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hourly comics: may 11th 2010 - Wed, 05/12/2010
Dear Diary
Posted May 12, 2010 at 10:19 pm


It was a 14 hour train ride back from Toronto, and to kill time we made hourlies out of it. Here you go!

TCAF was great, guys! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and bought something or said hello, it was great to see you all. We tabled with TK and sat next to KC Green, both of whom were a pleasure to hang out with. We also have a few leftover copies of Pony Rock, which we'll be putting up into the store some time soon. Oh! Chris Butcher also snapped up PaleontoLOLgy, Mawzantine Crest, and Phoenix Down tees at the end of the show, so they'll be available at the Beguiling some time in the future - if you live in Toronto and you want one, you should definitely swing by and grab one. ;)

We're back and returning to work as quickly as possible - for those of you who have orders that haven't been shipped, I'll be taking care of that this week. Sorry for the wait! 

KC sat on a throne of books and talked of them all weekend, so on my return to Brooklyn all I can think of is getting the JW book punched out. It's been floating in the ether while we finish up our client work, but I'm going to begin putting a schedule on the calendar so we get rolling on it. 

There are lots of other things to talk about, but I'm going to save them for later post. We went to a Raptor Institute where they rehabilitate birds of prey, and it was an amazing experience. I'll wait till I have the pictures before I talk about it at length, though!



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