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ambulance cat - Tue, 03/16/2010
Basilisk tote bags are up!
Posted March 16, 2010 at 07:02 pm


Guys this cat loves to talk, he is like a terrible cat Seinfeld (only Rook would never make Bee Movie, no way).

Basilisk tote bags are up! They are pretty adorable,

Click through on the photo if you like!

I was sick! It came with nausea this time ... anyway, long story short, not used to nausea, so I didn't get a lot of work done.  But!! I played some FFXIII (all day Sunday, something I haven't done since high school ... it felt wrong). Not sure how I feel about the game! But I think Lightning is the best brooding archetype they've ever had, and Sazh is tough not to love. Not liking jailbait girl, ugh, get outta my face. Story-wise, I'm fighting to meet up with the other members of my team right now. NO SPOILERS PLEASE, thanks! Anyway, the part that's interesting for you is that Yuko did a quick scribble of Lightning,


See you Thursday!



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