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harder better faster stronger - Wed, 05/13/2009
Posted May 13, 2009 at 03:59 pm


Yuko, John and I were in NYC recently, and when we were done with our business we took an hour to walk around. We went down to St. Marks, and as we were walking past a vendor, I noticed a rack of Kanye West's trademark glasses. Now, a detour: A few weeks ago, while Conrad was gone to Rochester, Yuko took to defacing his 360 avatar once a day ... John and I pitched in, and together we created CONYE, Conrad's ghetto superstar alter-ego. With that in mind, our thought process should be pretty obvious.

Somewhere in Maryland, Conrad felt a great disturbance.

(it was probably a burrito he ate)


Just so there are no nay-sayers, I provide photographic proof that they did, in fact, buy me these terrible glasses.



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