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delilah and the basilisk 1 - Tue, 12/01/2009
Delilah & The Basilisk
Posted December 1, 2009 at 06:19 pm


This is the beginning of a short called Delilah & The Basilisk! We hope you enjoy it! We were getting the itch to do some more fiction. 

Our big crunch time just ended (I think), so hopefully things will get to normal around here! We'll do our best to start doing those midnight posts again ... always feel bad when we fall off the horse. 

Alluded to his before - we're doing PaleontoLOLgy shirts! Waiting for our printer to ship them to us - we'll keep you posted on when that is. Here's the thing about PaleontoLOLgy - it's a new version of the ZooLOLgy concept, but with some beloved prehistoric animals instead. In my mind, not much of a change. We didn't want to do another LOLology tee if it was going to be super similar, so we went the extra mile and upped the ante this time around - with glow! If you wear this shirt and step into the dark, the fossil record reveals itself:

In the light: 

In the dark:

We're SO excited about this design and we hope you are too! Yuko has drawn the skeletons incredibly accurately, so science lovers should be quite happy. We'll be putting these up for sale AS SOON as we get them in - holiday shipping deadlines will be determined once we get them in. 

See you guys Thursday!



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