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Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:05 by Ananth in response to creative solutions

Hey everyone! We'll be at ECCC in Seattle, WA this weekend at table A-22 in the Artist's Alley - we're tabling with Adam Warrock! Come by and say hello! Here's a handy map so you can easily find us (we're right near the entrance!):

Oh, and thanks for coming out to Floating World for the signing! That was fun. 

We gotta hit the hay now as we've got an early start heading to Seattle tomorrow - hope to see you there!


I'm surprised

Comment by Seagull (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:12

that John even wrote please.

He's luring him into a false

Comment by Katsuya (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 18:28

He's luring him into a false sense of security. ;)


Comment by Ducky (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:26

JOHN IS GOING TO MURDER HIM D8 (All you'll hear is that the guy just ran out on his lease and disappeared... ) That and John's rug/blanket will be missing.

Did our lovely John actually

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:05

Did our lovely John actually do this? I applaud him.
(The internet says pics or it didn't happen.)

... I'm doing this.

Comment by Viga (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:05


I'm doing this.

Beautifully illustrated!

Comment by Robert V Aldrich (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:08

Beautifully illustrated! Conrad(?)'s expression in the last panel is extremely vibrant and wonderfully done.


Comment by Alex Ross (not verified) Sat, 03/31/2012 - 16:02

Pretty sure that's not Conrad.
In fact, I'm almost certain it's just supposed to be some random guy with intentionally very little detail.

Thank you!

Comment by Celli (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:27

For signing your books for me, and impersonating Jacques! Have a great time at Emerald City!

Okay, for a second I thought

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:47

Okay, for a second I thought it was John listening to the music and he ran to the window and aggressively grabbed onto the guy's sign. It was amazing. Still very funny!

I'm hooked already!

Comment by elainadel (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 10:11

My husband introduced me to this comic yesterday and I just couldn't stop reading. I've read the whole archives and can't wait for more!


Comment by Red (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 11:06

John, I love you.

For Added Effect...

Comment by Omnithea (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 11:35

Light the sign on fire.


Comment by meanderling (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 20:21



Comment by elorg (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:13

Hahahaha - excellent.

Once, I arrived home to find the screen door locked (no key) and the music blasting while renovations were in-progress upstairs. No one could hear my knocking, doorbell ringing, or yells. Since they were upstairs, I couldn't walk around the house and peek in a window to get their attention. However...

The music was playing via iTunes :D
I opened the Remote app on my phone and paused the music. Mwahaha. I love technology.


Comment by Kalathandra (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:26

I have wanted to do this to my neighbors upstairs for the longest time!

My love for John

Comment by MediaDuke (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 13:09

My love for John continues to grow. Also, YAY so excited to see you guys at ECCC!!


Comment by Glade (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 14:43


John is sexy as heck in that last panel.

my alternative request would

Comment by matt lohkamp (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 15:14

my alternative request would be to pick music I like to listen to and turn it up.

And this is why we live John.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 16:02

And this is why we live John.

I have neighbours that pick

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 17:32

I have neighbours that pick one terrible song and play it on repeat for hours.
Brb, making a sign.

I've thought about using this on the bus

Comment by ColdFusion (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 17:41

but it's still more awkward than just dealing with it..

Triumphant Return!

Comment by AmbrosiaWriter (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 19:23

Ha! Oh, John, you are just the epitome of damn awesome.

The last panel actually had me saying, "Oh crap someone's going to die!" Like the obnoxious listener walks over to the window to check and John just starts beating him with the sign.

John, you should shoot him where it hurts. EVERYWHERE!

Amazing choreography by the way Yuko, just perfect for the punchline panel!

John's face in the last

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 22:05

John's face in the last panel makes me think of that line from Elf..."oh, he's an angry elf."

But that guy looked so cool!

Comment by Jubal (not verified) Thu, 03/29/2012 - 23:07

But that guy looked so cool! I bet he was listening to Ode to LRC.

I didn't know Death was

Comment by Android 21 3/7 (not verified) Fri, 03/30/2012 - 02:05

I didn't know Death was John's next door neighbor.


Comment by tahrey (not verified) Fri, 03/30/2012 - 02:49

Attach sign to broom with a small amount of adhesive putty (e.g. Blu Tac). Put four larger dots of it on the face of the sign. Use broom to push it against window; the broom should be able to pull away after and leave the sign stuck fast on the window.

The further/more inaccessible it would be for someone to stick it on from the ground / your window the better. Extra points for sticking it somewhere THEY won't be able to easily reach.


Comment by guy with the tf4 hat bird (not verified) Fri, 03/30/2012 - 06:26

Hurry up and get to Toronto already.. Also, Shut up and take my money when you get here... please?

This is my kind of protest.

Comment by Delle (not verified) Fri, 03/30/2012 - 20:01

This shows yet another reason why people would ask John for advice. Necessity is less the mother of invention as compared to annoyance/ire.

Just wanna say...

Comment by Ashurei (not verified) Fri, 03/30/2012 - 23:05

John comics are the best comics. <3

I just read the whole thing

Comment by Virus (not verified) Sat, 03/31/2012 - 01:37

And I love your comic! You are all awesome! And i feel so sad that now I will have to wait until there is an update.
When i get a job, I'm so gonna buy your books ='D
Ps. Tell john i love him XD (in a platonic kind of way)

Will you guys be attending

Comment by Srah (not verified) Sat, 03/31/2012 - 18:29

Will you guys be attending Fanime Con in late May?

I went to your booth at

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 03/31/2012 - 21:06

I went to your booth at E.C.C.C! I was too much of a chicken to approach you guys and say 'hello' or anything. u_u,


Comment by Beth B (not verified) Sun, 04/01/2012 - 19:41

I did the same thing!
I never know what to say to people
I bought a necklace though ^_^

Saw you today at ECCC

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 03/31/2012 - 22:36

Saw you guys today at the con, loved the art prints you had out. You look exactly like your comic versions, its really uncanny.

I'm ashamed to admit.....

Comment by the other ghost girl (not verified) Sun, 04/01/2012 - 10:19

that I may have been close to being on the receiving end of a sign like this. A combination of a ipod alarm clock radio that refused to turn off for the day and an ipod with the "hadestown" album downloaded along with a loud TV downstairs, made it to where I was unaware that it was playing loudly all day while I wasn't home and for a little time while I was watching TV. (even though it was decent music)

AHAHAHA! Oh, John.

Comment by Den (not verified) Sun, 04/01/2012 - 19:45

AHAHAHA! Oh, John.


Comment by Tailcoat (not verified) Mon, 04/02/2012 - 19:32

DEATH is John's Neighbor?!?!


Comment by AnonyMaus (not verified) Tue, 04/03/2012 - 07:49

That look of unbottled rage... <3 I wish John would come to my library and give the same look to these rascally students. He could probably pull off intimidating a lot better than I can. Hehehe.

A couple of years ago this

Comment by Mainer (not verified) Sat, 04/21/2012 - 14:25

A couple of years ago this was happening to my roommates and I... it was some kind of scream metal turned up to 11. After enduring it for awhile, one of my less thoughtful roommates through a couple of eggs at the offender's window. In response, they pointed a handgun at our window. Why are people so insane?