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Posted December 31, 2020 at 01:46 pm

Hey everyone!

Thanks for making this difficult year a bit brighter by sharing Barbarous with us. We're excited to share more side stories and more of what Percy and Leeds get up to in the New Year! We'll be taking January off, and will return in February with regular posting. Follow us on twitter @aidosaur @ananthhirsh for updates on that, or support us on Patreon for up to date info! Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm its meant a lot during this year!

If you missed the sidestories, you can read them here:

Ada's House of Discount Glamours, drawn by @patabot

Taller and More Mysterious, drawn by @arlir

Wisdom of the Dead, drawn by @magnoliapearl

R&R Cooking Vlog, drawn by @krismukai

Cacophony Harpend & The Door to Calamity, drawn by @_ggdg_

And of course, now's the perfect time to get caught up on Barbarous! You can read all of Season 1 for free by following the links below:

Read from the beginning of Chapter 5 here.

Read from the beginning here.

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