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BARBAROUS - CHAPTER 1 - 15 - Thu, 08/11/2016
Posted August 11, 2016 at 11:00 am

Hey guys! We're at Boston Comicon this weekend! Table C812! We'll have copies of Lucky Penny, CUTTINGS, a Barbarous print, and more! Check out the map below:

• If you're new to Barbarous, you can start at page 1 here!

• We'll be at Boston Comicon next month, August 12-14! Hope to see you there!

• Barbarous is our most ambitious story to date, and doing it in full-color is definitely a more costly effort in terms of both time and money! If you were ever considering backing our Patreon, now is a great time! Help us get off to a strong start on Barbarous!

• Another way to support us is to buy things in the online store! The JW sale is ongoing! 

WE'RE HAVING A LAST CHANCE SUPER SALE! Johnny Wander V1-3 are each discounted by $5(!!!), and our t-shirts and tote bags are marked down as well! Many of these t-shirts and totes are getting rotated out permanently! We've never done a sale like this before and we won't do it again any time soon, so if there's anything you've been eyeing but you put off picking up, now is the time! 



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