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Wolf was the only one that lived

Wolf was the only one that lived

Thu, 03/05/2009 - 13:42 by Ananth in response to he named the houseplants

There was an infestation of bugs towards the end of the lifespan of these plants so they got moved outside to the balcony. Now they're all dormant or dead, except for Wolf. ;_; 

I named the spider plant Wolf as in Lone Wolf, because he actually hung across the room from the others, all by his lonesome.  It was his solitude that ultimately quarantined him from the bug plague.

Blue, the strawberry plant, grew one large strawberry, which we were going to cut into four pieces so we could all savor it ... but then a squirrel ate it. D: What a jerk!

Roberto, who technically supposed to be an annual plant, lived way longer than he was supposed to! We got quite a few peppers out of him, all of which are drying in the kitchen and will be used to make more little Robertos come spring.

Steven and Charlene got married, but are now estranged.

Doris moved to New York, where she became secretary to a very prominent Hollywood actor. 


I do that! :D I name many of

Comment by Maxwellian (not verified) Fri, 03/06/2009 - 12:08

I do that! :D

I name many of my things. My venus flytrap was called Benny. He was too small to catch daddy longlegses so I caught them for him and fed them to him. He died a couple of years back.
I was going to name the thyme and basil that I had but they got bug-infested. My friend has a cactus called Conrad and I think another one called Henry.

diseases (usually)

Comment by nicole (not verified) Fri, 03/06/2009 - 19:34

I name my plants after unpleasant things.

serious business.

Comment by Jessica (not verified) Sat, 03/07/2009 - 01:23

I'm calling child protective services on Wolf.

 Hahaha nooo Wolf my son

Comment by Ananth Sun, 03/08/2009 - 11:49

 Hahaha nooo Wolf my son

Annual Plants

Comment by Wilimac (not verified) Sat, 03/07/2009 - 03:15

Most Annual Plants can live longer then they are supposed to live in a season. I have seen hibiscus plants live though 2/3 of the way thought winter. It really depends on how well you tend to the plant.

Not Alone!

Comment by Willow (not verified) Sat, 03/07/2009 - 03:34

Hurrah! Glad to know I'm not the only one who names my plants, then treats them like sentient beings!

I've got a spritey green fellow currently, named Nip. He came with a cute green cup, and sits on his own porcelain coaster on the dinner table. We were afraid for a while that such a position of significance might get into his roots, but he's been really good about it so far.

Once again, thanks for the adorable comic! Your ideas never fail to make me grin.


Comment by Chris (not verified) Sat, 03/07/2009 - 21:21

I name all my plants too. This is therefor perfectly normal.

I have a Fredward and a Doug.

I found this quite funny

Comment by Jukebox (not verified) Sun, 03/08/2009 - 13:44

I found this quite funny simply because of the plant named wolf. The reason being is recently I met a friend from high school for the first time since...well, high school, and somewhere in that time he decided that he wanted to become a transient and change his name to "Wolf." I wanted to laugh at the time, but I was too confused to do so.

So yeah, the wolf plant was quite funny for me.

American Squirrels are so

Comment by Miss Maryam (not verified) Mon, 03/09/2009 - 06:28

American Squirrels are so scary. In England they never come near you but when I was in Chicago one kept trying to open the back door and when it wasn't trying to do that it would sit there staring at you while you ate. Also it would sit in the tree and stare at you through the bedroom windows (it didn't matter which bedroom, there was always a squirrel there).


Wow, that's one creepy

Comment by Ananth Mon, 03/09/2009 - 10:16

Wow, that's one creepy story. 

The only comparable thing I can think of is when I was visiting my cousins in India, sometimes a monkey would come chill in your house. Not cool. 

That happens in Pakistan

Comment by Miss Maryam (not verified) Tue, 03/10/2009 - 05:16

That happens in Pakistan too, except it's more lizards and less monkeys. Pakistan totally needs more Monkeys.

Maybe it's just Squirrels in Illinois that do that? I mean I have never had trouble with them anywhere else in the USA. But they were creepy little bastards, staring with their beedy eyes and their hands squished into fists.

