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Thu, 06/24/2010 - 13:50 by Ananth in response to everything is uncomfortable

Yuko got a stye on her eye recently. If you've ever had one, you know how painful they are. Here's the treatment - a hot compress for 15 minutes a couple of times a day. If the stye breaks, wash it out immediately! Or you're risking an infection. 

In related eye news, there's an AP Science article about how stem cells have been used to reverse blindness. The full article is here - if you're uncomfortable about eye stuff, don't click through, as there are pictures. Pretty exciting! 

That's about it from us! The store is all stocked up and Yuko and I are hard at work on stuff we can hopefully show you some time soon. 

Have a good weekend!


Oh, so sorry

Comment by Jean B. (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 14:03

Really. I wish Yuko all the best. I hope she is able to sleep well.

Oh damn.

Comment by Joe (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 14:19

As if this heat isn't enough. If it feels like August now, I am certainly not looking forward to how August actually feels.


Home remedies.

Comment by Lyndsey (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 14:19

I used to get styes all the time. I've found that after making a cup of tea, using the warm tea bag on the stye instead of a cloth works wonders. Just make sure that the tea bag has cooled down enough to avoid burning yourself. :)

Oh my..

Comment by NOji (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 15:04

I hope she get's better really soon, poor little one!

Hope Yuko gets to feeling

Comment by Adam M (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 15:47

Hope Yuko gets to feeling better soon. *Thanks* for the link about stem cell therapy for eyes. A friend of mine lost vision from a chemical burn; I'll have to make sure he learns of this.

Couldn't hurt to try

Comment by Kay (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 16:10

Try taking something of pure silver and rubbing it against the stye (like a ring). Old wives remedy I guess, but it seemed to work...or we just healed fast.


Comment by Nare (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 23:01

I was told it had to be pure gold. I remember my father doing it a few times to my brother with a big ring he has...


Comment by PenInHand (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 17:06

This reminds me of the time when I had earwax completely obscuring my eardrum and couldn't hear for nearly two weeks. They had to irrigate it with water twice. I hate random illness!


Comment by Mistress Pyro (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 18:27

Oh em gee! I am so sorry! I hope it gets better soon! <3 Pain is not something that anyone wants to be in voluntarily.

I'll sacrifice a virgin to the volcano god for your health! :3


Comment by EiceBleu (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 18:42

I'll tell my kitten your sacrificing virgins to him.
[His name happens to be Vulcan.]


He requests a mouse.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 18:41

Is that Ice Bat!?! In the back of teh comic :D?!

UGLY DOLL FIVE *highfive*

Comment by Haisley (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 20:12

YES IT IS. I'm pretty sure I'm just as excited as you about that Ugly Doll being kinda featured. <3!!

Anyway! :(! I hope she feels a lot better soon~ I can imagine it would be kinda weird drawing a comic with only one eye? Maybe not. I think it'd be weird. :I

"WOOOO IceBat!" was my

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 08/02/2010 - 15:13

"WOOOO IceBat!" was my immediate thought, followed by " I wonder who else noticed?" I rather enjoy UglyDolls. They're one of the coolest things we sell at the game/toy store where I work.

Feel better!

Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 18:50

I've never had one of those, but hot compress plus a hot day does not equal fun times. Ananth better be fetching you Popsicles and ice cream regularly!

Goddamn, Yuko show us some

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 20:06

Goddamn, Yuko show us some pics of this stye. Don't care that people would be grossed out. They are wussies.

D: Ew...

Comment by Leeland88 (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 21:06

Get better Yuko!

Ooh, I'll read up on that article ASAP. Thanks for the link!

agh god, I hate styes.

Comment by lady rae (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 22:38

agh god, I hate styes. Luckily(?) I tend to get them during the winter, so that helps. Feel better soon, Yuko~

I hope this heat lets up soon, if not for my sake or Yuko's sake, but for poor Rook! All that black fuzz isn't the most heat-conducive.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 23:46

I used to get those constantly from this gross pool I took swimming lessons at. I had one on my left bottom eyelid that just kept getting worse and now I have a scar left from it. It's faded a lot since it was over 10 years ago but there's a tiny area where no lashes grow.

Get better soon, Yuko!

oh. my. gosh. I am so sorry.

Comment by Kili (not verified) Thu, 06/24/2010 - 23:52

oh. my. gosh.

I am so sorry. ;_______;

A-At least you are not in Arizona! It is so flipping hot here.

In the future,

Comment by Nemo (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 02:15

I'd recommend using a peppermint teabag, steeped with thyme or without for around 20 seconds in hot water, chilled and wrapped in a paper towel thats drippy with the tea. Wrap the teabag in the paper, or chill them together, and place over the eyelid(obviously).<(also good for tired eyes)
Then, swab the stye with some fully brewed peppermint or peppermint and thyme every morning and evening.

Poor Yuko

Comment by Naghan (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 04:03

Poor Yuko,

traumatizing dental misadventures,
and now this.

Hope you feel better soon. (Even better: I order you to feel better.)


Comment by Casey (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 07:02

If you can find erythromycin in some sort of cream it may help (assuming Staph)? But then again, it's on the INside of your eyelid? I've only ever seen them along the edge.. eyedrops? XD Sorry! I hope it doesn't need to be.. opened DDD:

Feel better plx <3

Oh no! I wish there was a

Comment by Catherine Watson (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 08:26

Oh no! I wish there was a better way to fix styes. I've been there as well, when I was younger. It sucks. D: I hope it goes away quickly.

agh. :( Poor Yuko.

