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432787498279427384 phones

432787498279427384 phones

Tue, 01/29/2013 - 19:20 by Ananth in response to high wizard phone master conrad

Conrad has approximately 7283947237197379482 phones. He really likes phones. Like a lot!! Whenever I need phone advice, he's the guy I go to.

Guys! Our pal Magnolia is running a Kickstarter to fund the first book of Monster Pulse, her really exciting comic about kids & monsters!

I think Magnolia is really great at dialogue and writing complicated people and I can't wait to get this book in my hands!! It's going to be great!

Also, pal Megan Baehr is looking to rebox her Nonesuch dolls. The dolls are super cute and really sturdy - I commissioned one for Yuko's birthday a few years ago and it's lovely. Check it out:

That's all for us! Catch you Thursday!


I can understand three

Comment by Forest_GS (not verified) Tue, 01/29/2013 - 20:34

I can understand three phones, one for calls, one for data, and one for music/video entertainment.

I've seen it

Comment by MegzHartie (not verified) Tue, 01/29/2013 - 21:28

I intern where he works and I can honestly say I'm not surprised. Though I thought he only had 2 phones.

He gave me advice once that I should stay away from Motorola phones yet the Droid 4 still calls out to me like that bad boy everyone else says is bad for you but I can still see the good in them (aka physical keyboard and hot spotting).

I can understand this

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 01/29/2013 - 22:52

I can understand this perfectly. I have two phones, a work one and a personal one - as I'm not giving up my personal number to work - I want to continue to keep those parts of my life separate.

Panel #6

Comment by art(be)ast (not verified) Tue, 01/29/2013 - 23:38

The no-palm facepalm...fear it!

My Brpther develops apps.

Comment by maldar (not verified) Tue, 01/29/2013 - 23:55

I have a brother out in CA that creates apps. He has attended all the Google developer conferences and gets free phones or tablets. For what you spend to attend, you better get something. He gave me one of his tablets when he got a new one this past year. Too bad all the apps he does are for use in house for companies.
He is workingto develop a game of his own to release, but he keeps having to put it on the back burner for one reason or another. I hope he finishes it one of these days.


Comment by Number Seven (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 03:13

You know you've been studying too much when you start reading numbers in Japanese. Took me entirely too long to remember how to say "four".

You're the BEST!

Comment by Megan (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 08:27

I'm pretty sure this is what got my project fully funded! Thank you SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3


Comment by 13thprotector (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 08:48

You guys seem to grow more and more ridiculous as these go along -_-

Conrad's Phone

Comment by Emily (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 14:58

It may be silly, but I assure you it is all true. Conrad is a cad and and bounder when it comes to electronics.

Not just silly

Comment by 13thprotector (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 08:41

It's not just Conrad's silliness, I meant all the other stuff before this panel too. Down to the point where they are in a spiraling downpour of absolute lunacy....

...A lot of the newer stuff seems... hastily drawn, less thought out, last minute design. o-o

There's this thing called

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 15:17

There's this thing called dramatic effect and sometimes the best way for an artist to show (vs 'telling') that is to use different line weights, 'hastiness' or any other visual tricks to make that point. Considering that the rest of the comic is drawn per usual style... I'm not seeing your complaint as being very legit.

Left-hand comics maybe?

Comment by Macca (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 17:24

Maybe 13thprotector is referring to the comics that had to be drawn with Yuko's left hand? Maybe they were not ~in the know~.

Anyway, I also disagree that the quality or planning behind the comics have changed towards the negative (other than the lefthand stint there, I have no idea what 13thprotector might be referring to). Showing is definitely better than telling.


Comment by 13thprotector (not verified) Fri, 02/01/2013 - 08:45

By less thought out, I mean more along the lines as scattered or distorted. As though Yuko is running low on ideas at the moment, though her art grows better the ideas are at the bottom of the funnel and need to be refilled. I am not saying the comics aren't good, I'm just saying that the later ones for the last few weeks have felt a bit scatter brained. >_>
Though, it could just be the spin cycle...

I have also noticed a severe artists block all across deviant art, at least in the people I've associated with as of lately.

Honestly, since you added in

Comment by Macca (not verified) Fri, 02/01/2013 - 10:52

Honestly, since you added in the "severe artists block all across DeviantArt" I feel like you're simply making false coincidences and reading too much into it.

Also, dA has over 14 million members. I'm pretty sure they are not *all* experiencing artists block - just some of the ones in your own circle.

Basically I'm saying you're biased by a small sample group and letting that color your conclusions elsewhere. Also that I still disagree with you. This is probably the end of it since you've stated your argument and I've stated mine :)


Comment by 13thprotector (not verified) Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:47

I know 20 people on Da, all of them are inactive. I look for new people to watch and become inspired by their enthusiasm, and they don't turn out very enthusiastic. I exaggerate too :P

I'm tired. So so tied. -_-
If you've got something I can look at, say how great it is, and can give an enthusiastic push forward and drive to a new goal, then I'll look you up.

Frankly I don't see it

Comment by sandpaperdaisy (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 21:44

Plus, from what I can tell the comic has always been all about light-hearted, everyday quirky stuff. Ananth wearing pointsetta socks. Cats behaving in odd ways. People getting excited over whether to purchase a coffee table. Pumpkin curry. Korra arms. I haven't seen any situations that felt fake and the drawing has been perfectly fine. This comic serves as a charming glimpse into a softer and sweeter world than most of us see every day...the world in these guys' heads. As long as they continue to be genuine about how they perceive could they be doing it wrong?


Comment by Hadan (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 19:56

So Conrad is a cellphonoisseur?

What does he think are some of the best phones on the market?

I like my iPhone 4 but its about time for a new phone for me.

Four fones? FOUR?

Comment by Amake (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 20:59

I don't understand how you could even use more phones than you have hands. But I've had five phones total in my life (three of them cellphones), so maybe I'm missing something.

Flip dem phones

Comment by Casey (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 21:02

I have one phone. From 2007. It flips open, and the screen does not respond to my finger. It is not, by definition, smart. But it sends and receives text, and occasionally reminds me to take my breaks at work. So it's good enough for me.

I'm the same

Comment by Ben Anderson (not verified) Wed, 01/30/2013 - 23:58

I'm the same... but with computers.
I've got one hooked up to my TV (Netflix, of course), three under my desk and two laptops.

And an Acer server.

And an IBM server.

I'm starting to see where the concerns over the electricity bill are coming from.

I see what you did there.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 09:14

I see what you did there. Nice call back to the old reader question about Conrad's hair.

My hair has been like that

Comment by conrad Sun, 02/03/2013 - 20:02

My hair has been like that for almost eight years now. ;D

I love your comic <3 <3

Comment by Tana- Re (not verified) Thu, 01/31/2013 - 09:44

I love your comic <3 <3 <3!!!!
I must say it, but I don't know were.
You're amazing guys!