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DEV: Girl with the Skeleton Hand - Wed, 11/11/2009
Posted November 11, 2009 at 06:10 pm


AHHHHHH sorry guys and gals, we're so swamped. We actually laid the groundwork for a new short that we think you'll enjoy - and Yuko started inking the first page - when we realized just how much work we have. ): Unfortunately our client stuff has gotta take priority, but we didn't want to leave you guys hanging. 

With apologies out of the way, I can say it's pretty exciting to show the groundwork for Girl with the Skeleton Hand. This is typical of how Yuko works - character designs, I hand her a script, thumbnails, then pencils + inks + colors. Sounds nice and simple written out like that, but it's a surprising amount of work. There's also a lot of dialogue editing after the fact, often times because some nuance in a facial expression reveals something new. Anyway, hope you like the peek into Yuko's sketchbook!

Regarding the store - new reduced shipping prices are in effect! Always doing my best to reduce the final cost of something for your guys' sake, and I finally managed it. Oh, also: 2XL and 3XL Mawzantine mens shirts are now available, in very limited quantities! 

That's all. We gotta get back to work - sorry to keep it so short! See you Thursday!



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