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Long day!

Long day!

Thu, 09/23/2010 - 22:43 by Ananth in response to Zoo Sketches

Hey everyone! Today's update is some sketches Yuko did when she went to the zoo. Here's why it isn't what we'd consider a full update:

We received the books! Today we loaded them up, drove them into Brooklyn from NJ, and then drove the car back. Long day, and we didn't get in until about 11 PM. Exhausted. 

Yuko had to prep this in Photoshop Elements, which didn't help! These things happen. Anyway, thanks for understanding. See you Tuesday! Which is also when the books will be out!


Not to be a total jerk, but

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 05:13

Not to be a total jerk, but you guys should totally update your cast page.


Comment by R (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 06:03

Aww, the otter looks happy :]

These sketches are gorgeous!

Comment by Chelsea (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 10:22

These sketches are gorgeous! I'm certainly not complaining about a lack of a "proper" update. :) Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to order a book!

Is that a genet cat I see?

Comment by F (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 10:54

Is that a genet cat I see?

Zoo Fun

Comment by John Will Balsley (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:36

Nice sketches, it's always fun to go to the zoo and draw!


Comment by Razor (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 13:43

They're so cute. If you're ever out in California, you should visit the Monterey Aquarium. They have an otter habitat!

Get some rest =)


Comment by Natalie (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 18:00

otter! otterotterotterotter!!! :D Otter.


Comment by Matthew Datchuk (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 19:21



Comment by Jessica Brand (not verified) Fri, 09/24/2010 - 19:25

I wish volume one was on sale in Australia.
Curse you, Brooklyn!

( in other news, congrats :D )

seriously look at it

Comment by Loaf (not verified) Sat, 09/25/2010 - 15:32

That monkey looks pissed.

Wow. Even if you guys didn't

Comment by C. Ellis (not verified) Sat, 09/25/2010 - 21:29

Wow. Even if you guys didn't have a boatload of things to do, I'd take this type of art for an update anyway. :) Absolutely beautiful, as always.
I hope you guys can get some rest~!! Sounds like you definitely deserve it. Also can't wait to be able to buy the book. Take care, y'all. :D

Oh yes those animals were

Comment by Lela (not verified) Sun, 09/26/2010 - 08:46

Oh yes those animals were the best. Otter was the best.


Comment by Joe (not verified) Sun, 09/26/2010 - 23:28

Mo' like D'awwwwwtter


Comment by hohhoi (not verified) Mon, 09/27/2010 - 06:19

I wish you'll be able to keep the book in stock for a week or so. Won't be able to buy before that.

That Horned(?) owl is

Comment by Origamigryphon (not verified) Mon, 09/27/2010 - 06:27

That Horned(?) owl is seriously suspicious of that Hornbill.

Mousedeer?! I hope I'm

Comment by Loxel (not verified) Mon, 09/27/2010 - 10:45

Mousedeer?! I hope I'm seeing that right. I love those weird things.

SCIENCE in all caps

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 09/27/2010 - 17:38

I say we enlist some geneticists and make Mousedeer a real thing. And a physicist to give it laser eyes.

omg ^^

Comment by peege (not verified) Mon, 09/27/2010 - 10:58

i love people who go to the zoo to sketch ~<3


Comment by Deni (not verified) Tue, 09/28/2010 - 08:44

I am disappointed in the lack of quesodillos.

But really, these are cool <3