats sitting a couple of feet away from me biggest ball of loving and personality i've ever seen. :X We got here from a no-kill non-profit Cat adoption agency called the MEOW foundation. We had forms to sign out too and had to set up a meeting to go to the place to meet the cats, But thats because the MEOW building is just a normal house in disguise they keep the location a secret until after you've signed forms and what not, to prevent people from finding the house breaking in and harming the cats.
But haha getting Zara(cat) was a funny story when we went to the house to meet cats (they tend to match you up with a couple that match what your looking for like older, more reseliant to children, friendly or shy etc) she wasn't on the list to meet but while we were waiting for the guide trying to find one of the cats we were supposed to meet she crawled into our laps, purred, even did the belly cat thing for a while. We ended up taking her home instead! xD only later did we fin out she had been at the shelter for months because she had been absolutely nasty to any vistors and even the volunteers until she met our family.

Haha even to this day any time someone whos not part of your direct family (theres 5 of us) who tries to pet her she'll hiss and bite. D: shes terribly loyal, hates all animals and other people too but not the family, so weird!

Genevieve - The Insane Cat

Comment by Lady Myuu (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 18:26

I love pet stories, I sat reading a lot of these before I decided to share my own.

We have two cats, Jean Claude story isn't all that original or heartbreaking, so not gonna tell his. Genevieves though is an amazing story.

My dad was driving me home from work late one night, I wasn't really paying attention, zoning out from the day. We were in my hometown almost to my house when he suddenly slammed on the breaks and I was nearly rocketed out of the car if it wasn't for my seat belt. He looked at me and just said, "Get out and get that kitten." and I was just all get the what?
he said the kitten. So I got out of the car and walked back to the side of the road, where a very dazed kitten sits, just staring off. I knew it was probably hurt, the question was, how bad? I picked it up and carried the little thing back to the car. Now I got a chance to look at her, she had a bloody noise, a bruised jaw and a very, very bad eye, it was swollen out of her head and was about four times bigger then normal.
I knew instantly she needed a vet, but my family is always strapped for cash and emergency vet runs were just not going to happen.

So I took her home, knowing she would probably die. I stayed up most of the night with her and I promised, even though I had barely 100 dollars in my bank account, if she survived the night I would take her to the vet in the morning.
Well God heard my prayer and she survived the night, which meant I looked around for a vet that was open and willing on an early saturday to look at her. Our normal Vet didn't turn their x-ray machine on on Sat. So taking the very scared kitten in, they basically told me that she seemed alright, probably thrown out of a car, which I can not fathom how anyone could do that. They wanted to do x-rays but... I could barely afford the 90 dollar fee with eyedrops, let alone another for x-rays.

They said if she had this problem they wanted to look for, it would be massive surgery that I could NEVER afford, or she would simply die. I took her home and said 'if she lives, great, if she dies, she dies.' and she didn't. She got better and healthy... but she is completly bonkers. Apparently that hit to her head makes her chase invisible things around the house, spazz out randomly and she doesn't sleep all the time, she usually is BOLTING AROUND LIKE CRAZY. She is extremly sweet but hates being held, she will lay on you at night and meow and chat. She is extremly annoying, but also super precious. I love that cat.


Comment by Sarah (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 18:37

That's one adorable kitten : 3, but a heck of a way to find it and adopt it.
I love cats, however I sorta stop breathing and my eyes swell up whenever I'm around them so I can never get one. However, when I was little I begged my parents for a dalmation because they're so hyper and the movie. A few years later we go into a shelter and there's a mutt standing on her hind legs wagging her tail and the only one not barking she was absolutly adroable my mother wanted her. However, I wanted one of the other dogs (running in circles) that was much more exciting. My mother won. Her name was already chosen as Gabby. My father didn't want to get her then because he had a german shepard named Gabby that got hit by a car. Anyways, we got to go into a room and play with her, which she did for about 10 second then she sat at the window and watched a new dog come in. She's more of a cat than a dog and will sit in our window watching our neighbors. It's actually quite funny. So that's my completely normal adoption story.
I would love for a book to be publish and would definitly pay for a copy.

Five years ago a friend of a

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 19:03

Five years ago a friend of a friend's girlfriend (try saying that five times fast) found a box of kittens left outside the pet store she was working at. The friend's girlfriend took about four in, but only temporarily because her landlord couldn't know. I ended up taking one of them, smuggling him out of the apartment in a backpack, and then switching him to the carrier at my friend's place.

