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girl with the skeleton hand 4 - Thu, 09/24/2009
Girl with the Skeleton Hand pt. 4
Posted September 24, 2009 at 05:14 pm


Hey guys! We're a little later than we expected, but Yuko's been working into the AM to get this thing done, so here it is. Please give her a thank you! She's been working literally all day. Hope you enjoyed this little short! We'll be doing more, but we'll be planning them out more carefully in the future. 

Yuko and I have been talking, and chances are this isn't the last you've seen of Cecilia and Death ... we'll probably see them again from time to time. 

I, uh, also came up with some alternate takes on this story,

1. Death stalks her and "accidentally" kills anyone she dates
2. Cecilia keeps on poisoning people around herself so that she can continually "bump into him". 

In the end we decided not to go with either of those, but I figured I'd share anyway. 

Oh! These are works-in-progress (some edits are yet to be made), but check out these shots of the Maw sculpt:


Looking really good!

It looks like we'll be swinging by SPX this weekend - turns out there are a lot of familiar folks in town. We won't have a table, but we'll be walking around, so keep an eye out!

Oh! The ad currently running on the sidebar there is for Galaxion, a comic I started reading when I was in high school! It's since moved to the web ... it was a surprise influence on me earlier in life, in that is solidified to me that good sci-fi utilizes good character relationships. I geeked out a little when I saw it -- check it out!  

Yuko says we'll be posting another comic on Friday, so keep an eye out - our schedule is clearly a little out of whack. ;) Back to normal next week! See you then!



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