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Tue, 02/16/2010 - 19:44 by Ananth in response to yuko's traumatizing dental misadventures 1

I ended up missing Katsucon for the first time in a couple of years because of the snow, which was a huge, depressing bummer. 

But I did get to swing by Raina's book release this weekend! Raina is the cartoonist behind Scholastic's Babysitter's Club comics. SMILE! is Raina's autobio comic about her dental saga against the backdrop of friendships and high school. We finally got to read a copy and it was a blast, and it got Yuko talking about her own dental woes, which we've rendered here in the first of two parts. This comic makes me wince every time I look at it. She still has that bag of nerves somewhere! 

Oh, the cat has a name! He's Rook. Thanks for all your suggestions, guys!

We have some new things coming in, including Basilisk tote bags! Pretty excited for these guys:

His days are pretty tough! All that sleep can tire a basilisk out. We'll keep you posted on the ETA of these guys.

By the way, any interest in doing an NYC reader meet-up? Dunno why I never asked before. 

I think that's it ... no originals this week, as our schedule is looking a little heavy. Have a great week, and we'll see you Thursday for the (presumably painful) conclusion to this dental saga. 



Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:14

Yeah root canals are always fun.
I had to get two in the space of a week because my dentist did it on the wrong side the first time around. >:[


Comment by Steffox (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:30

...!!!! GOD! awful!!!

Of course, I'd love to come

Comment by Phillip Albrecht (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:16

Of course, I'd love to come to one. :) So many cool places to have one, too...

(I wonder if the Bronx Zoo has basilisks...)

If they did

Comment by Andrew (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:22

If they did I think it would be "One view per person." haha

Poor people...

Ah, root canals. I had one

Comment by Emma (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:21

Ah, root canals.

I had one when I was about seven or eight. Let me tell you, that is quite the experience for a small child.

But afterward, I thought I was hot stuff because of the silver cap they put on the tooth.

i just notice!

Comment by axana (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:22

hmm i know how yuko feels Dx i just got my braces off last before that i had cavities..*bad memories* and yeah so on and so on T_T ...hey yuko also has the same hair i did back then(a year ago) O_O now its short yay no more headachs! be strong yuko Dx!!

btw i love the comics its better then those comics about fighting bad guys kinda gets boring after awhile :I
hope you guys have fun with your cats :D or cat... (i have 7 cats 4:inside cats 3:allycats their so friendly o.o)

Bwah! I just went to the

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:35

Bwah! I just went to the dentist, 5 cavities. Better than last time, 12. Hey told me to get a toothpaste with five times the fluoride and then a fluoride rinse.

I hate my teeth, although they are perfectly formed so I have never had to put up with braces or retainers, I suppose it could be worse.

Never had a root canal, but

Comment by svalbard in winter (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:39

Never had a root canal, but there was the time I got my Herbst appliance removed. You know those? They're basically a pair of what look like pistons attached to your jaw to correct overbite. They're anchored to your teeth using four metal crowns attached to the back molars. Once the appliance is in, you can't chew properly for about a week.

Anyway, one of the crowns was attached to a baby tooth. When the crown was yanked out, the baby tooth came with it. I bled like crazy for about an hour. Most fun I ever had at the orthodontist's.


Comment by Razor (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:41

Just going for a cleaning sets my nerves on edge; thank goodness my dentist is thorough and yet speedy. When I was a kid my mom had to get a root canal around the time I had my first (and only, so far!) cavity filled. She was NOT a happy camper. Dental adventures for the fail. D=

But basilisks (Puppy!) FTW! =D

That can happen?!

Comment by mugsi (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:50

About the muscle causing a gap... I've had the same front gap my whole life... even after braces and retainers. Oh man... I'd love to get rid of the space, but that sounds painful!

Basilisk bag looks adorable! can't wait to see it! You guys did such an awesome job with the paleontolology shirt (got it for valentine's day lol) that I'll have to watch out for the new tote!


Comment by Abby (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:52

I would love to have an NYC meetup and meet you guys. I'm moving to Long Island in about two weeks.

Are any of you guys going to PAX:EC? I'm an Enforcer there! And the Protomen are playing!