We found out their age later to a space of about two weeks (vet could tell what teeth had grown in), and my birthday is right in the middle of that window, so it's pretty nifty. The cat and I share the same birthday and we're best of friends now.

Cat adoption

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 19:09

When we adopted our kitten Starbuck, we had to fill out an application that included references and the shelter actually called our references to find out if we were suitable adoptive parents for the little girl.
It was a two-month long process getting approved!

Extra Mouthy cats are

Comment by Cheri (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 19:33

Extra Mouthy cats are usually a result of being separated from their mother/litter mates too early!
All you have to do is yell obnoxiously when he/she tries to latch onto you. Momma cats do the same thing when their babies are being too rough; scream and hiss at them. And that tells them they're being too rough. You just have to pick up where momma cat wasn't able to finish. =]

Reminds me of my cat!

Comment by Devon (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 19:37

I'd love to see a book published! :D
And here's my story of how I got my two kitties:

My cousin was getting married out in the country. I was in the wedding, so I was dragged along to see a potential flower arranger for the shindig. Well, she worked out of a barn and there were all these little kittens running around! Our family cat had passed away from kidney disease at a ripe cat age of 18 just a year or so ago. I gave my mom the 'please I'll take care of them forever and ever' eyes, she said yes, then I called my dad who, knowing he really didn't have a say in it if both me and my mom said yes, said yes, too.

And so I went in the fuzzy fray to find myself two little kittens, and I did! :D
Now, most of the litter was full of orange tabbies. They're adorable, but the two different ones caught my eye: a short haired black and white one who was beating everyone up, and a little scared, pot-bellied, scrawny-looking, wild-haired big-eyed thing. My mom immediately wanted her, and I did, too. But then the little black and white one came over to me and started biting my toes through my beaded sandals, soon attracting the attention of all the kittens who circled me like I was suddenly the greatest thing ever.

The black and white one continued to try and eat me, so I was like, yup. You're coming home with me. So her and the pot-bellied one came home with us, to be dewormed, vaccinated, and pampered to the point of being spoiled. The biter became Buffy, the mouse-slayer, and the other became Zoe.

Buffy is now a (for reasons unknown, though we think hormones) chubby, still bitey, absolutely affectionate and completely weird cat. She enjoys sleeping on her back, drinking tea, trying to speak, and collecting all strings in the house.
Zoe has become the fluffiest, most adorable, most obnoxious princess cat I have yet to meet. She's all girl, she knows you know she's cute, and will take advantage of you whenever she can. She enjoys chirping at bugs, eating said bugs, hiding from all my friends, and scaring them at parties.

We're a happy family.

The pet rescue here allows

Comment by Natasha (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 21:05

The pet rescue here allows you to take the cat the same day, you just go in, walk out with it, but they also charge an enormous amount, more than a pet store would, so sadly not many people actually adopt from there, myself included.

I don't adopt from there for a different reason though, because nearby, there are a Lot of stray cats, who keep reproducing and living in an old barn and things. But we aren't in the country, so the young kittens will get run over on the very busy street.

When I have room/money for food, I will generally take in those cats, socialize them, and then putting them in the newspaper for people to come and take them into good homes for free.

Both my current cats were gotten in this sort of way, and my male is very loving, my female not so much, but they enjoy a life without worry, since they are indoor cats.

Good luck on your nippy kitty!

A ferret in the closet

Comment by Animus-Panthera (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 21:11

A few years back, I decided I wanted a ferret, and I wanted to rescue one. While I was looking for a rescue society (you don't see a lot of ferrets in pounds), my mom stumbled across an ad in the PennySaver, a local newspaper where people can post free want ads and classifieds. The poster had been given a ferret by a friend, but couldn't keep it because she bred bengals (a breed of cat that is known for being somewhat feral), and her cats were always trying to eat it.

Turns out one of her friends, in a cruel act of defiance, decided to keep a pet in a no-pet apartment by keeping it locked in their closet. I don't know how old my ferret was (since ferrets live 6-10 years and he only lived 2, I imagine he was at least 4 or 5), but he had spent his entire life in a closet and had never been socialized. The landlord found out and told them to get rid of it, so she gave it to her friend, the cat breeder.

