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further cat adventures - Tue, 02/02/2010
TIME.com's Techland has a full preview of our MDHP short up!
Posted February 2, 2010 at 06:43 pm


Ohhh man we are so close to getting this cat! Yuko used our buddy L's method of rough cat-petting to give the cat a test run. We went to the shelter on Thursday and met a bunch of cats. One of them was super friendly, and I have a soft spot for black cats because they're often glossed over either because 1. people are superstitious or 2. because the shelter is full of them, they're seen as generic - a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyway! This cat came in the day before with 5 other adults and 11 kittens - 17 cats total! They were dropped in front of the shelter by a mystery van. As such, she doesn't have a name, but her collar said "5108-E" and so that's what we're calling her (EDIT: Ack, for now! I was in such a rush, I didn't reread the post ... don't worry, she'll get a real name!). We'll post pictures some time! 

A couple of things to talk about! First of all, you remember the end of November last year, when Yuko and I were scrambling to work on a project and our update schedule got a little slowed down? Here's a full preview of it at TIME.com's Techland blog - it's called Callie Eats Feathers. 


It's 8 pages long and we hope you enjoy it! We slaved and sweated over it for 2 weeks. A higher res version will go up on Dark Horse's Myspace Presents site some time in February (later this week?!). 

Second, this only really applies to folks who advertise with us, but Project Wonderful is doing geotagging, which means that the ad that appears is different depending on where you live (Regions are: America, Canada, Europe, everywhere else). You can bid on these slots separately now, and the Canada/Europe/Elsewhere ads are a steal. 

There will be another original up in the store later tonight, but I can't get to it just yet. Sorry! 
Alrighty, I gotta get back to work - you all have a great week! See you Thursday.


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