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he's still the best super we've ever had - Wed, 05/05/2010
Law & Order: Marvel Universe
Posted May 5, 2010 at 10:18 pm

ahaha, poor Yuko. Our super may not remember any of our names (we'll do a comic about the guys another time), but he's certainly the best super we've ever had.  

Thank you Emily for filling in for us last Thursday! Our schedule over these 3 weeks is kicking our ass, I'm sad to say, so it's always nice to have friends who'll pick up the slack. Our terrible, terrible slack. 


Sorry the comic is late! Last weekend was show 2 of 3 in our 3 week gauntlet, and between Johnny Wander and our work deadlines we are clearly stumbling just a bit. We'll be back on track after next weekend, post-TCAF. 


Last weekend was ROFLcon, and we spent a large part of that with Rich and George, shuttling around Cambridge, meeting lots of nice folks (Ben and Greg) and sampling the local food (visit Friendly Toast if you're ever at MIT). We also met Ming, Neil and Emmy, all of whom were extra-nice - there's a comic with Neil waiting in the wings, when schedule permits … he's a funny guy, and Emmy is just about the sweetest person I've ever met. We crossed the bridge into Boston to hit Ming's signing for FCBD, and got this totally rad illustration out of it: 



She-Hulk in her lawyer digs! Nuthin' better. Fan fiction I can get behind! 


Ming is a mega-talented artist - outside of The Loneliest Astronauts (read it!) and her client work, she's done a couple of great comics shorts, including the adorable Lunky Beefhead and my personal fav, Lady Gotham. Ming does Loneliest Astronauts with Kevin Church, who we also got to meet and who was totally friendly and is quite prolific, and he gave us the gift of comics! A man after my own heart. We talked about printers and lettering and all kinds of fun stuff. Swing by his site and check out his myriad projects!

Yuko and I will be at TCAF in Toronto next weekend! We'll be set up in the webcomics pavilion with a lot of the other webcomic folks -- I'll post more details on Thursday. We'll have tees, totes and we're even bringing a couple of those Maw figurines! Oh, and Yuko will be selling originals for the first time ever! As well as some watercolor paintings, like those we had up in the store. We're totally excited to meet you guys and gals, so come say hello!



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