Comment by Jess (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 08:31

I'm still staving off a stye; the eye-doctor who partially drained mine (yeah, ~shudder~ Highly effective, no bleeding fun) said that a boiled egg was just the right size, shape, & weight for being a compress, and it holds heat longer/better than a wet rag or tea bag. And! No dripping.

Having tried it, I'd say put a towel between you and the egg for the first little while; little dude's *hot* fresh from the water.

Boooo D:

Comment by Kuro (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 10:14

Oh, those are so frustrating!
Here's another compress idea that works great: a baked potato. Warm it up, wrap it in a towel, and it stays warm for a long time. It can also be reheated.

Funny story about that: we had been reheating this potato for over a week and we took it with us to the shore on a family vacation. One night, the potato disappeared from the fridge. We asked around, and it turned out my uncle, who loves baked potatoes, saw it and ate it. Ew!

I actually had one of those

Comment by Surge (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 10:23

I actually had one of those for a while. I taped a small patch of gauze soaked in periwinkle over my eye and it went away.

Or broke and leaked slowly.

I went to school with that patch though. Everyone asked me what happened and I told them that I'd kept my eyes open and sneezed and then it ended unfortunately. They believed me. It was hysterical.

Unfortunate endings

Comment by Allen (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 13:30


(the patch story, not the stye) :)

Ouch I know your pain

Comment by B (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 10:42

I would get styes all the time in college and get a few here and there since I graduated.

In high school my eye would twitch for a week when I'd get stressed out and I stupidly thought "what could be more annoying". And now it's styes....o_o;;

I find that not using your eye while your not using a warm compress helps while it goes away. I'd suggest an eyepatch but I never got one my self. I just use a scarf as one.

In fact I also have a stye right now....these things suck ; -;


Comment by Drezz (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 12:57

Rub some dirt on it. Or some other hokey-pokey wives tale treatment.

The warm compress should get rid of it pretty quick, unless its like a third eye coming out or something. Then I can't help you.

Oh gosh!

Comment by Kiley B. (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 22:04

I'm sorry Yuko! I had this exact problem about a month ago, and I hated it too, but at least for me it wasn't as hot back then

Had to look it up

Comment by Aube (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 22:48

I've never heard of a stye and had to look it up. Ouch, that sounds awful, hopefully you're feeling better.

On a side note Rook in the

Comment by Aube (not verified) Fri, 06/25/2010 - 22:51

On a side note Rook in the window = Adorable

I know it

Comment by Aperture (not verified) Sun, 06/27/2010 - 12:55

Man, I used to get those all the time as a little kid, I don't think I've had one since I turned 13 though.

Oh nooooo...get better Yuko

Comment by Darryl Ayo (not verified) Sun, 06/27/2010 - 20:25

Oh nooooo...get better Yuko


Comment by Crow (not verified) Mon, 06/28/2010 - 00:57

Well... all common causes happen when you work too hard! poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, lack of hygiene or rubbing of the eyes will cause stye. :'(
Get better, love!

I had a stye form in

Comment by Brent (not verified) Mon, 06/28/2010 - 03:54

I had a stye form in February and last until the end of May. Now the eye lashes do not seem to be growing back near where it was and I have a numb spot in my eyelid that is all dry and sticky to my eyeball.
I hope you get it remedied quickly without any issues.

I hear you

Comment by Jester242 (not verified) Mon, 06/28/2010 - 09:47

My allegeries hit hard this weekend. I spent most of it with a hot compress over my right eye which I was rubbing since it itched like a mofo.

So are you saying that if I

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 06/29/2010 - 04:26

So are you saying that if I jizzed in my eye, I wont have to wear glasses anymore?

Huh, I used to get styes all

Comment by Origamigryphon (not verified) Tue, 06/29/2010 - 07:38

Huh, I used to get styes all the time when I was younger, and would still continue to do so if I didn't learn that I only got them if I tried reading a book or doing some other eye-straining activity in low or dim light. So now I always make sure that my work/reading areas are well lit.

I also didn't know that styes could actually -break-. I would just deal with them for the next couple of days until they faded.

Poor Yuko :(

Comment by Yuki-chan (not verified) Tue, 06/29/2010 - 08:59

I was in NYC recently and it was HOT. But it wasn't humid like Charlotte, so you guys are pretty lucky.

Feel better Yuko!

Ouuuch 0_X

Comment by Razor (not verified) Tue, 06/29/2010 - 16:39

I've had a few styes in my day. Just BLINKING makes me whimper when I've got one going on. It's a pain that one can feel all the way down to the toes. Trying to put mascara and eyeliner on, ooogh, forget it.

Never had to use a hot compress during sweltering weather though. I'm sure it must be fun times!

(get well soon Yuko!)


Comment by Rachel (not verified) Wed, 06/30/2010 - 15:35

I got my first stye the day after I read this page. It was on the inside of my eyelid too, and if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on. You saved my life (eye.)! Thanks Yuko and Ananth!


Comment by minetruly (not verified) Wed, 07/07/2010 - 19:47

Holding a hot compress on the face in sweltering heat is indeed the most uncomfortable thing I can imagine. You win, sir!

It sounds like witchcraft,

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 07/08/2010 - 18:04

It sounds like witchcraft, but I've done this before: rub something containing gold on it. I don't get them any more, only when I thought sparkly eye makeup was awesome.

...Goldschlager is NOT reccommended, bwahahaa..


Comment by TheNikus (not verified) Mon, 05/21/2012 - 03:32

Man, I'm learning about all these medical conditions that I've never heard about through this comic. Yuko is seriously ... uh, blessed :)