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as foretold - Thu, 03/11/2010
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Posted March 11, 2010 at 07:01 pm


AHHHH okay so the comic is up! And if you click here or go back a page in the archive, we put up a little something Yuko drew at the airport in lieu of Tuesday's strip. Sorry about that!

Portland was great! We got to hang out with a lot of great folks and spent a lot of time working ("working") at the studio that Meredith Gran and Aaron Diaz share - thanks for letting us use your space guys! Meredith's new puppy Heidi is the freaking cutest! The Oni guys were good to us, Samantha over at Dark Horse showed us around town with her rad sister Sarah, and we happily got to catch Erika Moen over at Periscope, which is a really impressive for-real studio full of some incredibly talented people. Oh, and we of course saw George and Louie, and two of Yuko's old buddies Jess and Sheena. 

I'll probably talk about parts of the trip at length in other posts, but we're trying to catch up as quickly as we can - sorry about that! 

Oh, before I forget - the Basilisk/Puppy totes will be up on Tuesday! Here's a look at the print,

So cute! See you next week! In a more timely manner, I promise.



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