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maybe I should try growing a beard

maybe I should try growing a beard

Mon, 04/06/2009 - 23:16 by Aido in response to give or take ten years

Very seriously, this is a near-direct transcript.  I don't know why the dude decided I needed to know his exact age.  Weekends at the mall: everyone is in high school.

I should probably note, I'm turning 24 in about two weeks.  Being mistaken for someone 10 years younger than my actual age is a first, but I still regularly get carded at movies. :/  Conrad left for Rochester a while back and returned with a scruffy beard.  He normally suffers from the same "hey shouldn't you be in class right now" affliction that I do, and I think that the beard helps a lot on that front.  He is, as always, envious of Ananth's abilities to grow a full, luxurious beard within hours.

Since it's in the comic, I'll mention my wallet.  It's a cute, compact, and practical little thing called a Jimi.  I've had mine for two years or so and it's been real good to me.

Ananth is sick and running a fever!  Please send him your best and hope that he doesn't get the rest of us sick.



Comment by Lindsey (not verified) Tue, 04/14/2009 - 19:09

Just wanted to say I LOVE your comic (especially anything having to do with those cats!) and I too am 24 years old but look younger than 17. Just about five feet tall and small-chested. Also shaved head/mohawk (depending on the time of year) so I often get mistaken for a young boy. WOO HOO! I sympathize with your plight.

Those wallets

Comment by Evan (not verified) Thu, 04/23/2009 - 00:17

So, hey, it occured to me... those Jimi things, being made of plastic (polypropylene, yeah?)... do they pick up a static charge at all, mess with credit card strips or Smartrip cards or anything? I'd hate to lose all my metro fare to my wallet's vagaries.

I can beat that, Yuko

Comment by Jason (not verified) Sun, 05/24/2009 - 01:19

I'm 26 and people routinely mistake me for anything between 13 and 17. I know where you're coming from, sister.

i'm 22 but i look like

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 06/16/2009 - 02:45

i'm 22 but i look like 16/18

i figure when i'm job hunting ;__; everyone will pat me on the head and dear...go wait in the lobby for your sibling....

My sister is a few months

Comment by Norah (not verified) Tue, 06/16/2009 - 15:57

My sister is a few months younger than you, Yuko, but she has the EXACT same thing happen to her.

I went into a bridal shop with her once (she's engaged) to look around for bridesmaid dress ideas. A lady working at the store walked up to us, looked at me and asked, "So when's the wedding?" I pointed at my sister and said "She's the one getting married." The lady at the store looked shocked. The worst part? I'm 16 (and I was I think 15 at the time!).

Same happened to me a lot.

Comment by zwirnfx (not verified) Thu, 06/25/2009 - 11:43

Same happened to me a lot. Then I grew my hair long, shoulder long. Since then no one ever asked my age ever again.

a little late

Comment by Denis Laplante (not verified) Thu, 01/14/2010 - 00:12

I know im a little late to this party, but Ive got you all beat. Ive got a little brother whos 8 years younger than me, and we were both fishing at the docks one summer. I was 15. The guy standing next to me asked me if the kid I was fishing with was my son lol. Mind you, I was standing at 6' 3" and 250lbs at the time :P he was rather bewildered by the actual age gap.

The oldest I've ever gotten

Comment by Elkian (not verified) Mon, 06/28/2010 - 19:39

The oldest I've ever gotten guessed at was 13 last summer.
I graduated this year -_- doesn't help that I'm 5'3" and the most.

TELL me about it

Comment by minetruly (not verified) Tue, 07/05/2011 - 10:29

I'm 27, and a few weeks ago, I got carded for a scratch-off gambling ticket. That implies the person thought I looked 17 or younger. Granted, I *WAS* wearing my 50s-style bucket hat.

Until that time, the biggest age gap estimate I got was a guess of 17 when I was 23.