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Finally, coffee we can agree on

Finally, coffee we can agree on

Tue, 10/11/2011 - 18:24 by Ananth in response to peanut blarghr

It was mega gross, oh man. 

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes from last week! You guys and gals are really nice and I realized I forgot to thank ya. 

NYCC info will be up on Thursday! Yuko's got two signings, and we'll be in the webcomics area tabling with Frank and Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth and next to Evan and Kel! A very thorough info post will be up on Thursday, so look for it then. 

October may end up being a hell month for us! So apologies in advance if posts get short(er) -- comics will update as usual. 

Have a good one, catch you Thursday!


Ohhhh man I hate that. But

Comment by Firra (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 18:32

Ohhhh man I hate that. But to me, all artificial cappuccino machine coffees taste like that.


Comment by Talie (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 18:45

That made me cringe! xD
I haven't acquired a taste in any kind of coffee, but I don't mind the coffee-flavoured things. I can relate in some way, though, as I have tried different artificially flavoured food and drinks and.. it can get pretty awful.

My worst experience was with Valentine chocolates, one year - they were chocolate and peanut butter and the peanut butter was just.. it was wrong. It was gritty and very unlike the peanut butter I once knew and loved. I have not been able to eat chocolate and peanut butter together since that day, many years ago..


Comment by Phil Kahn (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 18:47

I can't imagine a time where I'd ever be upset to taste peanut butter.


Comment by Mim (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 19:32

I know you guys will be posting information on Thursday, but I was wondering if it was possible to get photos with you guys when you're at your booth and if you'd be charging a fee? I'm not sure if all artists/writers take photos with fans, so I felt it was better to ask before I get there.

Thanks for your response in advance! :D

Photos are just fine, and no

Comment by Ananth Tue, 10/11/2011 - 21:08

Photos are just fine, and no fee!

Oh God Why?

Comment by David Herbert (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 19:37

Peanut Butter mixed with anything other than bread tastes awful to me. It's why I can't understand how those peanut butter/chocolate combos got so popular.


Comment by Spizzy (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 20:24

BECAUSE IT'S SOOOOOO GOOD. PEANUT BUTTER WAS MADE FOR CHOCOLATE *consumes entire bag of reese's cups meant for her friends*

peanut butter coffee sounds absolutely delicious to me now. But it also sounds like one of those things that wouldn't work out even if you like peanut butter

Have you ever had a peanut

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 22:21

Have you ever had a peanut butter brownie? Because those are...beautiful... *_* I think they single-handedly turned me into the sugar-holic I am today.

No I have not

Comment by David Herbert (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 01:47

However I have had the Peanut Butter Cups and they were disgusting.

*puts on enthusiastic

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 09:00

*puts on enthusiastic missionary face* They're not quite the same thing! I'm five outta ten on Reese's cups ...the peanut butter is weird and grainy and it makes the chocolate all greasy. But peanut butter brownies--they're like delicious, tasty, crunchy nuttiness over a nice cake-y cocoa-y brownie.

...Yeah, I'm kind of craving chocolate. How could you tell?

Potential animated series spin-off?

Comment by Krimson (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 19:40

Johnny Wander: Saga of the Bean

Yuko Ota as Coffee Dragon,
Ananth Panagariya as Sweet-Toothed Sam,
Conrad Kreyling as The Bottomless Pot,
& John Arthur Kelly as John

I demand that this AT LEAST

Comment by Suri (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 23:39

I demand that this AT LEAST be made into an awesome comic/series of comics.


Comment by Psydotek (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 06:40

I second this motion. All those in favor please raise your right hand and say "yea".

*Raises hand*

Comment by the1truesushiboy (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 16:16

Yea. Not that it's likely it'll happen, but it does sound awesome.

*raises right hand*

Comment by Pandiculator (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 11:30

Pandiculator, the honorable delegate of the State of Denial votes Yea.

You want to know what's good

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 20:16

You want to know what's good -if you like the taste I mean- hot chocolate made with one pump chocolate syrup, one pump vanilla flavoring, and mixed in steamed milk. It tastes like a marshmellow. Of course... it is only amazing if you like the taste of marshmellows. I discovered this at work one day -I work at a McDonald's that has one of those Mc Cafe machines... I like to experiment with it whenever there are no orders.

The facial takes in this

Comment by Rorek (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 21:48

The facial takes in this keep cracking me up. Though as someone who can only stomach coffee in very sweet latte form, I feel your pain.

Tastebud hell

Comment by Jared (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 21:50

Peanut Butter and Coffee, the two substances that I least want to be anywhere near my mouth.

I empathize with your plight.

You got peanut butter in my

Comment by Hocksmonovits (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 22:45

You got peanut butter in my coffee!

