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BARBAROUS - CHAPTER 3 - BUMPER PAGE 1 - Tue, 06/19/2018
Posted June 19, 2018 at 01:15 pm

(This is the Chapter 3 bumper, meaning it picks up at the end of Chapter 3! Which you can reread from the beginning starting here!)

We're very excited to announce the Kickstarter for the Barbarous Chapter 2 Oversized Edition! You can also pick up the Barbarous Chapter 1 Oversized Edition as well, along with stickers, prints, original art by Yuko and more! Check it out and help us make the book a reality!


Hey everyone! We're updating to let you know that we'll be at Anime Expo 2018, in the EXHIBIT HALL, Booth 1027-1127! We'll have everything listed above, but limited quantities of the LTD Omnibus and Maw Plushes! We hope to see you there!


We got so many requests to bring this design back, so here it is: SPORTS ANIME! This time we've printed it on a baseball tee, a unisex tee, a womens tee, a womens tank, and a tote bag! They're in the store now, check em out!



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