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hourly comics: february 1st 2010 - Thu, 02/04/2010
i ate so many oreos urghhh
Posted February 4, 2010 at 06:44 pm


Hey everyone - I ran a little late setting this up, but here's the eBay auction for the new full-color original:

Yuko did this one specifically for Haiti - all proceeds go to the Red Cross (it's all official through eBay, thank you to everyone who gave us advice on how to do that!). The original is really pretty, and the scan doesn't do it justice - a lot of detail and richness in the colors. And it's for a good cause!


Ughhh I ate so many oreos

This past Monday was Hourly Comics Day!  These were Yuko's-- you might remember she did something like this back in October.  This actually made our day seem pretty busy ... it sure didn't feel like it!

On Tuesday we went to a live taping of the Colbert Report thanks to Steve - he scored some tickets. It was a lot of fun! At one point Yuko and Colbert were the only ones who knew the lyrics to a song - he sang along with her and gave her a big thumbs up! Pretty sweet. 

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something but urgh so many oreos

Oh here's the original that was supposed to be up - I was bogged down with a lot of work:

Oh, and we got a cat! He is super sweet and adjusting nicely. More about him later, I think I gotta go not eat a bunch of oreos

Have a great weekend!



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