Nipper (a temporary name that was so appropriate it stuck) liked me just fine, but he bit everyone else he met. He couldn't break skin, because his original owners had his teeth filed down. (People think ferrets are rodents and their teeth will grow back. They aren't, and they don't.) Despite all his faults, he was my baby, and I miss him... T_T

Good luck with your cat! Hooray for rescues!


Comment by Elizabeth Remus (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 21:53

I would love a tshirt of that print!!!! As for the book I would be interested too.

Book Please

Comment by Kristina (not verified) Wed, 01/20/2010 - 22:35

That would be totally awesome. I'll read it over and over and over and over and over and over....well, you get the idea.

Unexpected Budgie

Comment by Lurker9996499 (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 00:09

I acquired my current budgie when one of my dad's patients at a nursing home passed away and I saw the cage on the coffee table. He wasn't sure what to do with it so I, feeling nostalgic from the past birds we owned, decided to take her. The little girl was mopey from losing her owner of 6 years but she ate normally and would come out to fly.

Around the third month she surprised me by chirping and speaking some of the words she picked up from the man (girl budgies can defiantly talk, too - males are just more likely to do). It was eerie to hear her speak in the deep voice of her dead owner. She has picked up more words from me and my partner (girl voices seem to be much easier on her birdy throat) but on occasion she will switch to her owner's voice. It's almost as if she is reminiscing memories of the care he gave her. She loves flying from room to room to visit us and whatever guest may have popped by. She'll be turning 10 this year and you can bet the flock will be celebrating.

My mom volunteers with Small

Comment by Akira (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 01:44

My mom volunteers with Small Miracles Cat Rescue, one based in central MD. I know the adoption process with them is extremely easy. One form or so, pay the adoption fee (which covers the spaying/neutering and all previous shots), and the kitten or cat is yours to take home near immediately.

Which is how we now have six cats... o.<

Theodore Teddy-bear bunny edition!

Comment by Moomoolissa (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 02:22

I know exactly what you mean about petfinder, when I was looking for a new pet rabbit, I found that site through the SPCA website, but then I remembered the SPCA wasn't too far from my house at all, so instead just got up and went.

The process for me was quite simple pretty much got sent to the room of rabbits and rodents and other small furry things. Sat on the floor with the one I thought would make a good match with my other rabbit, they hopped together for like 10 mins, decided I'd take him. Filled out A BAGILLION FORMS!! (and I was told that was nothing compared to when you have to adopt a cat or dog) left him there cause he needed to be neutered. And in a day I got a call saying I could pick him up!
And now he's my best friend for life!, like a dog...But rabbit size :)

Holly"the jaws of death"

Comment by darth_franny (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 04:34

last december my mom took me out to get our, me and my siblings' surprise present. Turned out it was a Labrador pup. I was never really a dog person but I liked her. We took her home and named her Holly in line with the Christmas holidays. It turns out that she liked to chew on people, usually gently but when she gets rowdy she bites hard!I don't really know if that's normal for labs, but all of us have been wounded now except for my dad.

we also have a cat...

Comment by darth_franny (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 04:48

his name's ming (weird huh?) we started calling him that because he was once a stray and that's what Filipinos usually say when their calling a cat, it's pronounced like meeng, sounding almost like meow. we raised him. he's kinda small for his age but he has captured and killed most if not all of the rats in & out of our house. he usually lays about if he's not killing rats or maybe he's outside trying to get tail, if you catch my drift. but there are a lot of strays around and he always loses to the alpha male. one time he won and wouldn't come in unless he was hungry, guess he was too BUSY. he lost again sometime after and everything went back to normal. The really strange thing about him is that he rarely cleans himself. he's white with orange patches but since he doesn't groom himself it's more like gray with white and brown patches. hence he's the dirtiest cat i've ever seen... dirtier than the strays

When I got my cat from a

Comment by Zepheta (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 04:59

When I got my cat from a rescue it was surprisingly simple. I went into petsmart and went to their little areas where they keep their shelter cats at and looked through them. I think it might've had something to do with one of the foster parents there cleaning their cages and feeding them that helped make the process easier. But I literally walked in not expecting to adopt my feline animal companion, but walked out a couple hours later with her and she and I have been inseparable since. I think some shelters are really over protective and take the adoption of an animal a little too far. Personally I find the online browsing of animals a little strange myself. You can't really know an animal unless it's there in front of you, for you to interact with.

