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homemade mace - Thu, 03/19/2009
man that sucked
Posted March 19, 2009 at 03:07 pm


Yuko was growing Poblano peppers for a while (as evidenced here), and she decided she wanted to dry some of them out. She and John tried to speed up the process by putting them in the toaster oven - baaad news. We coughed uncontrollably for a few hours, try as we might to air out the apartment. It was pretty funny. 

You'll see an unfamiliar face - that's Mark, who visited us for a St. Patrick's day feast yesterday! We all hung out, watched Conrad play RE5, ate a dinner cooked by Yuko and John, and played some Left 4 Dead together ... it was good times. Did YOU do anything special? Drinking counts. 

By the way, Yuko's computer is still gone! She'll have it back within a week, but until then she'll be relatively quiet in her usual haunts. 

EDIT: I looked at the comic again and realized my favorite part is John's why god face in the last panel.



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