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fueled by various teas and coffees - Thu, 12/16/2010
Posted December 16, 2010 at 02:59 pm


We weren't originally going to post this, but what the hell! The internet issue is fixed! Sadly it's still freezing in here. All of us are wearing some combination of layers like Yuko is - she wins for most layers, though. Brrr.

All holiday shipping deadlines have passed! At this point you are still more than welcome to put in an order and we will ship it as soon as humanly possible, but we can make no guarantees on a timely delivery. After December 20th we'll likely suspend all shipping until the New Year, although I'll try to keep up as best I can. 

John is selling photos in his Etsy! You can read more about it here, or in the Etsy listing - basically, John got his equipment stolen out of a car a little while ago and he's selling some of his work to help recoup the costs. 

Here's another sketch from Yuko:

Pretty cool. 

I think that's it! We'll see you guys next week, hopefully in a much warmer state!



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