Tiger the Stray

Comment by Sarah (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 08:17

She was only a couple months old when she turned up at my family's front door demanding to come inside, as we had dogs we tried to turn her away. We left her for the night and awoke the next morning to her yelling at us from up a tree in our front yard. So, Mum and I held out a towel for her and she climbed down the tree and jumped into our towel, we then sat down on the grass fed her and cuddled her. She had no collar and at least an inch of bone was bare on the end of her tail, all the flesh had rotted off that part so we knew she wasn't looked after. My mum being a nurse, knew there were no nerves so she cut the bone off and the tail now just looks a little short. That was in 1999 and she's still my very demanding cat, Tiger the stray.

Ever tried to adopt a barn cat?

Comment by Wasting time before class. (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 08:36

If you ever see an ad in the local paper for "free barn cats, will deliver" be veeerrryyy suspicious. having just moved on to our first farm, my mother and I were very happily collecting all the animals that would make it perfect.
My mother called the number on the ad, and negotiated two kitties from the lady, with her promising to deliver them that weekend. On that day we waited by the door very excited to be getting our cats. (a tuxedo cat and an orange.)
the lady comes to our house, with a small cat crate, we all go into our barn (closing all exits, your supposed to do that so they learn where home is) then she opens the door, and dumps out two streaks of fur. who disappear and were only sighted on holidays and the occasional early morning.

Also Shelters wont let you adopt a cat if you plan on ever letting it outside.

we eventually got the perfect kitty from a local car garage. but I suspect he is a killer of other cats...

Love bites, you know that. XD

Comment by Tigergulp (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 08:43

Love bites, you know that. XD

Hells yeah

Comment by Henry (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 09:40

Of course a compilation would be cool. I'd buy a copy in a heartbeat.


Comment by r (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 10:32

You guys should check out Bideawee in the city. Best shelter on earth.

The three dogs I have now

Comment by Olivia (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 10:40

The three dogs I have now were all adopted from petfinder in very different ways...

The 1st was Daisy, a Border Collie/Sheltie/Setter/God-Knows-What-Else mix. xD We got her because she looked like a mini version of the dog we had before (who got bitten by a raccoon and got rabies :( ), and even though she's got a different personality, she's totally sweet and I love her. We had to drive from NH to Rhode Island to get her, but it was actually lucky that her sister was being taken to Rhode Island and the people adopting her were willing to take her up with them, because she actually came from Kentucky! She was also totally psychotic and terrified of people, but after spending a lot of time with her she's the friendliest dog I've ever seen. :)

The 2nd dog was Bree, a Rottweiler. It was and still is stunning how easy it was to adopt her. We went up to the shelter in Maine to visit her, and the people said we could take her. We told them that we didn't have any reccomendations yet, but since she'd been there for 4 months they just wanted to find her a home. To convince us how good of a dog she was even though she barked like crazy when we got there, they took a small kitten and shoved it in front of her face. She sniffed it and licked it gently (we think she'd had puppies before they found her walking on the side of a mountain, so she was still very maternal). xD She's pretty fat now, but still a sweetheart and more obedient than either of the other dogs.

The most recent dog we've adopted is Little Nicky, the cutest pomeranian in the world (seriously!). Yes, he is named after the Adam Sandler movie because he's adorable, but he's a little devil. We traveled 5 hours each way to Rochester, New York to get him (I still have no idea what possessed us to do that), and we met the people giving him away at a hardware store. xD He was rescued from a puppy mill auction, but even the rescue agency was pretty shady because they conveniently forgot to mention his severe limp, which turned out to be a fracture all the way through both bones of his front leg! Despite his upbringing, fracture, and the fact that he only met us a few hours beforehand, he let us give him a bath in the hotel room tub that night and then curled up on our pillows to sleep. He is really annoying sometimes and has a piercing bark, not to mention the fact that he's impossible to housetrain, but he can be really sweet and tug at your heartstrings, and I'm glad we have all three of them.

As for Chompy Kitty, show us a photo! I want to see if it's as adorable as Yuko drew it. :)


Comment by Washu (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 12:58

I would love to see a book! Although that Paleontololgy picture (those glasses...) makes me giggle every time I open the store...

