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Level 99 Puppy Drawer

Level 99 Puppy Drawer

Tue, 06/21/2011 - 16:22 by Ananth in response to puppy shower

Yuko went to a baby shower recently! She spent it with two delightful girls, drawing them dragons and ... more dragons. And puppies. 

We're getting more Catmera charms in very soon! So that is pretty neat. 

Yuko's done a whole slew of Game of Thrones art over on her Tumblr - take a look if you're all bananas for the series. I'm almost done with the fourth book, and then I'll probably read Hunger Games. 

I was looking back and seeing that the last 2 weeks have been a series of short blog posts, oops. We've had a lot of work pile up. See you Thursday!


Aww yeah

Comment by Worst (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 16:25

Yuko knows where the real party is at


Comment by Mel (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 17:26

YAY! This is my favourite trick too! Drawing stuff for/with kids

I always drew dragons for

Comment by Demarion (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 17:52

I always drew dragons for kids when I would babysit. Bitches like dragons.

This used to gladly happen

Comment by :O (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 18:22

This used to gladly happen to me a lot at family gatherings when my cousins were a little younger. Alas, those days are gone and I now I have to sit with the adults as they gossip. hmmm.... I think it is time my older cousins need to start having babies >:D


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 18:42

I have a puppy drawer too! And a kitty closet and a hamster hamper!

Hamster hamper?

Comment by hohhoi (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 05:08

Hamster hamper?

This is a real cute page but

Comment by Alain (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 23:05

This is a real cute page but I see cookies everywhere since you mentioned the snickerdoodle dog last time. I mean, I'm slobbering right now, thinking that the little dogs all around Yuko and the girls are really tasty dog-shaped cookies.


Comment by Nico (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 23:21


if you haven't read it yet,

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 23:27

if you haven't read it yet, the name of the wind by patrick rothfuss is amazing!

* u *

Level 99 Puppy Drawer = Money

Comment by N.A.O (not verified) Tue, 06/21/2011 - 23:32

I had a moment kind of like this when I was on break at work. I was being a nerd and drawing a realistic pok'e'mon. A kid came into the pool office and yelled "OH MY GAWD THAT'S A CAMERUPT" and demanded to learn how to draw one.

I now babysit that kid when her family needs it. More money through drawing and pok'e'mon: Does it get any better than that?


If I hadn't read the

Comment by (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 02:17

If I hadn't read the newspost, I would've completely believed that Yuko had gone to an actual *puppy*-shower.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 02:19

Man I might be alone in this opinion but I thought Hunger Games kind of sucked. I mean it disappointed me. But don't let that stop you of course, maybe you will like it! There were parts of it I thought were cool, just that the execution left something to be desired. I have a vague hope that the film might somehow improve on the books. I realize this is sacrilege in most circles, but whatever.

I have yet to read Game of Thrones, and have resolved not to watch the show until I have the first book in my hands. Torture.

Nah, you aren't alone.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 06:32

Nah, you aren't alone. Hunger Games is one of those cheap calorie books, where it's immersive and entertaining but you feel kind of let down and vaguely hungry when it's over. Also, there's the fact that it was written for the early to mid-teenage set.

I had to read this twice to

Comment by Peabody (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 03:17

I had to read this twice to realize Yuko was in a dress.

In other news, puppy showers would be much more interesting than baby showers. Maybe the puppy would be present, and anyway, puppies are more fun to play with than babies. The latter just kinda... Coo. Whereas the puppies run about and... Uh... Bark.

But hey, the puppies move. Right?


Comment by Deih (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:58

Puppies also poop and pee all over the place, and their vile little teeth are so pointy :P

Babies make women go crazy though, so maybe a baby shower should be held once the kid had been born ? Then you also know what to give, if you go for clothes.

