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CMYcat tees & totes are in the store!
Posted April 14, 2011 at 12:37 am


We'll be at Kids' Comic Con on Saturday from 10 AM-6PM! Come say hello! Here's the lowdown on where. 

I'm an internet doctor ... that's close, right? Right?? *sob* But actually, my parents have been pretty supportive of my chosen career path, which is a relief! They've been great about it - I know that Indian parental expectation thing can run pretty deep. My Mom always asks for our stickers ... those are kind of like band-aids, I guess? L-let's move on! 

I mentioned on Tuesday - we've added the Callie Eats Feathers DHP V:5 Print Pack to the store! It includes a signed copy of Dark Horse Presents Vol. 5 and a signed 5 x 7" print of this pin-up

And today, we're adding the CMYcat shirt! Mens and Ladies sizes, take a look:

Oh wait here we go,

We've also got tote bags,

Hope you like 'em! Have a great weekend, we'll see you next week!



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