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Posted May 1, 2015 at 06:52 pm

Hey everyone! It's our fourth letters column! This is where we round up the questions we received from Patreon backers and respond. In case you're confused, here's the deal: patrons can ask us questions by hitting this link. Please send us questions! If you'd like to become a patron, head over to our patreon!

Only one question this week! Please send us more! We'd love to answer a bunch next week. 
 Hi Yuko and Ananth,

Do you guys prefer to work on autobio comics or longer fiction stories?

Thank you!


The short answer is long. Longer fiction stories.

The long answer is that we enjoy doing the autobio comics, but there’s no room for us to write about conflict, or hardship, or any kind of narrative at all. There’s no way for us to translate many of our personal experiences into a palatable one-page “story”. Some stories are too complicated for that. And ironically, as we talk about investigating those more personal experiences, we have less of a desire to be the “characters” in the story.

I really like what we’ve been doing with the autobio comics-- I love when people come up to us at a show and say, “This is just like my friends!” I like when people can relate to us. We want to explore that in new ways.

That's all for us this time! Send us questions, and we'll catch you next time!
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