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a song of ice and aaaablaugh - Thu, 07/19/2012
Hot hot hot
Posted July 19, 2012 at 03:56 pm


ALRIGHT so this comic is patently untrue and I am not some jerk who lounges in the AC while Yuko bakes!! But it was funnier to frame it that way so we did. We tend to keep the AC on for part of the day so the cats don't melt (also so we don't melt). Anyway I hope you enjoyed this FICTION. I'M NOT A JERK!! You believe me right??

When it gets hot the cats turn into big furry slugs. Their legs disappear and they just kind of ooze onto the hardwood floor. At least they're not slimy! Nah, slugs are alright man.

I read a weird Junji Ito story where a girl's tongue turns into a slug. 

I think I'm having a weird day life.

See you next week!



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