Hmmm.... we just got

Comment by hohhoi (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 05:11

Hmmm.... we just got ourselves a puppy dog. He knows that he should pee outside on the grass, thing is, a carpet in my room sort of feels like grass, ergo he pees on the mat. -.- (p.s. I have now gotten rid of that particular mat)


Comment by bapsi (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 06:44


Adorable! You will LOVE

Comment by Sarara (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 06:47

Adorable! You will LOVE Hunger Games.
I'm not one for young adult books (mostly because of the whole obnoxious amount of teen romance) but that book has turned out to be one of my faves.


Comment by Sary (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:42

I am entirely socially awkward.. most of the time. So sitting down with a couple of kids and drawing totally sounds like an acceptable alternative to standing awkwardly in a corner and hoping someone I actually know will come rescue me [which is kind of what I did at the last shower -- thankfully I was friends with the girl the shower was for, and recognized a few of the people there as other fellow grads from out high school]. I felt a little guilty for looking so lost-puppy-like (hee); but I had honestly been counting on knowing more people there, including a mutual friend of ours that used to live in my neighborhood (who ended up not showing).

It was actually kind of funny at first, because the happy couple the shower was for were high school sweethearts. Which means thankfully I knew them both. So I kinda hung out at the 'guys' table with her hubby for the first half of the shower, listening to them talk about cars and giggling that Justin was all "Funny how I'm at the Losers table at my own kids shower". To which I had to respond, "Aw, we're not losers. We just have untapped potential!". But then Tiff came over and insisted I join the girls >>; At any rate, it was reasonably fun.. but I'm such a hermit that it was destined to be awkward for me. So I'm very happy Yuko found a way to not feel awkward the entire time :D

Do want

Comment by Deih (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:56

Yuko needs to do more cute/random doodles like the Batmen and puppies. We want to see puppies! :D

I love the catmera charms, and my sony ericsson w890i is currently sporting the bee-kitty. So cute :3

Labrador Retrievers are one

Comment by Serena (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 10:35

Labrador Retrievers are one of the cutest puppies ever!!! I had one named Roxy, she was the sweetest puppy...except she ate EVERYTHING. It was like having a big fuzzy sentient vacuum cleaner.

More Rook comics! That cat is awesome!

Heh, I'd been reading some

Comment by Bsama (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 12:18

Heh, I'd been reading some manga right before reading this strip so I accidentally read it from right to left, made it seem like Yuko had a spidey-sense like feeling that people wanted to draw puppies :)


Comment by Another reader (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 16:32


omg all webcomics ever are

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 06/23/2011 - 10:13

omg all webcomics ever are connected

i can't stop staring

(i warned you about stares bro)

That is adorable. Yuko is

Comment by meg (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 17:09

That is adorable. Yuko is adorable. Tell Yuko she's adorable.

That third panel must become

Comment by Origamigryphon (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 20:09

That third panel must become one of Yuko's icons.


Yeah this is how it goes with me too..

Comment by ColdFusion (not verified) Wed, 06/22/2011 - 22:56

Like at church stuff or whatever I get dragged to.. I just find some nice kids and draw with 'em.

Your comic makes me smile

Comment by Dan Jones (not verified) Thu, 06/23/2011 - 02:02

Seriously I love your comic so much and have been reading for a few years now. Something about this page though struck a chord with me. It's so nice to be able to actually teach and show your work to people who really want and appreciate it, and I feel like that is a rare thing these days, and I wish it would happen more. But regardless, your art and Ananth's writing keep me coming back everyday to see something new. You guys are such an inspiration :D

- Dan Jones


Comment by SharkFinSoupLove (not verified) Thu, 06/23/2011 - 14:48

I have to agree with an above post that I imagined puppy cookies... But this was simply adorable. reminded me of how my best friend and i lOOOVE to randomly burst out drawing non-sense :|

Panel 3 = yuko + the glow =

Comment by Oma (not verified) Mon, 08/08/2011 - 09:57

Panel 3 = yuko + the glow = scott pilgrim???