Re: Cat adoption - We've had

Comment by Plangkye (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 14:12

Re: Cat adoption -

We've had two experiences with this. The first one was when the cat came to us - we quarantined her for like a month or something and kept her when nobody responded to the "Found Cat" posters. March last year, that cat passed away, so we thought mourning or not we should use the now-open space to adopt more cats and free up shelter space. We expected to go around visiting shelters for weeks, but the first day we went to any shelters we fell in love with three cats that the shelter people sent home with us right away after we filled out the required forms right there. It was much easier than we'd expected.

Rescue pets

Comment by Yu Huo (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 15:13

We adopted a purebred Japanese Akita through Friends of Akitas Trust (UK). The adoption process was pretty easy: two page form to fill out and small fee to pay for processing. They have a strict policy of doing personal home checks, so soon enough this huge bald guy in motorcycle gear showed up to ask us loads of questions-- he was really nice. We were approved, but we weren't in a position to adopt right away, as we were going abroad and wouldn't have time to do the Pet Passport thing (it takes 7 months), but I started visiting this dog they had fostered at a safe kennel a wee ways away. He'd apparently been dumped and then adopted three times and handed back in, all at the tender age of 18 months. 'Too boisterous'. To me he seemed like a healthy young dog. Boisterousness is part of the package. We came back and nobody had wanted him in the interim. We loved him and we took him and the rescue people made it really easy-- but oh man, what a piece of work. He wouldn't wear a collar, and he occasionally would flip out and gnaw my arms and legs, jumping all over the place, completely uncontrollable. We eventually worked out that he'd probably been taught to wrestle. Cute when you're a little fat puppy, not so cute when you're a grown Akita (he's a tiny Akita, probably from Japanese, rather than American, stock; still he's a big dog)! I was black and blue all over for months.

We stuck with him, though, and the rescue organisation was extremely supportive as was/is the online community they foster. We're still getting there, but he's a great dog-- loving, affectionate, sweet, wearing a collar, and only occasionally chewing my arm too hard. Here's a piccy.

My cat bites like that too.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 15:19

My cat bites like that too. Well, more specifically, she bites me like that. She's growing out of it, though, and yours probably will too. Both of my cats came to me through an ex, and one (the one that bites) I bottle-fed. The other was a shelter cat and the sweetest thing in the world.

Give the nippy little one a chance, I'm sure she doesn't realize that it's not what she's supposed to do. Maybe it's just how she shows affection.

Keep it! My cat was just

Comment by Daphne (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 16:36

Keep it! My cat was just like that as a kitten! She's still kind of a grumpy puss, but I love her! PLUS, a rambuncious(sp?) cat makes for great stories! (or comics!)

Bitey Cats

Comment by Dagger (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 16:56

I've had some cats with that habit. It comes from basically three things: an oral fixation, a dislike of having their belly messed with, or a previous owner who liked to play 'Vicious Attack Hand' with the cat when it was too little to do damage.

With the oral fixation, there's not much to do. Some cats will try and nurse on your fingertips. It's a bit like thumb sucking, except with teeth. You can identify that cause because they'll start by licking your fingertips.

The ones who have received mixed messages regarding acceptable play and the ones who don't like their bellies stroked look remarkably similar. People say that you can't train a cat, which isn't necessarily true. If the cat is really affectionate and (I hate to say it) a little needy, you can make acceptable boundaries clear by ceasing to pet or pay attention to them the moment they start to hurt you. Don't go back to them right away. Let the cat approach you for affection again and repeat if necessary. There's a learning curve involved. Some cats can be pretty dumb and don't get that Action A brings about Reaction B.

If the cat is really obtuse you need to flick them on the nose or make an agressive sound as soon as they cross the line and then stop playing with them.

There are other ways to deal with it. Some cats just need more exercise and playtime than others. They're the ones that hide under the furniture and attack passing ankles. A laser pointer should fix that.

Some cats just can't be petted when they're laying down or exposing belly. You cat skritch their ears or their backs, but remember that when a cat is on its back it's actually in an offensive pose because all their teeth and claws are pointing out. In a fight, the cat on the bottom has the advantage so what you might perceive as a nap can sometimes be a kitty who isn't very comfortable in a new environment yet.

Sorry for the infodump. I've had cats most my life and tend to go into lecture mode when someone talks about feline behavior problems. :D Great comic!!! Keep up the awesome work!

I have a cat like that

Comment by Jon (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 17:10

Thankfully I have a high tolerance for pain. She'll claw into my hand and pull it up to her face and lick, then bite. With the teeth in the very back of her mouth. Thankfully the cuteness outweighs the pain, I'd recommend gettin' the cat.