Wally the Lost Aloe Vera

Comment by Yami (not verified) Mon, 03/09/2009 - 15:16

During my freshman year my roommate at the time was given a bamboo plant which for the duration of its stay made the world that much brighter for me. During thanksgiving break of freshman year my roomie took the bamboo back to Mississippi with her and didn't bring it back (it was outgrowing its designated space). It was like losing a friend, so during winter break my mother surprised me with a plant of my own. This is how I met my dear dear friend, Wally, the aloe vera, who spent many a week with me and made himself beloved to more than a few.
This last summer Wally had a battle with the elements. Hot Texas weather in full sunlight did not agree with my Virginia raised house plant, but slowly, with water, and a cool spot in my bedroom, Wally recovered. When it came time to return to Virginia, Wally was left behind. A visit from mother was planned for September and with it Wally's much anticipated return. Alas it was not to be. Mom left Wally in an airport. I can only hope some nice Airport worker rescued him.

the last horse says

Comment by mike and ike (not verified) Wed, 03/25/2009 - 15:40

dont know why i was expecting this to be a marijuana joke...haha would you name that plant or would it be your bastard child...marley would be a good name.

Wolf is a really good name

Comment by MineTruly (not verified) Tue, 06/02/2009 - 22:05

Wolf is a really good name for a spider plant.

I also love the oregano named Steve.


Comment by Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 06/17/2009 - 22:59

The deer makes me lawl.

I don't like houseplants,

Comment by QuoteRadar (not verified) Tue, 07/21/2009 - 00:58

I don't like houseplants, but I do this with technology... and then I forget and refer to my Macbook as "Elliott" in front of other people and they look at me funny.

But, most of my friends know by now that when I say I went out with "Todd" last night, that I was shooting photos in the city with my Nikon F100.


Comment by RSJ (not verified) Fri, 11/20/2009 - 13:31

Squirrels eating strawberries!
Not eating you!!

Huh. . .

Comment by Will Nobilis (not verified) Thu, 12/03/2009 - 18:03

And I thought I was the only one that did this.

Lone Wolf.

Comment by Stacye (not verified) Wed, 02/10/2010 - 14:15

Lone Wolf.

I have an Aloe named Chuck,

Comment by Jazhara7 (not verified) Sun, 04/04/2010 - 03:18

I have an Aloe named Chuck, because every household (at least that of every respectable Adventure Gamer) needs a plant called Chuck.

I used to have two other succulents, both from IKEA. One was called "Estella", as she was a bit of a princess, and reminded me of the character from Dickens' "Great Expectations" which we were reading in school at the time. Then there was the "Nameless One", who did not get the name from the main character of "Planescape: Torment", but rather because I could not think of a name. But since PST established "Nameless One" as a name, it was accepted.

Sadly, both Estella and the Nameless One got a kind of white fungi infection, which killed the N.O. eventually. Estella's stem was eaten away by the fungus, but after we cleaned it off her leaves, and she lived on in with the stub without roots stuck in a plastic bag held by a souvenir pencil glass showing the Burg Eltz (a castle here in Germany. Second most visited, in fact, after Neuschwanstein. But much more pretty than Neuschwanstein.). This princess turned out to be one hell of a fighter, but in the end, she died too.

On a side note, back in School I also added a sign saying "Hello, my name is Chuck" to the pot of a Yucca palm tree in the art room. It made my day when I saw that some of the little kids, who were drawing the plants some time later, actually added the sign to their drawings. ^^ Also, I am pretty sure that that sign is still on the plant, even though it's four years since I finished school now.

Forgot to add: Chuck is a

Comment by Jazhara7 (not verified) Sun, 04/04/2010 - 03:20

Forgot to add: Chuck is a plant that you can't kill, it seems. I am very happy about that. Also, he grows like a weed. When my sister came over for Christmas one year, she was terrified about how much he had grown. She said she was scared he might eat her while she's asleep (Chuck's residing in the guest room, since I have a room facing north, and thus don't get much sun).

Heh! We have also named

Comment by Truthdel (not verified) Wed, 05/19/2010 - 14:11

We have also named plants with my boyfriend.
We have three cacti plants at the moment, but we'll get more them in future. We have named them after our dear friends. Sounds creepy? Trust me it was all in good will and king thought... and all our friends are still alive (;^,^)

We se all of our friends so rarely, because most of them are scattered arounf our country.
I persinally find it fun to hunt for plants that somehow resemble friend.
Love to read your site. Keep it up and going \o/

Meh, I do this all the time,

Comment by David D. Davidson (not verified) Tue, 07/06/2010 - 19:29

Meh, I do this all the time, pretty much since I got my first three plants and loved them so much I named them (Bob, Joe and Billy). I only name the ones I actually like though.

I have a plant, a little

Comment by Joel (not verified) Sun, 06/10/2012 - 14:16

I have a plant, a little tree. I call him Treesome.


Comment by Claire (not verified) Thu, 03/07/2013 - 15:33


I've been trying to kill our one for about four years now. I think it knows it has me beaten.