Nov.28.15 at 12:34 pm

Hey guys! Yuko said I should make a post for Small Business Saturday, so here it is! We've got a couple of new things for you! 

First, CUTTINGS is finally in the store!! Standard and Limited editions are both up! Check them out (and click through for the listing!):


LIMITED (comes with a dust jacket!):

We're so excited that they're finally available! YESSSS! Next, Lucky Penny is totally available for preorder through your Diamond (and your favorite local comic shop)!

Third, Hey Chickadee is having a Cyber Monday Sale! A ton of Yuko's designs are on sale, check it out:

And last, Oni Press is selling the BUZZ hardcover for $10! That's a great deal! 


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• BK Library Comic Con - Brooklyn, NY - March 18
• C2E2 - Chicago, IL - April 21-23
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• Kinokuniya Event - New York, NY - June 2
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