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Sorry Yuko!

Sorry Yuko!

Thu, 11/25/2010 - 21:27 by Ananth in response to right, guys?

It's Aaron again (Master of the Fried Plantain), and Miss Julia, and myself - all non-carnivores to varying degree. Yuko is speaking to her audience. Clearly!

Yuko has a guest appearance over at Dirt Between My Toes! Rad!

Happy Thanksgiving to our domestic readers! My brother is visiting from California, so our family is together for the first time in quite a while. We're all catching up. 

A recap of store information for the holidays, pulled from Tuesday's post:

THE CUT-OFF FOR DOMESTIC HOLIDAY ORDERS IS DECEMBER 15th. FOR INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY ORDERS IT IS DECEMBER 1ST. Sorry, I know that's close for international folks! Second - Hokusai shirts are in! Here's a look:

I am really happy with how they came out. ALSO, ALL OTHER T-SHIRTS ARE NOW 25% OFF. We've never done a sale before, but you guys blew us away picking up JW:V1 (still available, of course) and we wanted to do something nice for you. And speaking of nice things, Yuko has also put together various dinosaur related gift-packs (silly bands, stickers, little plastic dinos or dinogliders)! We're including them with all orders - a little something extra for the holidays. 

That's all for us! Have a good one! See you next week. 



Comment by karen (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 21:46

That sounds heavenly. I will try it!


Comment by AckAckAck (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 21:48

Oh how I love MEAT!. MEAT! in the burger, MEAT! as my steak, MEAT! with steamy or cold rice.....


A whole turkey leg or goat leg.... MEAT!


but no human or pork meat please.

I do "eat" human, female human *wink wink nudge nudge*

She is so excited about it

Comment by Pikman (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:17

She is so excited about it too :D

Yuko's just trying to get

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:22

Yuko's just trying to get the vegan police on Aaron and Julia, clearly.

Delicious animal death

Comment by Dr. Kindness (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:25

I agree with Yuko, let's frying everything in bacon grease.

Oh dear,

Comment by Andrew (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:32

I would have made that situation SO much worse if I were there.

"Bacon? YES! I love bacon! They just grab a cute little piggy and slit its throat and cut it open and there's all the blood and guts and cut off a huge hunk of meat and throw it in a fire and I love it! And....isn't everyone a vegetarian?"

Yeah. :D

Ahaha is that Evan modeling

Comment by flowerfoot (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:42

Ahaha is that Evan modeling the shirt over there? The comic cheered me up and the additional chuckle was welcome. Comic making, modelling, is there anything Yuko and Evan CAN'T do?

Spoiler: No

But... bacon!

Comment by Sven (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 22:44

And it sounds like such a delicious idea! (Kinda.)

I didn't know...

Comment by darth_franny (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 23:10

Ananth was a vegetarian. I guess you do learn something new everyday

Born and raised! Not

Comment by Ananth Fri, 11/26/2010 - 10:35

Born and raised! Not dogmatic about it - I probably would at least try plantains fried in bacon grease, but at this point in my life my tastes are pretty set. 

Been there

Comment by Jade (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 23:22

My niece and her fiance are vegans, and while I do make accommodations for them at Thanksgiving (and they usually bring their own food as well), I refuse to end a long-time family tradition of serving stuffing made with pork sausage.

Pork fat rules. :)

Nor should you! In my

Comment by Ananth Fri, 11/26/2010 - 10:38

Nor should you! In my experience, vegetarians and vegans are accommodating anyway, hopefully they don't mind. 


Comment by Regular Polyhedra (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 05:08

...That depends on the kind of vegan/vegetarian you're talking about. There's a particularly militant breed that will hate on anyone for DARING to SUGGEST animal products be used in THEIR PRESENCE. I think the Militant Vegan is the mutated offspring of the Fashionable Vegetarian and the Anarchist Without a Cause.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Sun, 12/05/2010 - 05:15

true dat.

A friend of mine introduced

Comment by Number Seven (not verified) Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:32

A friend of mine introduced me to stuffing with sausage in it. It might have been the most amazing thing I've ever tasted. I'm not sure. I'll have to have some more to confirm, I think.

Also, stuffing and cranberry sauce (the canned kind, not right proper cranberry sauce) shouldn't be seasonalesque foods, in my opinion.

