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Art post!

Art post!

Thu, 08/12/2010 - 17:54 by Ananth in response to and you wouldn't believe where I found it

There was a stench coming from Yuko's office and it took her a while to find the culprit. For the readers with more delicate constitution, I won't get into the details, but: dead mouse, needed cleaning. Usually the once-in-a blue-moon mouse problem is quickly resolved by Rook's predatory nature, but circumstances brought this little guy to an early grave. 

I'm going to be in Montreal this weekend, at Otakuthon! It's an Applegeeks appearance, so I won't have any JW stuff with me, but if you want something signed or want to say hey, feel free to drop by. 

Yuko has been posting some art to her Tumblr - two female protagonists, one for a project that was picked up and one that we're developing. Here's another post of the second lady in adorable comfy oversized threads. 

Oh, and I can't remember if I posted this but I colored some of Yuko's art:

It's been a couple of years since I tried my hand at coloring - not really sure how I feel about the final product. 

That's all from us! See you next week. 


Your colouring looks pretty

Comment by Shiara (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 18:47

Your colouring looks pretty damned good to me :)

Though I'm not sure what to make of the white parts of the tattoo on BandanaGirl's arm...okay, have now Googled "white ink tattoos", but still think it looks a bit like a sticker she's just slapped on to look hardcore :P


Comment by Jingseng (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:05

You mean, its placement wasn't a gift from Rook? >.>

Also, agree with the first comment... very pretty, but the tat stands out and immediately draws your eye to it... and it makes me think of a vinyl sticker o.O


Comment by Vinesdarkly (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 23:01


Callin' it

Comment by ??? (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 23:28

Top of the desk.


Comment by C.D. Reimer (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 01:02

Under the desk in the back, where bare toes are known to hover.


Comment by Mistress Pyro (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 23:38

The coloring is really well done, and the shading is perfect. I would give it a 10 out of 10. Do more coloring! >83


Comment by Syrth (not verified) Thu, 08/12/2010 - 23:47

I might be there!!! Wuzzah for living in Montreal!!

Yuko, your artwork is

Comment by OrcishIncubus (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 00:24

Yuko, your artwork is amazing.


Ah yes...

Comment by Fraoch (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 00:29

Kitty presents. Gotta love 'em.

Hahaha, ew. I LOVE the

Comment by Chelsea (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 00:45

Hahaha, ew. I LOVE the hand-done type in the first panel. It's gorgeous. :)


Comment by another conrad (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 01:01

first, very funny

are you guys going to be at next yrs comic con!?


Comment by foducool (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 01:19

ahah yeah, I had some problems when I was living in my old house, near a huge field with nothing besides tall grass, my cat often went to hunt there and come back with her dead prey in her mouth.
I can't recall how many times I found tiny organs and blood at my door XD.
Once she even came in the house with a dead mouse, had to take it out myself ^^'
believe it or not, but I miss those times...

The one time I decided not to go to Otakuthon...

Comment by PT (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 01:29

Aw, didn't know you'd be there...
I used my money on games like Blazblue and Metroid.
Also, I think they went up on the price again so bleh...
Oh well, have a nice trip to Montreal!

PS. Great job on the coloring but you seem to forgotten the highlights or maybe it's me seeing things.....

Going by a previous comic

Comment by Rincewind (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 04:38

My money's on collateral damage from one of the "bookshelf incidents".

dead mouse

Comment by trs (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 09:22

Judging by the way you phrased it, it sounds like rook wasn't the reason of death, and I only hope that books didn't fall and crush the guy, because that would be too amusing. Also, good music, deadmou5

Scott Pilgrim Movie/Video Game

Comment by Cecil (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 10:39

I assume since you are Scott Pilgrim fans you probably went to go see the movie or will soon. I was wondering how you thought of it.

Also I was wondering if you have played the video game cause it is addictive and was wondering if any of you guys got it and if you think it is as addictive as me playing it 5+ hours yesterday >.>

Their decisions for artistic

Comment by root Fri, 08/13/2010 - 11:05

Their decisions for artistic direction (graphics, gameplay, music) were all spot on. You probably will never find a more true-to-form game adaptation again. A++ would highly recommend.