My parents got their dog on

Comment by Cass (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 18:08

My parents got their dog on Petfinder - it was probably a week between finding the profile and setting up the meeting, and we saw her probably a week or two later at the foster home, and took her home with us that same day. I think it depends a lot on the rescue group the pet is with. Some of them are ridiculously specific about what an adoptive family needs to be or to have.

*looks at above comments*

Comment by heather (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 18:30

*looks at above comments* Wow, mention pets and the flood gates open lol

My cat Cali used to do that when she was younger. My friend taught me that when they do that, you stop moving and say "ow!' high-pitched like a cat and stay still. It mimics their social behavior and teaches them that doing that won't get them attention. Works pretty well.

Also: Kitty! :D

Until recently I had adopted

Comment by Chelsea (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 20:45

Until recently I had adopted all my pets from various Humane Society branches and other animal shelter. We even got our first greyhound at the Humane Society, which is very unusual, since they usually get snapped up by rescue organizations. Our second greyhound, Storm, however, was another story. I went through Greyhound Pets of America Nashville (we live in KY now), and had to fill out a lot of paperwork, including references, a list of all my previous pets, description of our home, etc.

Finally the volunteers at GPA picked out three boys for us, and brought them to our house to meet us and our mutt, Azu. After an hour or two, we decided on Storm, and to our surprise, they left him with us after we had filled out the necessary paperwork and paid for his adoption. He needed a lot of socialization and behavioral modification the first few months, but now he's a sweet, well-behaved, 80 lbs. monster. <3

I really do love my animals... really...

Comment by Cat (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 21:06

Adopted our first dog from the pound. He was almost completely hairless when we got him since he was allergic to whatever they put on him. The hairs were so stiff and brittle they would stick into our feet like needles. It's kind of grown back... kind of... Some of it came back in white so he looks like an old man. XD At least it's soft and not deadly.

The second dog someone put on Freecycle. After paying $800 for a purebred husky they decide it's too much hassle to walk every day and gave it away. We were the 4th stop for him. -_-'

The third dog a neighbor had decided he didn't want to deal with him and let him loose. People kept trying to bring him to me saying it was my dog. I had to keep showing everyone my actual dogs before they would believe me. (Found out later the neighbor had been telling everyone that I had let the dog go so he wouldn't catch any heat about it.) Finally took the dog and called animal control and various rescues but everyone was full up so "could we please foster him until there's a space?" That was 5 years ago.

Then we were in a pet store and the owner had found some skinny abandoned kittens off the street and was giving them away with a discount on kitty supplies and a coupon for free shots. My husband is deathly allergic to cats but fell in love with a pair. He took a kitten and rubbed it on his face to see if he could handle the resulting outbreak. He did. Barely. Since then we've found that feeding Wellness Core or Indoor Cat means no allergy attacks for the husband and bunny soft fur for the kitties. Oh, and no hairballs. BONUS!

While I was introducing the kittens to the dogs one of the dogs sneezed and scared the bejeesus out of a kitten. The kitten promptly latched on to my finger with his teeth hard enough to scrape bone. Not wanting to traumatize the little guy I tried to stay still until he let go. That's when he started chewing. -_-' My finger swelled several sizes and I could not bend it for a month. I still have the scars and the finger hurts for changes in the weather. I'm gonna be the most awesome granny when I get old. Me and my weather finger...

Ok, for those who are counting that's 3 large dogs and 2 cats not including the monkey... I mean my son. THE CB FAMILY RESCUE IS CLOSED. Seriously. No one is allowed to bring ANYTHING ELSE HOME. EVER. Or until something keels over. (probably me) I mean it, kids! geez...

But, ok, nothing beats a cold winter night reading a book with the kid and kittens in your lap and warm dogs at your feet. Too bad allergy dog farts like a backed up sewage totally ruins the Norman Rockwell moment...

TCAF Listing lol

Comment by devin. (not verified) Thu, 01/21/2010 - 22:17

So I was checking out the TCAF artist listings, and I noticed something a bit silly. The web address for Ananth's listing is: .../ananth-panagariya-yuko-ota/, but Yuko's is .../yuko-ota/.

Well, I thought it was a bit silly.

ps - My cat Art displays his love similarly: by mauling your arm.