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hand in the proverbial cookie jar - Thu, 10/29/2009
Posted October 29, 2009 at 05:27 pm


Ummm so I think this comic is my public punishment for eating the bread. ): I'm sorryyyyyy. To be honest, this is pretty much how it went down ... it was fresh out of the oven, I couldn't say no!

Yuko's Mom gave us a breadmaker! So far we've made white, egg and oatmeal bread, all of which were pretty good. The egg makes the bread a little fluffier? Yeah. I'm curious about the carrot, the poppy-seed lemon, and the zucchini bread. All of them sound delicious ... we will see! Anyway, if you like bread I highly recommend a breadmaker! Definitely a fan. 

As mentioned on Tuesday, new stuff in the store: Girl with the Skeleton Hand pins and Maw Crest stickers.




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