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curse your trickery, sagan - Thu, 11/11/2010
Billions and billions
Posted November 11, 2010 at 02:48 pm


Little Yuko is pretty adorable. 

Fair warning: the following paragraph is basically going to end in my endorsement of the Magnet program I was in as a high schooler. I had the same interest in dinosaurs and space as a lot of kids growing up, but I don't think my interest in science got more focused until I reached high school. I was in the math/science/computer science Magnet program at Montgomery Blair HS, and - despite my ultimate choice(s) of occupation - it was immensely useful and I wouldn't trade it for anything. One of the highlights was receiving an Honorable Mention in NASA's SSIP contest, in which you had to design an orbital spaceship that could deploy and retrieve probes from the surface of Mars - a daunting prospect for a high school student. I wouldn't have even known the contest existed, let alone had the guts to enter and then the drive and research savvy to succeed without the Magnet program and the teachers therein. If you're a parent or student in the MD area, it may be worth your while (I will be honest - the program can be brutal, but in the long run I have found it to be worthwhile). I have heard it is facing budget cuts and harder times, so if you feel the need to donate to such a program the link is here. To this day I spend a couple of days a week trawling the internet for new science news. My excuse is that I'm going to do a science fiction/future fiction project at some point, but really - what excuse do you need to keep up with the latest science and technology? 

Here's a great review by Nina Stone about JW: V1 titled "Romancing the Stone: I'll Take the Dream Curry" - I am admittedly biased because it is a very flattering review, but it is written from an especially interesting perspective - I got the sense that it wasn't being analyzed just as comics but also as media. 



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