Comment by Ruth (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 20:54

This is actually the first time I've ever heard of a cumulative dental career worse than my own. I've had numerous baby and proper teeth pulled including a few disastrous painkillers-not-working situations, two removable retainers (top/bottom), braces, more retainers, gum skin grafting, and double combo jaw surgery / wisdom teeth. Only one cavity filled ever, though, and that I avoided a root canal is a miracle given my track record, although I did once have a tooth as it was removed grate against my jaw bone. Fun times! Now I want to read this comic.


Comment by Matt (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 04:03

Dear lord madam! I have never even heard of a gum skin grafting, and double combo jaw surgery itself sounds awful. Did health insurance in the 90's (or 80's) and early 2000's really cover all that? And I can not even imagine the pain as a tooth grates with your jaw bone.

I've only had the

Comment by ~L.K. (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 21:14

I've only had the painkillers not work once and that was my last refilling of a really old cavity I had. The dentist (who's a relatively logical, cool guy) asked me if he should stop and readminister it, but I declined and decided to suck up the pain. My step-mother NEVER uses painkillers, since she grew up without it. My dentist was pretty glad about how much of a good patient I was without it, though. He made a joke about not suing him ;D

I have the muscle in between

Comment by Nanfoodle (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:02

I have the muscle in between the teeth problem but it's only a tiny gap show I've chosen to keep it rather than painfully remove it

I fear ever having to have a root canal D:


Comment by ALpanda (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:12

thanks yuko, that made my spine shiver!

So far away

Comment by Andrew (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:15

If only New York wasn't so far away...

The only dental problem I've ever had was a third front baby tooth. I lost the teeth around it but for some reason the adult teeth couldn't push the middle one out.

At she got laughing gas for all these procedures, right?

Totes look good! Though, is each tote going to have a different drawing or all four at once?

I kind of feel better about

Comment by Becky (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:31

I kind of feel better about the retainer the dentist cemented in my mouth right before first grade and how I spent the first year at a new school getting mocked because the plastic made my teeth look black...

I would be so interested in a NYC reader meet-up! (But, say, early-mid March...while I'm home during spring break. I am allowed to keep my fingers crossed that it falls during that week.)

Hurr. My teeth are kinda

Comment by Linners (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 21:49

Hurr. My teeth are kinda crooked, but my older sister needed braces so I couldn't get them (poor family, yadda yadda). I was so jealous because in elementary school I thought they were the coolest things in the world.

I would totally be game for taking the train from CT to NYC. Meeting you guys again would be worth it. :3

I am so excited for the Basilisk tote.

Oh man, you had to get that

Comment by Chelsea (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:08

Oh man, you had to get that little muscle removed?? GAH! D8

I feel your pain when it comes to dental issues. I had to have all but one of my baby teeth pulled (roots never dissolved), plus 3 adult molars and my wisdom teeth. I've had two retainers, and had braces for 5 years. XDDDD


Comment by Jeanine (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:21

Yuko with long hair looks so cute~!

Sorry to hear about your dental adventures though.

mmm, dentists and orthodontists

Comment by MarkyMark (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:24

I had a headbrace for 2 years, and then braces for about 6 or 7 years. And then a retainer for another 2 years.

All of my wisdom teeth had to be pulled, and then months later on of my bakc molars was having cavities over and over. After doing half of the root canal, they discovered the tooth was actually cracked all the way to the root because of the wisdom teeth. So I then went and got that tooth pulled out a few hours later.

Now, one of my top molars has started turning outwards, and an ulcer has developed between it and the tooth in front of it. Whenever I have sinus pressure (which is a lot of the time) it hurts like hell.



Comment by Steffox (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:25

OH GOD I AM SO SORRY. That sounds awful O_O F***IN WISDOM TEETH. Whose bright idea were those?
I used to wear my headgear to school and hang my pens off of it.

yeah, suck it, people with good teeth! WE ARE NOT AMUSED.


Comment by Aubrey (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:28

Awwww, poor little Yuko!! And I thought it sucked not having money to get these danged useless wisdom teeth out... At least that's my only dental woe. <3 That is very neat that she got to keep the nerves.

I find this funny because I

Comment by Crazy Bee (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:48

I find this funny because I totally got my wisdom teeth removed on Friday!

They let you keep the

Comment by Jordan (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:56

They let you keep the nerves!? That's like, "Hey, you've got gang green, so we have to cut your hand off, but you can take it home with you afterward if you want." Haha.

NY meet up? Uuh, I live in DC, but I know people there (one person) so I could make a day of it.

DC? I'm not alone!