I hate all coffee related things, so if the punchline was "Oh God this coffee tastes like coffee bleeehhhh," I would still get it.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 23:04


Sure, Peanut Butter is

Comment by Suri (not verified) Tue, 10/11/2011 - 23:36

Sure, Peanut Butter is delicious, but when your coffee tastes like nuts, it's nasty. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh

I may now try putting peanut

Comment by tahrey (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 03:47

I may now try putting peanut butter IN coffee just to see what the resulting taste is like.

I like coffee... I like peanut butter... I like various things mixed with them individually... maybe they'll go together?

Of course, it'll have to be sweet peanut butter, the savoury (and cheap!), crunchy type currently sat in my workplace fridge - goes awsomely well with both vegemite or mixed fruit jam, folks, so long as you don't try and make it a 3-way - really won't do, as it'd be more like dumping a lump of salty butter and chopped nuts into my drink.

The sweet smooth type might not be any better of course, as there'll still be a considerable "butter" element, but it might just work. And it can't be any worse than that Nestle Instant Cappuccino nonsense that's like drinking greasy chemical foam (but my mother inexplicably loves), or the very old and stale packs of Fairtrade instant that keep appearing in the communal jar when you're not looking. (For such reason, I keep a secret stash of Kenco extra-special to bust out every couple weeks)

JW: Challenging my culinary expectations since *sometime earlier in 2011*


Comment by Black Ice (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 06:21

Gross. XP

BTW, happy belated b-day!

Well... there's the names...

Comment by tahrey (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 04:33

Well... there's the names... and a vague ethnic influence... but the character designs are still pure DC :)

(and I don't mean Detective Comics)

More coffee comics

Comment by Jostein (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 06:40

Even more coffee comics... Is it Christmas already?

The last two panels were delightful and funny =)


Comment by Psydotek (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 06:43

"It tastes a bit nutty..." #austinpowersreference

Is that the french vanilla

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 07:42

Is that the french vanilla from Speedway? I tried that. I thought it tasted like Pediasure.

Could you post a booth

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 07:48

Could you post a booth number if you have it. I spent a long time last year trying to find Evan Dahm and never found him. I would like to give you money, but I can't if I can't find you.

I get these Vanilla

Comment by Eggfish (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 15:48

I get these Vanilla Cappuccinos from Tim Hortons.
They taste like Shredded Wheat.
No one believes me.

I've had regular coffee that

Comment by tahrey (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 04:28

I've had regular coffee that tasted a bit like that before ... which was disappointing because shredded wheat tastes of hardly anything! If it was supposed to be vanilla i'd have taken it back asking where the syrup went...

Oh man. That last panel, so

Comment by Jeremy (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 15:57

Oh man. That last panel, so silly XD

French Vanilla

Comment by the1truesushiboy (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 16:15

NOOOOOOOO! I missed the birthday wishings! BAPPY HELATED DIRTHBAY! Wait, that's not right at all. Anyway, I used to work at Starbucks. I wouldn't recommend any of the flavorings they add to coffee, personally. It's all extremely artificial tasting, in my opinion. But it might depend on where you got your coffee. Now about that flavor... some syrups called French vanilla actually include hazelnut, caramel or butterscotch flavors to give it a taste closer to that of the custard-like flavor of real french vanilla. Maybe there was too much of one of those? But what's really good is brownies made with coffee instead of plain ol' water and peanutbutter swirled in. Even better if you use bacon fat instead of butter/oil (and don't add the standard pinch of salt). It's a hit-or-miss recipe, but they are the most delicious heart attacks you'll ever have. Why am I rambling abou- oh yeah... coffee. Well... this comment's long enough, I think.

Artificial peach flavoring is the worst

Comment by TrueVCU (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 19:54

It always manages to taste like some hideous combination of butter and perfume D:


Comment by Michelle (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 21:45

This is the truth.

Worse even than artificial

Comment by tahrey (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 04:26

Worse even than artificial strawberry, which is like eating rubbery soap?
Or artifical banana, which is so nasty (and weirdly bitter) that, as I experienced the synthetic version first, it actually put me off real bananas pretty much for life because of the association.

I would not be upset.

Comment by aFatFan (not verified) Wed, 10/12/2011 - 22:57

I would not be upset.


Comment by Anii (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 00:15

NYCC this year is going to rawk! I'll try to drop by to snag some awesome merch~ Also.. peanut butter coffee... EW...

I love peanut butter to a

Comment by Nate (not verified) Thu, 10/13/2011 - 01:04

I love peanut butter to a fault, but that combination sounds nasty as all get out. Even worse would be coffee that tastes like hot sauce.

The new gross

Comment by Tom (not verified) Wed, 11/16/2011 - 13:43

Banana Split, flavored coffee... HOT Banana Split Flavored Coffee... BLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHGGCCLCCKCKCCCC