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If you missed the BARBAROUS CHAPTER 2 campaign, you can still get in on it via Pledgemanager! You can pick up both oversized books, as well as a bunch of other items like books, enamel pins, and more!


We got so many requests to bring this design back, so here it is: SPORTS ANIME! This time we've printed it on a baseball tee, a unisex tee, a womens tee, a womens tank, and a tote bag! They're in the store now, check em out!

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HEY GUYS! This is a four page update, so be sure to click through. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED is a collaboration with Tessa Stone & Sarah Stone. We'll be running chapter 1 on the site, and then it'll migrate to its own website. 

Tessa co-created the comic with me, and she's doing pencils and inks! Sarah is (incredibly) coloring the pages! You can find more of Tessa's work at NOT DRUNK ENOUGH, and more of Sarah's at MONSTER BOYS & ROBOTS

That's all for now! Let's have fun!

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HI EVERYONE! This is it, the last week that you can order Lucky Penny through your local comics shop! Cut-off is next Monday, 2/15! Get it through your local comic shop! And retailers, you can use Diamond order code (NOV151549)!


We're doing a couple of things to help promote Lucky Penny this week, including a CONTEST with Oni Press! You can read about it on tumblr here, or read on below: 


Make up a great title for Penny’s favorite romance novel for the chance to win free copies of LUCKY PENNY BY @ananthhirsh and @aidosaur!

Check out Penny’s current collection for inspiration!


  • No explicit language

  • One entry per person

  • Entries must be posted on Twitter and tagged with @onipress and #LuckyPennyPicks

The “Penny’s Collection” Contest will run from Tuesday February 9th to Sunday February 14th, 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be announced on Monday February 15th.

Yuko and Ananth, the creators of LUCKY PENNY, will then choose three winners. Each winner will receive:

  • 1 copy of Oni Press’s LUCKY PENNY cover (middle image)

  • 1 copy of the LUCKY PENNY Kickstarter exclusive softcover (left image)

  • 1 copy of the LUCKY PENNY Kickstarter exclusive hardcover with gold foil (right image)

Tweet your best romance novel title at @onipress and at us! 


Hey! Here's some Lucky Penny news!

  • We did a fun interview with Diamond Bookshelf! We talked about our favorite romance novels, and a little bit of process! But mostly ROMANCE! 
  • We got a starred review in Publisher's Weekly! Very cool! From the review: "Penny’s story grew out of Hirsh and Ota’s Johnny Wander webcomic, and they’re in perfect sync, delivering drily funny dialogue and outlandish visual comedy that plays with conventions of film, manga, and geek culture (for her part, Penny adores fantasy romance novels with titles like Dragon Lust and Succubus Seduced, which she organizes “according to hotness”)."

  • Yuko got interviewed for PREVIEWSworld's How To Draw month! She talks about growing up drawing, dragons, and... dragons, basically. It's fun, check it out! 

  • We got featured on Unshelved! 
  • There's another interview coming along!
  • If you want to order Lucky Penny through your local comic shop, just head on over and ask them to order it!

That's all for now! We'll update this as things move along!

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