I played the demo on my PS3

Comment by Leah (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 11:09

I played the demo on my PS3 and for a button masher that game is hard! It looks and feels really cool though. :)

Dynamic Color Palette Exercise

Comment by Seth Gorden (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 13:00

This exercise sounds really cool. I may try it out in the near future, for some game art. I love bright colors, but often feel timid in using them. Muted colors just feel safer. This seems like a fun way to get out of the comfort zone.

Also, your art is quite lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

Dead squirrels

Comment by Sarah (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 14:43

Haha, similar thing has happened twice at my office, where somehow squirrels got in and died in the back of someone's drawer and it took them over a week to figure out where the smell was coming from. Hilarious in such a tragic and gross way.

Mice problems

Comment by Pupsqueak (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 17:21

My cat's predatory nature manifests itself in bringing in live animals to show us that she can actually do some hunting. Fortunately, they've all been alive and totally unharmed.

it's sometimes thought that

Comment by Jingseng (not verified) Fri, 08/13/2010 - 21:14

it's sometimes thought that they do this out of pity, for the human who can't seem to do any hunting at all~

I LOL'd.

Comment by Elizabeth B (not verified) Sat, 08/14/2010 - 00:30

"Sh-shut up." Eeee, Yuko, yer such a gir-rl.

Leaving aside the fact that I don't know if I could deal with a dead mouse either. Eww.

Better than finding parts of

Comment by Shauna (not verified) Sat, 08/14/2010 - 00:48

Better than finding parts of a mouse.

My cats like bringing in live rodents(and small birds) to play with, so we've gotten pretty good at getting rid of little mice (or whatever) occasionally the small animal in question gets killed and partially eaten and we'll find the left behind tail, or some clumps for fur or feathers.


Comment by ~x.x~ (not verified) Sat, 08/14/2010 - 20:44

Hola! Muy bueno tu comic. Lo voy a recomendar a mis amigos.
Descubri esta pagina web a traves de VGCATS.
Saludos desde Argentina!

Eeerrr.... this is grate :P

Thanks man! Sorry there was

Comment by conrad Sun, 08/15/2010 - 15:14

Thanks man! Sorry there was a hiccup with the comment submission system; you kept getting flagged as spam. (Hopefully it won't be an issue from here on out!)


Comment by S (not verified) Sun, 08/15/2010 - 00:09

probably in a room.

in an office.

somewhere in america.
or canada.

Fffff this is the cutest

Comment by Rhabdoviridae (not verified) Mon, 08/16/2010 - 03:11

Fffff this is the cutest comic.

I don't know if it's on my end or what, but for the past week (until now) whever I tried to visit the site I got an attempted* redirect. Figured I'd mention it.

* I <3 noscript.

Gotta say man...

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 08/16/2010 - 15:58

... your coloring is good =D

Is... is that a drumstick on

Comment by CameoAppearance (not verified) Mon, 08/16/2010 - 20:41

Is... is that a drumstick on the back of Ananth's computer? A floating drumstick?


Comment by Ceruse (not verified) Tue, 08/17/2010 - 00:38

The one time I decide to skip on a convention cause I want to take a break, and there's someone from one of the comics I read I miss. Well Phoey!

But with all that, I'm going to say behind the printer, if there is one :]


Comment by blbrychiti (not verified) Tue, 08/17/2010 - 10:01

This is especially funny to me because my guy friend and I often relive the "Sorry for being such a girl" " ARE a girl" ">_< shut up!" conversations over and over...

When my sister an I were

Comment by Lupus Draconis (not verified) Tue, 08/17/2010 - 17:20

When my sister an I were very yung, we got back from a vacation. We went to bed, and my sister put her hand under her pillow, as it is quite comfortable.

Turns out there was a dead mouse under there. Needless to say, she freaked. I think she threw it at me. XD