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desperate times - Fri, 05/01/2009
desperate measures
Posted May 1, 2009 at 03:57 pm



This was certainly not one of my finer moments. Fearing for the safety of the plastic pipes in our old apartment, I simply started disposing of the grease out the second-story window, which left a pleasant little pattern in the snow below. Little did I know, of course, that all the grease was actually sinking below the snow until around March when the snow melted. You could see a grease stain in the concrete below that must have measured a half-meter in diameter. No lie, it was kind of gross. 

Of course, now I'm much more mature and store it in a glass booze bottle, kept proudly on the back stoop. When the sun hits it it melts, turning a fine shade of amber. It's like a gross meat thermometer.

Yuko and Ananth are back on Tuesday, ending my terrible reign. Oh, thank you all for the overwhelming response to the contest! Seriously, it's great to see so many people getting milage out of it. :D



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