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bridesmaid dresses is hard - Tue, 11/30/2010
Dress rehearsal
Posted November 30, 2010 at 02:54 pm


Yuko got some great advice for places to look at bridesmaid dresses back in this post, so she picked a day and I went along as moral support. Yuko's on the smaller side; I should have bought her scuba gear, she was swimming in them. But! She did find a dress and get it ordered, and that's a relief for her. Thank you again! 

Yuko has been posting some sketches to her tumblr! And I've got one as well, although it's been dormant for a little while -- I've been doing a lot of reading recently and I'm going to be posting some related articles in my free time (haha oh god). 

A quick review of holiday deadlines: 

  • That's it! Besides that, some perks: t-shirts are 25% off (exception: Hokusai)! A note about t-shirts - we're going to be trying to roll new designs in this upcoming year, which means that if you wanted Mawzantine Crest, Zoolology, or Paleontololgy now is a good time to get them, as they are going fast and we won't be reprinting them for the forseeable future! And we're packing every order with a little dinosaur gift-pack. And of course, there are books available! We will at some point be cutting the Special Editions off so that we have enough time to get those together for Christmas. 
  • Also, a note to those of you who still haven't received NEWW sketchbooks - Yuko is doing her best to get them done in time for the holidays! The upside is that the sketches are a little more elaborate than Yuko was originally planning, but the downside is that it is taking her a little longer. Thanks for your patience! 

That's it! We're out til Thursday! Keep warm!



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