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good thing: y/n - Thu, 09/30/2010
JW V1 addendum! And Yuko "Cosmos" Ota.
Posted September 30, 2010 at 02:35 pm


Oh John, you always know just what to say. 

Guys and gals, due to the volume of orders we've received we have to make a small change to the Special Edition - Yuko will still do a hat sketch on the Maw logo in the book, but it's now going to be random. Anyone who has already ordered and made a hat request - you will get what you asked for. It's just from here on out. Thanks for understanding! We underestimated you guys (and you are awesome for it!) and we really want to make sure we can get these books shipped out to you in a timely manner. For those that missed it: 

See you guys next week! I'm going back to my throne of shipping supplies, from which I will pack your orders.



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