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BARBAROUS - CHAPTER 1 - BUMPER PAGE 2 & 3 - Thu, 10/20/2016
ECCC 2017! A special note about the Limited Edition Omnibus!
Posted October 20, 2016 at 12:00 pm


  • Hey guys! Here are the last two pages of the BARBAROUS Chapter 1 bumper comic that Yuko drew left-handed! Next week, we'll be picking up with chapter 2 of Is This What You Wanted (with Tessa & Sarah Stone!) (you can read from the beginning here!) so Yuko's hand has some time to rest. She unfortunately sprained it and it needs time to heal. Thanks for your patience for Barbarous Chapter 2! ♥︎
  • Also, we've made a BARBAROUS tumblr to collect fanart and answer questions! People have been drawing a lot of cool Leeds and Percys and we wanted to gather them all in one central place. 


  • We're going to be at ECCC 2017! Tickets are ON SALE NOW! We'll talk more about it as it approaches, but in the meantime we've added it to our convention schedule on the sidebar!

KICKSTARTER NEWS: A special note about the LIMITED edition! The Limited Edition comes with an individually SIGNED & NUMBERED tip-in page that is added to the front of the book!

How does this work? First, Keith Wood designed us a tip-in signature page:

We asked the printer to run the copies for us so they can keep everything on schedule for when the campaign ends. We received a HUGE box of tip-in pages from the printer, and spent a few days individually signing & numbering 500 pages!

Once we signed them all, we put them back the way they received them. They get shipped back to the printer, where they are bound into the front of each Limited edition. Voila! Individually signed & numbered books. You can the Limited Edition up on Kickstarter!


A special note about the LIMITED edition! The Limited Edition 


JOHNNY WANDER: Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us collects V1-V3 plus an extra book's worth of comics! Over 400 pages! It comes in a regular and limited slipcase edition! We're really proud of how this complete collection came together! Check it out!



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