Posted September 22, 2020 at 01:03 pm


We've been collaborating with some of our favorite cartoonists to create short stories set in the world of Barbarous. They're all written by us, so they're all canon! We're really excited to share these with you!

Our first short story is about Suzume, one of the Cerberus girls! It was illustrated by Patabot (twitter / instagram / linktree / shop), whose work you might know from Patata Comics! Definitely check out her work, she's amazing! Thank you for working with us, Pat!

The comic was also lettered by our long-time collaborator, Tess Stone (twitter / website)! He's lettering all of the short stories, a million thank-yous Tess!

Now's the perfect time to get caught up on Barbarous! You can read all of Season 1 for free by following the links below:

Read from the beginning of Chapter 5 here.

Read from the beginning here.

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