Comment by Skie (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 17:55

Mostly-lurker reader here:
I live in (the) DC (area)! :D

Curiosity has me. How were you planning on attending if you go? I know for a fact i'll probably hop on a bus (cheap and relaxing!) to go.
This sounds all creepy and semi-odd from anon-Skie here to you, anon-Jordan, but if you go by bus we could meet up prior to NYC for conversation along the trip... and then immediate harassment/conversation of all other crazy awesome folk.

Thanks for those last two panels.

Comment by Matt (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 22:56

I only just now had my first cavity filled. Thank you for traumatizing me enough to avoid ever having another one.

Muscle above teeth, Oh God, the memories...

Comment by Silarial (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:07

I had the same problem with the muscle above my teeth. The novocain didn't work during the surgery. x_x It was horribleeee. Now I had a permanent metal wire between my two front teeth to make sure they never move apart again.

Chipping in my own dental misadventures!

Comment by B (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:09

I only ever lost one tooth naturally. All others pulled, including a surgery where they took 8 teeth out of my noggin in one go (four babies, four adult.) :(
Then three years of braces with an incompetent orthodontist... thankfully now that my wisdoms are out, I should be done with huge oral surgeries for a while, and will only have to get 3-5 cavities drilled every six months.

...I really don't like the dentist's. D:

OH GOD. Now my teeth are

Comment by CheshireCGrinne (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:17

OH GOD. Now my teeth are throbbing, and that's just from THINKING about this stuff! *shiver*


Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:21

I'm one of the lucky ones. I've only ever had one cavity, and it didn't even hurt. The worst part of the whole thing was right after they filled it, when I couldn't talk right and drooled all over myself because of the Novocain. Eating was an insurmountable hurdle, that night.

The dentist wanted to take all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time as a preemptive measure, because they looked like they were all gonna abscess at first, but they came in straight and I didn't get my week of ice cream.

Oh, right, the point.

Comment by Joe (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:26

What I wanted to say before I accidentally stumbled onto my luckier-than-thou soapbox was that I don't even know exactly what a root canal is and I'm sorry you had one. Just the term "root canal" SOUNDS like it hurts.

Also, I'm sorry I laughed at the insides of your cheeks bleeding.
But I suppose that's a risk you run when you put it in comic form.


Comment by Zach (not verified) Tue, 02/16/2010 - 23:52

Since you named your black cat Rook, you now need a white one named Bishop. Make it so!

My teeth have been very nice

Comment by Rabicyn (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 00:13

My teeth have been very nice to me.
I've managed to escape childhood with no cavities at all. Only had braces to fix a tooth that grew in behind a baby tooth (had to get the baby tooth pulled). And the usual wisdom teeth thing.
Oh, right. There was the thing where 3 of the teeth on the right side (wisdom teeth and 1 molar) never developed. I still have the unmated molar I had pulled. It's terrifying. Like a tooth fortress.
Come to think of it, I've never broken a bone, either....

I was really sad I didn't

Comment by Alice (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 00:23

I was really sad I didn't see you at Katsucon! But I am looking forward to the basilisk tote :D

Teeth are scary

Comment by Caitlin (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:04

Ooh. My teeth problems are kind of funky -- first is that I grind them. I saw a scary dentist about a year ago who said that if I don't get a good bite guard (my old one was awful and stopped fitting), I could totally ruin my teeth in the next ten years or so.

... Yes, I should probably get on that. I really wish I had money.

Also, ever since I got this one cavity filled, the space between two of my back teeth has become some sort of "food trap," and the area hurts terribly whenever I eat the wrong stuff. Like bread. I don't know what that dentist did, but I stopped trusting him after that.

I might like to try to come to New York to meet you guys, if only for the chance to see more of New York. Philly's not THAT far away, but I've only been, like, once!

A meet up would make my....

Comment by Salome (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:13

A meet up would make my.... whichever season it would be held in. C: (I vote for a reader meet-up dance party. I'll bring the lasers.)

I hope Yuko feels better soon! I recommend Jell-O. Through a straw. (Except if she's a vegetarian. Gelatin. Bad stuff.)

But first...

Comment by Jyn (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:23


I'm still in Calculus, so I'm not sure -- is this some manner of equation I should be writing down?

