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girl with the skeleton hand 3 - Fri, 09/18/2009
A look at what we do
Posted September 18, 2009 at 05:12 pm


Sorry for the delay! Here's page 3 ... I love Cecilia's dress in the middle there, so cute. Death is lookin' sharp too. Yuko, you're blowing my mind with these pages! The last installment will be out next Tuesday, and then we'll talk a little more about Cecilia as a whole. 

I'm obligated to mention that the Maw is up for preorder over at Patchtogether, and we have some Zoolology tees left in stock over in the store. Not 100% when we'll be reprinting that one! 

Anyway, with that out of the way I can spend some time talking about what else Yuko and I do, outside of Johnny Wander. I work partly as a designer, and finished some client work for an iPhone app recently. Besides that, I've been editing a manuscript for a graphic novel. It's tough to show a lot of the stuff I do, so instead here's our plucky protagonist:

Yes it is. Another scribble Yuko did, of the young lady and other characters: 

Also, here's the Amazon listing for something Yuko finished this last year. It came out this year, here's the cover: 


Sorry for the weird crop! Yuko illustrated it as some client work -- she completed it over the course of a couple of months. It's third in a series for students, basically using comics as a medium to teach children basic math. Yuko received a script, which she thumbnailed, penciled and inked - she learned a lot about inking with a crow quill during this project. Oh, and it should be noted that the colors are not hers. 

Here are some pages that I thought were beautifully inked: 

Look at that incredible house! The result of a lot of love and painstaking research ... it's it's own character. Not in any way based on Spacklehaus, but I can't help but be reminded. Also totally love the saucer-eyes on the little girl in the bottom left panel. Here's a page that was inked differently - it's a story within a story:

These monks look great. Again, a lot of research ... I love the rough ink in the upper right panel, it looks so raw. The client was Graphic Universe, which produces a lot of cool stuff, especially for kids. 

I could talk about Yuko's pages for years and years, but I'll restrain myself! Hope this gives a little insight into where the rest of our time goes! Have a good weekend, guys.


Hey guys! We were traveling on a bus all day, and as mentioned before these Cecilia comics take an inordinate amount of time (about 5x longer than a normal JW page) - the last page will be up Wednesday! After that we're going to figure out how to schedule these shorts a little better. ;) The lateness won't be a regular occurrence ... consider them growing pains. Thank you for your patience! Yuko is penciling away as I type, rest assured.



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