Bacon goes with everything.

Comment by Picanco (not verified) Thu, 11/25/2010 - 23:51

Bacon goes with everything. It's a scientific fact (or should be anyway).

I've actually been meaning

Comment by Jon Mohr (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 00:09

I've actually been meaning to render a pound of bacon to see how much grease I would get then figure out how much I would need to fry a whole cornish game hen.

We used to collect all the

Comment by Ananth Fri, 11/26/2010 - 10:47

We used to collect all the grease in a bottle ... John and Conrad finally tried to make bacon grease candles. Huh, we should really do a strip about that. 


Comment by ThunderGodNick (not verified) Sat, 11/27/2010 - 04:41

I'm not sure what to make of that. Bacon scented fragrance of win, or one really disgusting looking candle.

When you inhale, do your arteries harden slightly?

I think my arteries hardened

Comment by Ananth Sat, 11/27/2010 - 10:47

I think my arteries hardened just looking at it!


Comment by ThunderGodNick (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 17:32

Nothing the smell of Heart Attack in the morning, eh?

Nothing LIKE

Comment by ThunderGodNick (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 17:39

Nothing LIKE the smell of Heart Attack in the morning. Good grief I win at typing.


Comment by Jedifreak (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 12:00

I hate to ask (because of possible spoilers), but how did that turn out? Smoke alarm?

Wait wait, Yuko is the

Comment by Cam (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 00:14

Wait wait, Yuko is the manliest? :o

Which one?

Comment by AckAckAck (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 04:32

Do you mean tomboy or female GAR?


Comment by ThunderGodNick (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 07:42

Well uh, I suppose less "Manly" and more "AMERICAN." =P

Little known fact

Comment by UserGoogol (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 00:44

Not a lot of people know this, but pigs are actually very large mushrooms.

So THAT'S why they use pigs

Comment by Joe (not verified) Sat, 11/27/2010 - 10:08

So THAT'S why they use pigs to sniff out truffles. They can sense their own kind.

Truffles are tubers, man,

Comment by beyla (not verified) Sat, 11/27/2010 - 12:17

Truffles are tubers, man, Not mushrooms. They got a symbiotic relationship with a kind of mold though which grows on the trees the truffles are found under.

Is it weird

Comment by Novarri (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 00:52

that I wasn't so WHAT!? by the vegetarianism or the BACON! but rather the fact that panels 1 & 3 aren't copypasta? It took me for friggin' ever to figure that out, because they're drawn SO FRIGGIN' WELL that they look like the same panel, I swear.

I'm on the BACON! side of this one. There's a hot dog vendor chain in Moscow (стардог's, if you're ever there) that serves hot dogs wrapped in bacon. I - honestly - want to go back to Russia just for that.

It blows my mind too! She

Comment by Ananth Fri, 11/26/2010 - 11:07

It blows my mind too! She has drawn every repeated panel in Johnny Wander by hand. 

Clearly, that's because Yuko

Comment by Number Seven (not verified) Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:35

Clearly, that's because Yuko is win.


Comment by Allen (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 13:12

Copypasta is my new favorite word of the day! Thank you for that :)


Comment by GerunKnarlson (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 13:03

Hey, where IS that hot dog place? I'm going to be in Moscow this time next year, and I'm going to be living there for 5 months, and hot dogs are my favorite food. I don't know if I can survive without them for that long, so HELP!

I feel ya

Comment by Ali (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 01:12

I feel ya, Yuko. I have so many vegetarian friends. This happens to me all. The. Time.

the thing is - she's still

Comment by matt (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 02:21

the thing is - she's still right.

Wrong, but not incorrect

Comment by tudza (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 02:23

Well, this idea is wrong by majority rule apparently. That does not rule out the fact that the idea is sound.

It's like a mirror

Comment by Kakam (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 02:46

I have a similar situation to Yuko, it's just flipped backwards. I'm vegetarian and everyone I know is a carnivore. We vegetarians should convince everyone that we have a secret agenda to eliminate the traditional Thanksgiving. And then laugh maniacally as they panic due to our "threat" to tradition. It'll be great! Right, guys?

Threat to Thanksgiving?

Comment by minetruly (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 02:29

You mean like Tofurkey?