Reader meet up

Comment by Jingseng (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:48

as it turns out, I'll be in manhattan feb 17 afternoon - 19 midday (semi-birthday thing + product launch party)... would love to meet, even if that isn't a full on reader meet up (unless that is AoL creepy). Shoot me an email!

The sound of that drill haunts me to this very day...

Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 01:57

They...gave you the roots to take home? 0.o gross.
I hate the dentist with a fiery passion. I don't care how nice they are there, every time I go there I need at least one cavity filled. This time I've got one on my front canine and *joy* wisdom teeth that need taking out.
I feel your pain, Yuko. I feel your pain.

I've never had an actual

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 02:42

I've never had an actual surgery anywhere near my mouth but I do believe I had like 5 different root canals before I hit puberty (NOT AN EXAGGERATION!)

Also, all those LIES they tell you about the numbing shots are LIES!

(Side story: one of the dentists I had as a child actually missed with the shot and some of the numbing liquid went down my throat. Spent an hour afterward panicking because my throat was numb)

Braces came on THE DAY OF MY 15th BIRTHDAY and stayed there for 2 years before being replaced with a permanent retainer.

The sound the drill makes brings me to tears.

Good times.

Cat Name

Comment by Softspoken (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:00

I'm not sure this will get noticed, but is Rook named after the bird or the chess piece?

I was also wondering about

Comment by Nathanael (not verified) Thu, 02/18/2010 - 13:52

I was also wondering about this myself.


Comment by Samm Neiland (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:15

Oh my gawd.

I can relate to the first one so much totally. I had three; not just one or two, three baby teeth that wouldn't come out and my adult teeth were basically fusing to them which was like... no good so they had to pull/drill three of the teeth out in one sitting. It was made worse by the fact that instead of giving me knock out gas, they just went with Novocaine so it was like I could feel EVERYTHING. I swear, when they had to drill my last two teeth it almost felt like I could feel the heat friction from the drill and my teeth were going to catch fire >~<

Bad experiences.

Comment by Steffox (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:22

Man dental worrrkkkk.... worst ever.
I got my wisdom teeth taken out in Argentina. They don't do sedation for dental procedures there so I got to be awake. It took three trips and two different dentists. One of them was a friend of the family and actually put his knee up on my chair to help leverage out the tooth. The other dentist had to take out two that hadn't come all the way in yet.
After that, I was so sick of getting novacaine-d that I had them give me a filling without it.
Such an awful idea.
Teeth SUCK.

Bad experiences CONT...

Comment by Steffox (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:28

Of course my sister beats me. She had a tooth come in in her PALATE. They had to drill a hole in the roof of her mouth to expose it, attach a chain to it and drag it to the right place in her braces over the course of a few months. Then they rotated it to the right position and stuff. It looks awesome now. Orthodontia is amazing.

Ahrg, I feel Yuko's dental

Comment by Tyto (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:34

Ahrg, I feel Yuko's dental pain. Once when I was little I was riding on the front of a shopping cart and fell off and knocked out my top front two teeth. They were only my baby teeth so it wasn't really that big a deal, but they hadn't been very loose before that point, so it hurt like crazy. Then braces for two years to correct an overbite, complete with needing to sleep in headgear to move back my molars, and rubber bands. I constantly popped off the brackets, and every time a new one was put back on my cheeks would bleed again. After that I was supposed to wear a retainer for several years, but 'lost' it after about five or six months, and by then my parents had given up on making me wear it. My dentist told me when my wisdom teeth came in that I should get braces again, for purely cosmetic reasons, and I laughed and refused. They all came in straight, and I didn't care about a little crowding in my mouth. Until about six months ago when they started shifting again, caused my first cavities ever, and started to decay. All four got pulled Monday, and let me tell you, as much as I hated not being able to talk or eat after thirteen shots of novacaine, the pain after it wore off was that much worse.

Oh my god, they novocained

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 02/18/2010 - 17:52

Oh my god, they novocained you to take out 4 wisdom teeth?? I got all 4 of my impacted ones taken out at the same time and I had IV meds and was out the entire time.

ah dental misadventures.

Comment by Spizzy (not verified) Wed, 02/17/2010 - 03:50

ah dental misadventures. Yours sound really sucky Yuko D:

I think I've had um..8 permanent teeth removed at this point because there wasn't enough room in my mouth. I was worried I was going to have to get root canal recently due to a horrible tooth ache..but there is nothing wrong with the tooth. It still aches. I kinda confused by it.