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all quiet on the western bus - Thu, 12/02/2010
Ring ring
Posted December 2, 2010 at 02:55 pm


EDIT: Photo link should work now! Here it is again. 

The flip side of this is yelling into the phone when we make long-distance calls - the clarity of phonecalls used to be worse when I was younger, but I'd like to think we yell because it's so far away. My mom is in India right now, sightseeing some ancient ruins with my brother - hopefully they'll come back with some photos that I can share with you guys. I got to go on a similar trip a little while ago. You can see photos here, if you're curious. Rode a camel into the desert and everything. As soon as my brother and I graduated, my parents began traveling - they see a little more of the world every year. 

Only because I have to - quick holiday deadline round-up (man, this gets tedious!):

  • INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY ORDERS: DEC 1ST (We'll mail out international orders as quickly as we can regardless! But the deadline has technically passed.)
  • Mawzantine shirts are still 25% off! New Hokusai tee available, as well as Puppy and Maw keychains. 
  • Books! Special Editions still available - we will be cutting them off at some point to be sure they get out in time for the holidays.

I think that's all -- have a good weekend! We'll catch you next week.



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