YES HAHAHA The world shall

Comment by Kakam (not verified) Mon, 11/29/2010 - 10:47

YES HAHAHA The world shall tremble beneath our cybernetically enhanced tofurkies!

bacon grease!

Comment by Sgt. Bob (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 03:03

Don't worry Yuko, you are not alone!
*throws the horns, accompanied by the Gene Simmons Tongue*
Heavy metal and BACON GREASE!

Okay, so it's Thanksgiving

Comment by Sgt. Bob (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 03:21

And I'm mostly hammered drunk. I apologize.
Meat is glorious.
It is the reason that humans have evolved to what we are.

I thought it was thumbs?

Comment by Number Seven (not verified) Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:36

I thought it was thumbs?

Oh, Yuko. I probably would

Comment by AryCapricat (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 03:38

Oh, Yuko. I probably would have done the same thing.
Except I'd also suggest replacing the plantains with ham.


Comment by Mooshminky (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 04:01

Evan! Modeling! Wheee! :D

I do like my meat, but not bacon grease.


Comment by Sweet Dick Willy (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 04:58

I used to be a cook at a Whole Foods down in Ann Arbor Michigan. Decent gig, no drug tests, not bad pay. The only thing that pissed me off about the place were all the holier-than-thou yuppie-ass Vegans (No offense Ananth, I'm sure you're a swell dude)

Anyway, after about my third week on the job, I finally got sick of all the whiny bastards. And I put pork back on the goddamn menu.
I pan fried their sesame tofu in bacon grease.
Put globs of butter and heavy cream into the vegan sweet potato mash.
Any and every vegan item which ended up on my production list got the full carnivore treatment.

After about a week into my reign of delicious terror, my boss came up to me at the end of the day and said: "Hey Sweet Dick, (my nickname at the time, no joke, long story.) we've been getting tons of complements on your food lately. Have you been switching up the recipes?"

"Yeah," I responded, shrugging into my coat. "I've just been adding a secret ingredient or two."

"Like what?" He asked, genuinely interested. My boss was actually well known for letting the cooks switch up the menu items.

"Bacon." I replied, and gave him the best, brightest shit-eatin' grin I could.

There was a moment of silence.

Followed by him laughing so hard that he actually had to sit down for a minute.

At the end of the whole thing, he gave me a fifty dollar bonus, and told me to go get myself a dime bag.

Best. Job. Ever.

People can be vegan for

Comment by Ananth Fri, 11/26/2010 - 10:29

People can be vegan for health reasons, not some 'yuppie' dogma. It is stupid that some people are so self-righteous that they feel like they can make this kind of decision for someone else - that applies to vegans and otherwise. 

Vegan Protest

Comment by Otakop (not verified) Fri, 11/26/2010 - 11:49

In my city, about a year ago, one of the local college's Vegan clubs had a protest. This involved the members going to local restaurants, pouring bright red paint on anyone's meat-based meal and screaming 'MURDERER' directly in the patron's ear then fleeing.
I can appreciate being passionate about a lifestyle and I know that incidents like this one are rare (no pun intended), but before Sweet Dick Willy's comment I had never before heard of an omnivore (the proper term, carnivores eat ONLY meat and nothing else) doing something like this at a salad bar (BTW SDW, too damn funny).
Personally, I'm an omnivore. That being said, I have noticed that as I grow older, I crave meat less and less (at 43, I'm probably old enough to be a father to most of you... and with my history....ahem...). More than likely I'll be meat-less or even meat-free by age 50. For me, it is both choice and changing dietary desires.
I guess, in summary, what I want to say is that whether you're an omnivore or a herbivore, good on you. It's your life, live it by your rules.

This pretty much

Comment by ThunderGodNick (not verified) Sat, 11/27/2010 - 04:47

SDW's story made me giggle.

Regardless, I don't try to stomp on other peoples foods, as I don't expect them to step on mine. You eat what you want, thats the glory in life.

Although, and I have to say this to all my Vegan/Vegetarian friends: For every animal you don't eat, I eat five. Why? Cause. :D

(Not really...imma go eat some green beans now)

Waiter, there appears to be

Comment by Number Seven (not verified) Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:40

Waiter, there appears to be some paint on my murder, can I get this switched out?