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delilah and the basilisk 2 - Thu, 12/03/2009
Delilah & The Basilisk pt. 2
Posted December 3, 2009 at 06:20 pm


Comic's up! Not as early as we wanted, but these take a little longer to do. Man, that basilisk is adorable. 

The new tees shipped to us earlier today ... we should be getting them in soon. For those of you with RSS readers, I activated the Product RSS in the store, so you can know as soon as we put them up. 

This reminds me, we're not sure we'll be doing the ZooLOLogy shirt again, so if you wanted one of those now is definitely the time to snag one! I think we'll consider the PaleontoLOLgy shirt to be the new LOLogy tee. 

Everything is in stock for the holiday season - Mawzantine and Phoenix Down tees, Girl & Cat and Fox & Raven and Forza prints, Beasties and Girl with the Skeleton Hand buttons, and stickers! We're going to be shipping everything out extra quick to ensure everything arrives in time for gift-giving. Oh, and all tees ship with a free sticker! 

I think that's ... everything? Yes. See you Tuesday!



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